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  1. I am just over 6ft and too short for my weight. No problems at all getting in and out of the trailer. I do need to pay attention exiting the bathroom. Very happy with our trailer.
  2. Enjoy your journey. Please keep us updated on your travels. Photos always welcome!!!!!
  3. The clam is so quick to set up. We like ours. Some models hehe optional floors. Probably not a great idea if you're using a fire pit!!!! Check their website I believe they also make some versions for Cold weather ice fishing!! I think they may have a small square one.
  4. It has been just over a year since we spent our first night at David Crockett SP after our delivery. I think Oliver usually tries to reserve the same few spots. I noticed from photos we were in the same spot at those that picked up before and after us. We had never camped in a travel trailer and had very limited towing experience. We had almost no experience backing up a trailer. From experience, just take your time with everything. A check list for set up and departure are a huge help. Folks at David Crockett in the sites near us had seen other new Oliver's in and out of the campgr
  5. Hi congrats on getting an Ollie! I can't speak to the fabric we got the standard fabric. We ordered mattresses directly from Southern Mattress. Very happy with the service. They have Oliver dimensions and put curves in the corners etc. Pricing was lower than Oliver. You can save additional on shipping if they ship to a business address. We did purchase the moisture prevention pads that go under the mattresses from Oliver. You might be able to source something comparable elsewhere for less. I would get moisture guards. We didn't have a choice on awning brand. I agree on the manu
  6. Awesome Thread!!!!! I have never been to these areas and we are hopeful to go explore west Texas, NM, AZ, and Southern UT starting in mid February through April. The covid conditions are making us hesitant this year. This is great inspiration thanks so much for sharing these photos!!!!
  7. Hi we are planning our winter escape to the south west starting in late January. We are planning to stay out west through April. We have a 2019 Elite II with solar and agm batteries. We plan on doing a fair amount of boondocking this trip. I did try to look this up unsuccessfully, do we need additional plug in solar or is that not really necessary? If it is needed what do folks suggest for plug-in to the Ollie? I would be looking for good value. I think our electric use would be fairly low. However I do have a small coffee pot that is an electricity hog, and we might eat to use the micr
  8. Good advice by ShallowGal!!!! We had our 11 year old dog Marley with us last year in our Tundra. Unfortunately, Marley (part pug part Shar pei) passed away in June. We miss him so much. He was an awesome dog!! Our lives are not complete with out a dog so on November 14 our new puppy will arrive. He is a medium-sized Labradoodle. He will likely be named Baxter (after the Maine State Park) He will go on our journey with us this year. We have a lot of training ahead of us before we leave in Late January or early February. We like traveling with our dog!!
  9. Thanks, being a newbie last year we did not realize how full the campgrounds in Florida were. We ended up driving from Savannah to the Cracker Barrel just south of Homestead for the night before we went to the Keys. That was a long drive with the Ollie in one day. That Cracker Barrel is parked full much of the time with campers coming and going to the Keys. Traffic around Miami was not fun. The Keys were great. We had never been to the Keys. We stayed 10 days at Collier-Seminole State Park in Naples. We had been to Naples/Marco Island a number of times on business when I was working.
  10. Huntington Island was nice as well. A little more remote. We stayed there to tour Beaufort area. The light house and park just past the campground was nice. We liked James Island just a little more. Both good spots. From Huntington we went on to Savannah. This was an area of the East Coast we have always wanted to visit. From Savannah we went to the Florida Keys and then to Naples/Marco Island area.
  11. We stayed at James Island State Park in late February this year . We really enjoyed it. We had a spot that was very close to the beach. You could hear the waves and walk on the beach. It was pretty convenient to Charleston. We did a carriage ride and trip to Fort Sumpter among other things. Pre covid Charleston had a street fair one Sunday per month that was awesome and very dog friendly. We also stayed at Hunter Island a little further south. James Island was nice and was not very crowded in February!!!. It was our first campground after David Crockett. It was one of our favorites on
  12. We would be up for this! Hard to plan around our 16 days of summer. Of course I am all for avoiding mud season!!!!! Perhaps right after Labor Day right before the first nor'easter. I don't know why I live here with so few good weather days??!!. I guess the record number of folks moving in due to covid are in for a rude awakening!!! Or just a long cold winter followed by never ending mud season. Maybe I'll just take up smoking pot to pass these cold winter months now that it is legal and I can buy it without meeting some guy named Zombo behind a random outhouse!
  13. Thanks everyone and thanks for the condolences for Marley. Great information on the elevations and weather in northern Arizona. I would not have anticipated that. We prefer National and State parks if possible. Boondocking is fine for a few days at a time. Being from the east we have not yet had opportunities on public or blm land and want to try that as well. Based on some of this feedback I may push the northern Arizona portion into late March. Hopefully by February and March NM will open camping. Thanks for the responses so far.
  14. Hi folks, BACKGROUND I am looking for some advice as I begin to plan our winter get away this year. We live in mid-coast Maine and picked up our Oliver last October. We stayed one night at David Crockett park and then headded home. We put the Ollie in the barn and winterized it. We are new to camping and have never owned a camper or travel trailer. Our plan for the winter of 2020 was to head south for Febuary, March and April. In early Feb this year we drove to Aiken, SC to my sister-in-laws and de-winterized the Ollie there. From there we headed to Charleston, Savanna
  15. We also use 6x6 pressure treated lumber are about 10 inches in length as BackofBeyond described for the rear stabilizers. We sanded them down and drilled a hole so we could run a line through as a handle for carrying. We copied it from Maniac. We use the Andersen bucket for the front and Andersen wedges for levelling. Works good for us.
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