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  1. We had similar popping while camped in FL with the ac on. It was random. It seemed to be near the ac. I never figured it out. I tend to believe it was the temperature difference. It has not happened when we do not run the ac. I plan to bring our trailer to Honnenwald in January for some service and will add this to the list for inspection. Thanks for bringing this up.
  2. Thanks Bob, It has been cooler and foggy right by the water. Pemaquid beach parking lot has been pretty full most days. Probably 80% Maine plates on the cars and despite the full lot the folks are spread out on the beach. We will look to head out again this winter toward the southwest. Stay well!!!
  3. Nice Bob, looks great!!! Hope you're having a terrific summer
  4. We have the key pad and use it 100% of the time. We had one issue where the pad was loose. I just glued it on. For a few days we used it without the numeric pad. I wanted dry day for the glue. I am glad we have it and like it. I imagine if the numbers show signs of ware we could just replace the numeric pad. Yes you can change the 4 digit acess and instructions are in the accessory manual. We like it.
  5. Thanks for the nice feedback. We enjoy this spot very much late spring through Columbus Day. We winterize everything around here after Columbus Day including the barn, boat, and pool. The area closes up after Columbus Day. We go camping from late January through April down south. We use the barn apartment for summer overflow of guests and actually it is usually the coveted choice for guests. We were going to rent it out as an Airbnb but have not done that yet. This year is especially not good for rental. There are lots of rental properties in the area in the summer. I have a holding/pump tank for the barn waste water just to the left of the front door. There were no pump out stations open near to us when we had to come home early this spring. No problem I just dug up the service door and emptied Beacon's black and gray water. I am thinking I may put a 4 inch waste pipe in then I could host an RV if I wanted. We would have everything for a full hook up and easy for me to pump out any time. Let us know if you are in mid coast Maine!!!! Enjoy your summer!!! Best wishes Matt & Nancy.
  6. Sure, The barn is 26ft wide by 32ft deep. The front barn door opening is 10ft by 10ft. The roof pitch is 12/12 a 10/12 pitch also looked nice. The front barn door is split in the middle with one side sliding right and the other left. We have them hooked up to work on garage door openers and that is pretty slick. The back door is 8ft x 8ft. The balcony is 4ft x 10 ft. The loft apartment is 16ft deep x 26ft wide. We also have some storage on the 2nd floor on the right and left and we have hoist to lift items to the 2nd floor. If I were doing this again, I might go a little bit larger. I am including some pictures if it will help. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!!
  7. Yup Landrover, it is a great place for a Lobster rally!!! Once this Covid 19 is under control we would be able to do something like that. This is a great area; beach, boat launch, several lobster pounds near by and the Pemaquid Light House. Lots to see and do. We have a converted lobster boat in the harbor and see the lobster boats fishing all day from the house. There are campgrounds in the area (one on our street) and we could host one or possibly 2 Ollies in the barn driveway. We go camping in the winter down south as I cherish our summers here. If folks are in mid-coast Maine please feel free to contact us. We are about 1 hour north of Portland. We feel very fortunate. Thanks
  8. We store Beacon in our barn that was completed last spring before we even fully considered purchasing an RV. The barn has a few nice features including a full seasonal bathroom, an outdoor shower on the first floor, and a small efficiency apartment on the back half on the 2nd floor. The apartment has a nice view of our beach and newly constructed beach pavilion. One additional nice item is, I set up our hose so I can have hot water to wash the cars and now the Oliver. Friday is wash day for the Ollie as we are finally starting to get some warm weather. I do not have 30 amp outlet in the barn yet. I am looking for some advice, currently I have Beacon plugged in to a standard outlet using the 30 amp cord with an adapter at the wall socket to keep the 4 AGM batteries charged. Is this ok? Should I unplug the Ollie occasionally? I would appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks and stay healthy and safe!!
  9. We have a 2008 Tundra double cab 4wd with 5.7 litre. It has the factory tow package. We towed approximately 5000 miles since picking up our Elite II last October. Our travels have been from Tennessee to Maine and Maine to Florida and back. I added a plug in electronic brake and use the Andersen hitch. The truck is rated for 10500 lbs towing capacity with a payload of 1500 lbs. The 5.7 puts out 380 HP and 401 lbs of torque. Gas mileage is around 13 mpg around town and about 14-15 on the highway when we are not towing. On our trips towing we average overall about 11mpg. Mileage drops in hilly situations. On flat or during normal acceleration you hardly notice the trailer. I am able to tow at 1500 to 2000 rpm most of the time up to 65 mph. The trailer tracks well and I notice very little sway in higher winds. I am confident that the Tundra can handle any up hill grades. The truck has plenty of power. There are 2 areas I would like improvement, the gas tank is small at 26 gallons so I am looking for fuel at 180-200 miles. I also feel the brakes could be better. I contemplated getting a new HD diesel but thought I would see how well the Tundra would work for us before making that expenditure. The Tundra worked very well. I still would like like a new HD diesel for perhaps increased fuel efficiency, additional paylod, bigger brakes,exhaust brake, and no requirement for the Andersen hitch. The Tundra ride is comfortable to me. I give the Tundra B+ grade. As much as I want a new HD truck (and I do want one) with the newer gadgets, I have a hard time justifying the additional funds to replace a truck that I like, is comfortable to me, meets our needs, that has only needed regular maintenance, tires and brakes in the 12 years we have owned it. I think despite the fact that the Tundra is due for a major overhaul I think it is a very good half ton truck. Also in our area they are very much desired in the used market and bring good $ for a good truck. For what it is worth, the 2008 Tundra was the Truck of the year in 2008. If I didn't already have the Tundra when we purchased the Oliver, and needed to purchase a tow vehicle it probably would be an HD diesel, I did test drive all 3 brands of HD trucks. They were all good. I liked the Ford the most. For now it will remain the Tundra for us. Stay healthy and safe.
  10. We purchased a Clam while on the road and had it delivered to the campground. It was very easy to put up and take down. It fit easily in the bed of the truck. It works well. I agree on getting the side panels. It increases the usability.
  11. We are on the Gulf of Mexico due south of Tallahassee. We began our journey departing Maine on February 3rd with plans to visit Charleston, Savannah, the Keys, Naples, Tampa, Destin, Gulfport, New Orleans, Natchez and the Trace, Nashville, and then to the Oliver Rally and then home. We did get to Charleston, Savannah, the Keys, Naples and Tampa. We are leaving here tomorrow for home. With limited services and most everything closing, to us, it just seems best to head home. We will end our trip 2 months early and that is disappointing. However, the 45 days on our first camping trip in our Ollie has been great. We learned a lot and met some very nice folks. We stayed in Cracker Barrels, State Parks, RV resorts, and private campgrounds. It has been an adventure. We learned about our Oliver. We hooked up, used a dump station, learned how to use the Andersen hitch, greased our Dexter suspension, fixed a broken tongue jack (operator error) and had our refrigerator serviced in the keys. We will return to Maine to wait this out and hope to remain healthy and enjoy a great summer. We will plan to go back back out next winter and finish part of the trip we didn't get to do this year, go further and do more next year. Stay healthy!!!!!!!
  12. Setting the fan to auto fixed this issue for us. Good luck
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