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  1. So true. We own a small 22 ft day sailor and a 36 foot power boat. The Oliver is a deal and when and if we decide to sell it at least I expect to recoup a significant % of the purchase price. The sailboat was purchased used and I am slowly fixing it a little and also expect to get most of out investment back. The power boat not so much maybe 50% if lucky. This excludes all storage fuel and maintenance which is part of most any hobbies like these. We enjoy he boats and the Oliver so it is just fine making the financial commitment. At least for now, who knows priorities could change.
  2. I do as Naegele suggests, especially if the trailer has been sitting a while. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries. I am no expert but have also learned that turning on the propane valve slowly helps. Not sure why. I definitely get the stove running before turning on the furnace. I am not saying you can't turn the furnace on first. This is just my routine. Sorry you're having issues, it can be frustrating. Good luck.
  3. This is really helpful. We are scheduled for the full Oliver Service in early December. Our appointment starts first thing on Monday morning and was told to plan on getting our trailer back around 2pm on Tuesday. We are coming from Maine so we have arranged to park and have power at the service center on Sunday evening. We are also planning to stay Tuesday evening as it will be getting dark shortly after we pick up our trailer. We were planning to stay at the local dog friendly hotel in Honenwald on Monday evening as we will have our 1 year old puppy with us. I like the idea of perhaps going to Nashville. This service is on the front end of what we hope will be a 4+ month trip to Florida then west to the Grand Canyon, Utah, parts of route 66 then work our way home by mid April.
  4. We were much further up the coast from Bar Harbor for our recent short camping trip. It was terrific and not many tourists. The scenery is spectacular. It does lack the volume of great restaurants and shopping but tons of trails and hiking. We are busy where we live further south on the coast with summer folks. The local businesses cater to the summer folks and this is how many locals make money. The unfortunate part is there are so many more visitors and common courtesy and patience is no where near what it once was or should be. Just too many folks in a hurry and without realizing it trying to make this place like the place they came from. Sorry but lobster boats are out on the water at 4:30-5:00 am. If you live close to the ocean you will hear their diesel engines. Summer folks trying to get noise ordinances to have things quiet until 8:00 am. These fishermen need to work. They wake me up too. I would never ask cor an ordinance that would affect these fishermen. Oddly enough it is the beauty and charm of these small coastal villages that attract summer folks. Of course these are the same folks illegally setting off fireworks until 2 in the morning. Ok I will get off my soap box. I love this place. I do wish folks could just be more civil.
  5. Yes inspection, washing and waxing!. My Elite II takes me 2 days. I do a few hours at a time and am happy with the slow pace. I do it all by hand using McGuire's. Wax on wax off!!! We just got back so Beacon is ready for a bath and wax. Our next trip is not until right after Thanksgiving when we head to the Mother Ship for a full service and check before we head South to Naples FL then west to the Grand Canyon, Utah and route 66. We plan to be on the flat almost 5 months.
  6. We are at Sunset View Campground in Harrington, Maine. This is our last of 3 nights here. I would highly recommend this place. Clean, beautiful scenery on the water, terrific owner on site, friendly campers and quite. The pace of life up here is so much slower than along the coast from Bar Harbor south. We took a day trip up to Lubec. Just fabulous, I had been as far as Cutler before but never to the most eastern point in the USA, Lubec. As Mcb said the tides are dramatic. I would like to take that trip to Mannan sometime. The bridge to Campabello Island Canada is due to open on August 9. We talked to a reporter from the Bangor Fox station doing filming a report for the tv news. She was new to Maine from Los Angeles and was blown away by the beauty of the place. We head home in the morning. We saw another Ollie in Ellsworth on our way north. The Ollie was "Sailors Ashore". Kind of cool to see another Ollie in the wild. Safe and fun traveling to everyone!!
  7. We are going to Sunset View campground Monday - Thursday next week. We are looking forward to it. I haven't been that far up the coast in a very long time!
  8. Oliver set us up nicely with the Andersen hitch at delivery and helped us with some dialetric grease to help with come corrosion on our 7 pin plug. They were very helpful. 2 items to consider. Make sure you have an electric brake controller in your tow vehicle. Also some stainless steel wire to secure the shackles on the whale tail of the Andersen hitch. I totally missed that and found ours were pretty loose at the recent Maine rally. One of the other Oliver owners noticed it and we tightened them up. Thanks Billy!!!!!
  9. Absolutely beautiful. What a nice custom upgrade.
  10. I had to run a few errands so took the truck and looked at the original sticker, reviewed the owners manual, and the recommended services at each service interval. I had not done this in years. A good exercise. Our tow package contains the following: 10,300 lbs towing capacity, 1580 payload capacity, supplemental transmission cooler, tow/haul mode with 430 rear differential with 10.5 ring gear, 150 amp alternator, transmission temp gauge, and pre wire for the brake controller. Our truck has a 6 speed transmission and is very basic, the lowest trim level with just a few options. I reviewed the owners manual for towing. There were no specific instructions about towing in lower gear at higher revs for normal use. We have never experienced any over heating issues. The gauges all work including the transmission temp gauge. We have relatively low miles at 97,000 for a 2008 model. We always have a full service done before we head out. The same will happen in late November for our 5 months on the road. We are getting new tires at that time too. I will have the transmission fluid checked at that time. If it warrants replacement I will use Toyota fluid as our manual was very specific about this. I reviewed all of the required service and the manual indicates to only change the fluid when necessary. It indicates "special use" as a reason to change the transmission fluid. Special use is indicated as significant off road use and/or lots of towing and very dusty conditions. We have about 12,000 towing miles. I will have our mechanic change the transmission and both differentials if needed before we head out. Our truck does receive regular scheduled maintenance. I'll leave it (transmission fluid change if needed ect) to our trusted mechanic. I am not interested in snapping any bolts in my driveway!!!! We are taking our Ollie back to Oliver for them to go through it at the beginning of our trip. We are already scheduled for the first few days of December. This truck maybe one of the better vehicle purchases we made. I got a huge discount as we bought it during the financial crisis and gas prices were very high. The salesman was my son's football coach so on top of the huge Toyota incentives we got a bunch more off. They wanted to move the truck as it had been on the lot and model year was changing. I had someone looking for a used truck offer me better than 75% of what I paid! I can't replace the truck economically at this time. I think if I continue to maintain it the truck may out live me!!!!
  11. Not sure on the gears on my 2008 5.7 with tow package. The tow haul allows me to reach top gear. If I think of it I'll take a look at the original window sticker for axel ratio and re check the manual when we head out next time. We tow in the tow haul mode without issues. I also tow boat and trailer package of about 5000 lbs. Never had any issues of anything over heating. I did indicate on the flat. It will automatically down shift a gear going up a long small grade. I don't feel it is over shifting. I have power when need to pass or go up a grade and am not running higher rpms when not needed. Tactics in the mountains will be different.
  12. We had been looking at Airstream Globetrotter 23 ft twin. We were very serious about Airstream. Our barn was constructed to be able to hold an Airstream up to 28ft. We chose the Oliver Elite II twin for a number of reasons. There were areas and some features where we felt the Ollie was superior. We are very happy with the Ollie we purchased new. There were a few items where we feel we compromised: wet bath, true oven, and some light through the windows. We are also boaters so the fiberglass interior and the ease of care were big plusses. We were new to camping in a travel trailer. For me the thought of denting (by any means) the $107k asking price Airstream was too much. I didn't see too many used Airstreams without some sort of exterior damage. I was willing to pay for the new Airstream. We looked at a couple of Ollies in person before making our decision. We also toured the factory. We like our Ollie very much. For us it was the right decision. The items I thought were going to be a compromise haven't turned out to be big issues. Definitely go see an Ollie before you make a decision. Good luck!
  13. We are also right lane or middle lane at 60-65 with our Tundra. We get about 12mpg at those speeds running at 2000 rpm or less on flat. I prefer the middle lane if possible to avoid merging and exiting traffic. We drop mileage to 10 mpg going faster. I may be over cautious but prefer to feel that I have the most possible control. I guess I am going to have to learn to increase my speed on our planned trip across west Texas in late January 2022!
  14. Hi to the Olliver owners I saw heading north on Route 1 in Waldoboro, Maine just south of Moody's Diner around 12:50 today. Hope you have a great time in Maine.
  15. Happy with my Michelins in snow in Maine. Works just fine. I use my truck for more than towing my Ollie. I also towed several boats this year longer distance. Some turnaround NYC, those highways are dug up and terrible. If the roads are that bad here in snow 4wd seems to solve the problem. I am not going over mountain passes in the winter. I would have no problem going to ski areas around here or NH either. It never has been about going in snow! It is really about stopping and some Jack ass driving like a idiot. Way too fast weaving in and out. I have watched these geniuses fly by me on the highway to witness them slide off into the ditch in snow storms or heavy rain. Sometimes I see them further down the road in the ditch. Some in high priced SUVs or awd cars or even 4wd trucks. The Michelins I have on my Tundra work fine. I also had Michelin on my E350 4Matic. Never an issue. That said I did put 4 snows on my VW rabbit every winter. If I lived in the mountains out west I might think differently or as some states require carry chains. The Michelin worked fine towing the Elite II and cargo in the bed up to weight limits. I seldom exceed 65mph. Frankly I am more concerned with how others drive or how they are towing with marginal or worse tow vehicles. This really boils down to your preference.
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