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  1. Ours hull 537 did come with a 25ft cord along with 25ft fresh water hose and some quick connectors. Your Oliver sales person can provide a complete list. Congratulations on your new Ollie.
  2. We are attending and have a site in section G. I can't remember which one. We are excited as this is our first rally. We picked up #537 "Beacon" in October. We left Maine February 2, for 4 months on the road. We are currently in Savannah and will be heading to the Keys next week. The rally is our last stop before heading home to Maine for the summer. See you all there!!!!
  3. Hi. We had the same discussion. Mainiac was kind enough to show us his Ollie. We discussed both floor plan options. Ultimately, we chose the twin plan and did a modification of adding a lagun table mounted on the side. Check out Overland's thread in the Ollie modifications. We can't seat 6 for dinner but we can seat 4 and we have the night stand with basement door. We use the lagun table daily. It can also be easily stored in the closet. When I saw Overland's modification, it provided a good solution for us.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the nice comments. As I am responding,we are camping at James Island campground 4 miles to Charleston, SC. This is a terrific place with very friendly folks. This is our first stop on a 4 month trip that will lead us to the Keys, Florida gulf coast, New Orleans, Natchez, Nashville, the Oliver Rally then back to our home in mid-coast Maine a summer on the ocean and boating. This is our first trip. So far it is a blast. Our local craftsman obtained the mahogany from a local wooden lobster boat and lobster yacht builder, Peter Cass the owner of John's Bay Boats. They are located near our home. Our craftsman has a relationship and has done a number of projects for Pete Cass. Our craftsman did a terrific job on our home update and new barn. He is truly a craftsman. Great guy. He did use marine varnish. It takes a while to cure and harden. We are very pleased with the results.
  5. Here are some photos. When we travel we fold up the top and lower it on top of the bed and tighten up the adjustments. I surround the top with bed pillows incase vibration loosens the adjusters. That has not happened. We have the table set up all of the time. Overland did a great job with this. Thanks for sharing. Our custom table is a little bit narrower than Overland's. We mocked up the size we wanted using cardboard.
  6. We are using RVParky alot right now. It has been good for us so far
  7. Hi we made this modification using Overland's instructions. I finished installing the mounting the bracket last Saturday. We made one slight modification in that I added aluminum backing plates. (overkill). I am having a folding table made out of mahogany by a local craftsman. I hope to install the table top this weekend. I believe this project will really enhance the usability of our trailer. Thanks Overland you came up with a terrific idea and execution.
  8. Hi ctshort109 Galway Girl I am hoping you can help me out. Thanks for posting the items. We are new to RVing and are preparing for a 3 month trip south that will end at the Oliver Rally in May. This list is a big help. I was reviewing your post above with the storage bin. I would like to get one of these for our Oliver II hull 537. I was looking at the Rubbermaid bin. Both the 36 quart and 24 quart dimensions from the Amazon site seem larger than the dimensions of our Oliver basket. I was wondering what model/size you have. Would you know if the manufacturer dimensions are for the base that looks smaller than the lid. For us the 24 quart seemed close but just a little large. Thanks Matt #537 Beacon.
  9. We used a mobile tech as there are no RV dealers or repair shops near by. Additionally our trailer had been winterized, cleaned and stored inside our unheated barn. I didn't want to take it out on to winter salty roads without a way to clean the trailer again until spring. We are new to RV and don't yet have a relationship with an RV dealer and the closest one is 40 miles away. We got a referral to a mobile technician. I agree with others, I was able to be with the technician and no one was moving our new trailer around. I could witness the work, ask questions, and learn. My experience was very favourable and if I need service again, I will call this technician again.
  10. We found a good mobile tech. He came over Saturday and did the work. None of ours were torqued properly, however none were loose or missing, most torqued 20 to 35 with one at about 10. We have placed 1400 miles on the Oliver since new. The tech had to use his 3/8 wrench to get at the bottom bolts. (Shorter handle) I paid for the service directly and submitted the invoice to Nikki with a note at Dexter on Sunday via email. I recieved a call from Nikki at 10 am this morning confirming receipt of my email and they would be cutting a check to me for reimbursement. I am very pleased with how this was handled by the folks at Dexter and notification from Oliver and Dexter. This was the first time the tech had seen or heard of Oliver. He was quite impressed.
  11. Looks awesome. I am sure you'll enjoy it and the added flexibility. We have a twin bed option and I am in the process of adding the Lagun table option developed by Overland. Ttyl mounts to the side. He has a terrific description back 4 or 5 pages on this forum. We have a local craftsman making the top.
  12. We did have some rust on the fasteners too. It was noticeable as it was the only noticeable rust I noticed below. I don't have the necessary tools for this so it looks like our mechanic will do it when we head south in February.
  13. I just crawled under our trailer #537. All at least hand tight. Like most folks up here, we have already winterized and parked in the barn. The closest RV dealer/repair is 45 miles away. My preference was not to take the Ollie out until we head south in February. I tried a mobile tech but they have already left for warm weather. I am not set up to wash the road salt/winter grime off the Ollie here in the winter. Our barn is also winterized. We are in a terrific spot bu a bit remote. I have spoken to our regular garage mechanic and they are willing to do the work first thing in the morning that we leave to head south. They are 15 miles away. Our date to head south is flexible in February, I will be looking for a good weather window!!! I have some tools and a 1/2 inch torque wrench. I don't have the right 1/2 socket and elbows tools and for me the access was not the best. I am pleased with the communication so far from Oliver and Dexter and the willingness to be flexible and work with us. I am looking for another mobile tech that is willing to do the work at our location if possible. Happy Holidays
  14. We did the same thing in late August. We looked at the 23ft Globe Trotter and international Serrenity. Originally we were going to buy an Airstream. That was the plan, either 23 or 25ft model. We then saw an Ollie. We were concerned about the quality of the Airstream. We viewed new units at a dealer. There were broken cabinets and tables and poor fit and finish. We thought about it as we liked the addtional interior volume and floor plans of the Airstream. The recent blogs on quality issus were also key factors in our decision. The Oliver quality won us over. We ordered one of the last inventory 2019 twins. We pick up our new Ollie, hull 537 "Beacon" on October 22. We have a lot to learn but are very excited. We will bring Beacon back to our home in Coastal Maine. We may do one short local camping trip then winterize Beacon and place her in our Barn for the first part of the winter. We plan to outfit Beacon and then leave Maine for southern climates sometime in Feburary. I am a Maine native and still enjoy "some" winter. We plan on ending our southern travels at the rally in May. We like being in Maine in the summer as we are close to an ocean beach with a view. We also enjoy ocean boating. We will be usung our Ollie primarilly for fall and winter escapes south and west. See you all out there.
  15. http://www.ahpeel.com/ Hi we will be using Bananna Banners after we pick up our new Ollie #537 "Beacon" October 22. We were referred to them by Maniac. I know they are doing at least 2 additional trailers. I believe they also provided graphic via mail to new Ollie owner "Swallow". Good luck
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