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  1. We have a tonneau cover for our Tundra and our item list is almost identical to Mike and Carol's with the exception of the generator. We also keep our ladder in the truck bed.
  2. You may want to check with Oliver. I believe the max GVW for the Elite II loaded up is 7,000 lbs. This will help your truck towing and payload "wiggle room" numbers even more!! You would probably not want to overload the trailer either. More numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers. We tow with an old 2008 5.7 litre Tundra with factory installed tow package. It has tow/haul. I had to install an after market brake controller (very easy plug in module) The Tundra works great. That said if $ were not important I would buy a 1 ton diesel without dual wheels. (my preference) The c
  3. We also use Cracker Barrel. Usually a very good experience. The Cracker Barrel in Florida City on the way to the Florida Keys can get busy with all spots full and a bit loud from people coming and going at all hours. We stayed going to and returning from the Keys. Most of the time Cracker Barrel is a great stop after a long day of driving. The staff has always been terrific.
  4. Hello dharmardr. Ann and Grayson. We (hull 537 Beacon) are also located in Bristol on the other side of the peninsula right by Pemaquid beach. I am looking out my window at the new beach pavillion. We just got back from a short 3 days to Monhegan. Just let us know when your around. We live here year round and head south after new years in the Oliver. Feel free to contact us any time. We enjoy meeting new folks in the area. Matt and Nancy Monroe or (Mattnan) on this forum.
  5. ScubaRx, We are at Pemaquid. Please let us know if you're in the area. We could put you up for a night or two in the barn driveway and could rig up water and 110v electric to keep batteries up maybe even a boat ride on an old converted lobster boat. Lots to do down here. We can also make some recommendations if you need. As far as a rally goes, we might be up for one up here in Maine. Stay Healthy everyone!!!
  6. Mcb. Welcome to the Maine family of Oliver owners. I like the original Maine flag!!! We fly one on our flag pole. We should have a mini rally up here!!!!
  7. Rhino, Welcome to the Ollie family. We live in mid-coast in New Harbor. I noticed the Dickinson tee shirt. Our younger son played lacrosse at Muhlenberg College. Both Centennial Conference schools. We did a lot of driving to PA. Every weekend in the spring for 4 years. Enjoy your Ollie.
  8. JRLE546. You must have picked up your Ollie shortly after we picked up ours #537 in October. We would not be able to add to what Mainiac (Bob) provided. Banana Banners made our vinyl graphics from Nancy's photos. Banana Banners was very good to work with. Mainiac referred them to us.
  9. We purchased a clam also in Feb. while camped in Florida. It is easy to set up and take down. Seems like a good product.
  10. We had similar popping while camped in FL with the ac on. It was random. It seemed to be near the ac. I never figured it out. I tend to believe it was the temperature difference. It has not happened when we do not run the ac. I plan to bring our trailer to Honnenwald in January for some service and will add this to the list for inspection. Thanks for bringing this up.
  11. Thanks Bob, It has been cooler and foggy right by the water. Pemaquid beach parking lot has been pretty full most days. Probably 80% Maine plates on the cars and despite the full lot the folks are spread out on the beach. We will look to head out again this winter toward the southwest. Stay well!!!
  12. Nice Bob, looks great!!! Hope you're having a terrific summer
  13. We have the key pad and use it 100% of the time. We had one issue where the pad was loose. I just glued it on. For a few days we used it without the numeric pad. I wanted dry day for the glue. I am glad we have it and like it. I imagine if the numbers show signs of ware we could just replace the numeric pad. Yes you can change the 4 digit acess and instructions are in the accessory manual. We like it.
  14. Thanks for the nice feedback. We enjoy this spot very much late spring through Columbus Day. We winterize everything around here after Columbus Day including the barn, boat, and pool. The area closes up after Columbus Day. We go camping from late January through April down south. We use the barn apartment for summer overflow of guests and actually it is usually the coveted choice for guests. We were going to rent it out as an Airbnb but have not done that yet. This year is especially not good for rental. There are lots of rental properties in the area in the summer. I have a holdi
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