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  1. We went with Southern Mattress. Little less expensive plus we have the original cushions. We are happy with our choice. We also got mattress covers and sheets from AB lifestyles. The bottom sheets and mattress covers are cut with the radius to accommodate the curves in the hull of the Oliver. We have a twin bed model but both Southern Mattress and AB have the patterns for all Oliver floor plans. Very good service from both companies.
  2. We have a cpap as well, and run it on 12 volt with an adapter when we don't have electric hook up. We run it of the inverter when we do have the electric hook up. We have a twin bed model an we place it on the night stand. Works fine.
  3. From our some what limited experience internet service at campgrounds is spotty. Sometimes it is distance but often it is the number of users trying to access the internet at the same time. Slow, poor access, and constantly crashing. We finally gave up and used 1 phone a a hot spot and then migrated to a hot spot device that will support a handful of devices. Just my 2 cents. We have the Oliver Wi-Fi booster on our 2019 Ollie. Knowing what I know now I am not sure that was $600 well spent. We have the cell booster too.
  4. We are right on the coast near Pemaquid lighthouse and Beach. Your more than welcome. We can set you up with water and 15 amp electric in a sunny spot. There is a private inside bathroom in the barn with a shower and an outside shower too with a pool. We are about 1.5 hours north of Portland. Mcb is about 15 miles from us. Stop and stay. We have a sailboat and a power boat. We camp in the winter down south because we hate missing out on summer here. We would park you in the driveway in front of the barn. View of the beach and ocean from the pool and picture of the pool. Lots to do a
  5. We started getting organized today for the Maine not rally. We de-winterized today. The Ollie seems to be in good shape. Just needs a wipe down and we should be ready to go. I will start the fridge the day before. We are only an hour from the campground. We will load up next Monday morning and head to the campground. We are looking forward to seeing some Ollie folks we know and meeting some new folks too. Hopefully we get great weather and the black flys and mosquitoes stay away. Ticks too!! See ya next Monday.
  6. I just de winterized and sanitised my tank today. The fresh water tank drains very slowly. It did the same last year too. Last year was the first time I did the sanitizing and draining the fresh water tank.
  7. If you don't mind sharing, how was your factory tune up experience? We are scheduled for the factory tune up the first week in December before we head to Florida and then west to AZ and UT. We picked up our 2019 in October of 2019 drove it back to Maine and winterized it until the first week of February 2020. We got to the FL Keys and were heading west when Covid kicked in. We were out for 45 days. We returned home like many folks did at that time. We have not been out since. We are going out for a few days in June. We will then put the Ollie up until we head South for our tune up
  8. Interesting. While I am confident in this instance the intentions are not nefarious, will Oliver allow photography on a factory tour? I may be incorrect, I thought I understand Oliver is no longer publishing wiring diagrams for competitive reasons. I may be totally off base here. Asking Oliver in advance may be wise before taking photos. I do know some YouTubers were given permission, I am guessing with supervision by Oliver? Ok I am ready for the onslaught of opinions from those who know better than I.
  9. We did the side mount Lagun table in mahogany with 2 folding leaves. I like your option. It looks really nice. Plus it appears to completely stow out of the way easily. The Lagun provides additional flexibility in positioning but more effort to stow away. Very nice modification!!
  10. I think we solved temporary storage issues with a boat and rv storage place in Naples. Thanks for all of the feedback. MCB Safe travels home. We look forward to hearing about your trip.
  11. Hi, I am looking for help and feedback on a few items. In very early December we will plan to leave our home in Maine and head south and then west returning to Maine in mid to late April2022. We plan to go as far south as Naples Florida and through the southwest perhaps as far as Palm Springs CA. So here are my questions. ---We have our Elite II scheduled for the "annual service" at Oliver. We are scheduled on December 6&7. This is at the very beginning of our trip and the items that will be checked over the almost 2 days in the shop seem extensive and complete. I am lo
  12. I would consider it for the Ollie. We also have an induction range at home for daily use. It took a little practice, but we really like it. It cools down so fast. It also boils water very fast. I know induction is becoming more common in the marine industry including sail boats. One of the sailing YouTube channels, SV Delos changed to induction and run it mostly from solar and lithium batteries. They do have a back up generator.
  13. We have the adapters FrankC described. We also carry a 30 amp extension cord and an extension for our waste tank hose. These are packed away in the bed of our truck. We didn't start out with these extensions but after having a spot in the FL Keys where we had to position our Ollie perfectly to have both reach we thought it would be a good idea just in case. The site in Florida had the electric at the back of the site and sewer way at the front of a pull through site that would accommodate a class A or very large trailer. We did end up needing the sewer hose at a different site. Good luck
  14. We started by connecting the way we were showed during our orientation, just the way Mike described it. Admittedly, my backing up and straight line positioning skills need some work. This admittedly took some time and trips in and out of the cab of the truck. I will admit I now generally use the method described by SNY SD UP. This seems to work better for me. When perfectly straight and level the chains are equally tight. A slight change in elevation of the truck or trailer, or slight angle left or right does manifest in a difference in chain tension. To me this is an indication we have
  15. Not sure if a tractor might work for you? I know Mainiac on this forum occasionally uses his John Deere with a hitch set up. A lot of boat yards also use a tractor with a ball on a front fork. You might be able to rent a tractor. I know they are easy to rent up here! Good luck!!!
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