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  1. We did the same thing in late August. We looked at the 23ft Globe Trotter and international Serrenity. Originally we were going to buy an Airstream. That was the plan, either 23 or 25ft model. We then saw an Ollie. We were concerned about the quality of the Airstream. We viewed new units at a dealer. There were broken cabinets and tables and poor fit and finish. We thought about it as we liked the addtional interior volume and floor plans of the Airstream. The recent blogs on quality issus were also key factors in our decision. The Oliver quality won us over. We ordered one of the last inventory 2019 twins. We pick up our new Ollie, hull 537 "Beacon" on October 22. We have a lot to learn but are very excited. We will bring Beacon back to our home in Coastal Maine. We may do one short local camping trip then winterize Beacon and place her in our Barn for the first part of the winter. We plan to outfit Beacon and then leave Maine for southern climates sometime in Feburary. I am a Maine native and still enjoy "some" winter. We plan on ending our southern travels at the rally in May. We like being in Maine in the summer as we are close to an ocean beach with a view. We also enjoy ocean boating. We will be usung our Ollie primarilly for fall and winter escapes south and west. See you all out there.
  2. http://www.ahpeel.com/ Hi we will be using Bananna Banners after we pick up our new Ollie #537 "Beacon" October 22. We were referred to them by Maniac. I know they are doing at least 2 additional trailers. I believe they also provided graphic via mail to new Ollie owner "Swallow". Good luck
  3. I would be very interested in a larger Oliver. To us a dry bath is important. I like the floor plans of the front bed AS 23 and 25. I am very concerned about paying the asking prices for those trailers given the reported quality issues. I would probably immediately jump on a slightly larger Oliver if the quality is maintained. The slightly larger interior volume is appealing to us. There are some interesting European models that I wish were available in the U.S. market. I am impressed with Oliver. Markets change and the travel trailer industry needs to keep current. Nest was on the way to innovation then AS..Thor saw the threat and bought them. I hope Oliver will continue to innovate. If companies do not someone else will. Interested in others take on this. I believe both AS and Oliver measure from hitch to rear bumper.
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