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  1. I am 6'2". Sleeping is great on twin bed. Very cozy. But the bathroom is not built for me. I'm OK with that. Cuz my wife loves it. And I'm camping. In 72 camping nights so far, I have always found someplace else to shower. My wife chose the Ollie 71 times. As others have said, there is no substitute for getting inside one and decide for yourself. Best of luck!
  2. We are planning our next extended trip. Some time Jan-Feb, probably in/near Arkansas. We can go almost anywhere, but all I have so far is some internet searches for various state parks and cool hikes. We love hiking and various other encounters with the wondrous and beautiful. Anyone have suggestions on how to build an itinerary? My unsorted list of ideas so far: Ouachita Bull Shoals - White river Table Rock Devils Den Lake fort smith Buffalo National River Hikes: North Rim Trail, Mount Magazine State Park Yellow Rock Trail, Devil’s Den State Park Big Bluff/Goat Trail, Buffalo Wilderness Area Lost Valley Trail, Buffalo National River Indian Rock House Nature Trail, Buffalo National River Whitaker Point Trail, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Seven Hollows Trail, Petit Jean State Park P.S. If this isn't the correct board for this sort of question, plz let me know 🤪
  3. Starting temp was mid 80s, dropped to 70-ish. Set on 68 "night mode" for all 12 hours with 4 bodies inside. Fan ran continuously (as designed), compressor intermittent of course. After a full day of sunshine (maybe interrupted a bit by Ollie's bath and one nearby tree) with almost everything electric turned off, batteries are back up to 35%,
  4. Last night we hosted a sleepover with the grandbabies. DW had one twin bed. 6 yr old had the other. 8 yr old had the dinette bed (so I got to learn how to set that up: EZPZ). And I got the floor with my old sleeping bag. Had a blast. 😂 We ran the AC a lot yesterday. All on battery. We had several "showings" during the day to interested friends and family. Then the sleepover started with "Finding Nemo at 7:30" and ran till 7 the next morning. (The AC was on for 12 hrs straight.) Battery levels went from about 85% yesterday morning to about 20% this morning. Very nice. Bright sunshine predicted all day today. We will see how they recover.
  5. Finally made it back to Tampa 🙂 73 nights, 13 states, 4 national parks, 3 state parks, a couple of KOAs, 2 siblings' driveways, and one highway rest stop. 5,000 miles on the new truck. 3,400 on hull MDIV. Changed the composting toilet twice. Greased the zerks once. Learned soooo much, saw many beautiful places and met loads of nice folks. Thanks to everyone for all the hand-holding and advice. Ollie gets a very well deserved bath tomorrow. Then we check out the storage facility. He might get to rest there for a few days before we get the energy to head to a beach or some place else close by. 😜
  6. I just got a second reply which corrected what I thought I had understood the first time 😜 Bottom line, Oliver agrees it’s a problem but they don’t want to take corrective action until they understand WHY it happened. I’m 100% happy with this 🥳
  7. I heard back from Oliver today. They said that it was supposed to be that way and "engineering is looking for a solution". I think that's just wrong, so I am going to follow up with them. But I'm not going to air my dirty laundry here. So I'll only post on this issue again if I get a good result.
  8. I opened a ticket that was "sent to production and quality for review". That was on 4/26. Is it normal to wait this long for an update?
  9. Reading through the manual for the Ollies air conditioner I see it has a dehumidify mode. Knowing that will I ever use the little standalone dehumidifier I bought?
  10. IMG_2737.heicIMG_2738.heic If you can see these pictures, any suggestions?
  11. Is it normal for the "washers" on either end of the rod in the top stair to rust?
  12. User error 🤣 I eventually realized I could look at the pressure gauge (I was told to buy here) while my wife looked at the flow from the faucet. The fluctuation was coming from the campground. And, apparently, I wasn't the only one to notice. The camp host told me they were having a plumber come by today. So the water might go out intermittently.
  13. We have just decided that we will be returning home (for the first time since MDIV was born) immediately after the rally in AL. That means we will be making a dash from Lake Guntersville to Tampa in May. Dash = 3-4 days 😀 Any suggestions on itineraries or nice places to stop along the way?
  14. I appears to me the water pressure at the sink and shower heads does not match anything like the pressure coming from the city water inlet. Moreover, it appears to fluctuate continually. Maybe I have air in the line? Any thoughts?
  15. Very kind. Our kids laughed for hours watching that. 🤣 We are already registered for the rally. Site D5.
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