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  1. Heck, I didn't know you had freshwater shrimp in Lake Greeson! I'll bring my shrimp trawl next time.
  2. Great! Just got home a couple of hours ago. Have been working my volunteer jobs since I left you guys. Please tell Betty how much I enjoyed your company - she had headed home before I got to thank her for all her hard work entertaining us flatlanders. Hope to see you in Colorado!
  3. Which website was the troublesome one? I've had great service from Superbrightleds.com and I've placed several orders with them over the past year. My experience with them has been very positive.
  4. http://www.internationalgassprings.com has a form that can be FAXed in with dimensions, weights, etc. They run the data thru their computer and tell you exactly what is needed and where to attach the mounting hardware. Takes a lotta guesswork out of it.
  5. I don't have solar panels so I'm just taking a WAG here, but would it be possible to use gas struts (like the ones used on hatchbacks) to lift the panels? They come in all sorts of sizes, strokes, and weight ratings. With the right ones the problem would then be one of holding them DOWN instead of UP.
  6. Congratulations and welcome to Geezerville! May you become as big a burden on society as I have! Now you can add the title "HRG" after your name. (His Royal Geezerness.)
  7. I've got some rare earth magnets - I'll see what I can figure out. Maybe epoxy will hold 'em on
  8. Found plastic! A 4x4 made of recycled plastic used to build decks. A lot easier to machine than wood and no swelling when wet!
  9. If there's still room, Woodstock & Rascal would like to show up monday afternoon. They heard somethimg about "cats" and thought a good chase might be in order. I, of course, will come along to set up camp for 'em and be their in-house chef and butler.
  10. Here they are "weeding" the garden. They're supposed to be Yorkies, but they're kinda big for the job (19 and 20 #). Looking at their ears I get the idea there may have been a cocker spaniel involved somewhere along the line. They LOVE other pups, so I'm sure Oscar has a couple of new running buddies.
  11. Plastic would've been my first choice but I don't know where to get my hands on a block of it 2 inches thick. The ideal stuff would be what they make the plastic cutting boards out of. Hmmmmm, maybe cut up a cutting board and glue the layers together and then spin it on the lathe? I just went out and tried the magnet, but the cap is stainless steel.
  12. Being a sometime woodworker I thought I'd try this. I had some scrap purpleheart hanging around looking for a purpose, so I made a plug with a cutout for the power cord. Why purpleheart? Because: (1) I'm cheap. (2) Purpleheart is cheap. (3) Purpleheart has many of the same properties as teak, but at about the same cost as walnut. See item 1 above. The green cord is there to assist removal in case the wood swells and the other end of it is attached to a block of foam stuffed into the cap to keep it from rattling around in the breeze. The whole works fits in the battery compartment while underway.
  13. Thanx for the pic, Cherie. Is that the 22 footer in the background all dolled up in red?
  14. The "Nest Egg" has arrived! It turned out to be more of an adventure than I had planned on, but was quite a blast! The day before I left my "babysitter" for the boys fell through. Not wanting to leave them in a kennel for several days I ended up taking them along. Found a wonderful lady in Linden (about 20 miles west of Hohenwald) who took excellent care of them on pickup day - and didn't want to accept any payment to boot! What sweet people they were. Arrived at the factory just in time to enjoy the ice storm. Robert's checkout was thorough and enjoyable. Spent the night on the Natchez Trace in freezing rain and we were cozy and warm and used nothing more than the heat strip, a real testament to the insulating qualities of the Oliver. The next morning, in an attempt to escape the ice, we headed south on the Natchez Trace Parkway with no particular route or destination in mind other than to get out of the ice. Spent that night in Canton, MS (pretty town) where our destination came to us in the form of a call from my sister announcing a crawfish boil. Being a good Cajun boy, a couple hundred extra miles for good crawfish is a no-brainer, so off to South Louisiana! From there it was off to see the kids and grandkids in Lafayette, LA and then finally home. Lived in the Nest Egg 5 days and towed it 997 miles and loved every minute of it. The boys keep wanting to get back in it now that it's in the driveway. They really got comfortable with it quickly and even let me sleep in their bed. We're hoping to get to Lake Greeson the day after Easter but are waiting to see what the kids and grandkids have got planned for us. We can't wait to get to know ya'll (yeah, a southern thing) and are hoping to meet a lot of you then! Until then, I'll be busy sticking suctions cups on every exposed surface (I'm in Suction Cups 95, the remedial course) and trying to get it organized for Woodstock and Rascal.
  15. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I can see already that this is gonna be a fun experience! I've never done any jug fishing, but if it works out I'll try to get up there for some of the fun. "Suction cups 101" will probably save me a lot of "inventing" on my own - thanx, Sherry. And Pete: Thank you for all the great info - it was really nice talking to you the other day!
  16. Honestly, I tried to stop 'em, but Woodstock and Rascal were completely out of control. They bought the showroom model (hull # 32) and are waiting for the wizards at Oliver to make a few changes for them. The good news is that since puppies can't drive, I'll get to chauffeur them around the countryside in their new toy! They're thinking about naming it the "nest egg" if the name's not already being used. Comments? This forum, coupled with the wonderful people we met at the factory, really made the sale. We're looking forward to meeting some of you after we pick it up in the next week or two and begin seeing how many times we can get lost in each state.
  17. Wow! Thanx 4 the info. I've already ordered a couple of the books!
  18. Sounds encouraging! If I've got my facts straight (ALWAYS a major assumption) they aren't allowed in National Parks. Do you just avoid those parks?
  19. I'm recently retired and the single father of 2 yorkies. I'm looking at getting an Oliver and hitting the road with them on some potentially lengthy jaunts. Would love to hear from some of you about the pros & cons of traveling with your pets.
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