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  1. I like your solar setup and would like to do something similar since we don't have solar installed. Thanks for sharing.
  2. You are correct SeaDawg that we have a 2018 LEII that was pre-loved and unfortunately it did not come with solar, although we intend to rectify that in the future. We live in VA and keep it stored under cover at a secure facility with no access to electricity. Frank C we are replacing AGM batteries
  3. We finally made the trip to storage to check the trailer (after 10 weeks) and found dead batteries. We've had them tested and all 4 are toast so now we need replacements. Lithiums are not a player at this time for us but we want to know if the Trojans AGM are the best option or is there a better choice? Since we don't want to go thru this again what is best practice when storing for longer than a month? Disconnect them, cut off switch of some sort, etc.... There has to be something better than bring them home.
  4. Hi to all, We are happy to now be the owners of 2018 LE II Hull #324. We found and purchased her from SGR through the forum back in June. Thanks to SGR for your time and patience with our inspection and handover - our first trailer and it was a great transaction. “Rhonda” still appears to be in great shape and we look forward to our travels! Thanks also to all the regular forum posters, you’ve been invaluable sources of information, and a big help to us choosing an Oliver.
  5. Nan did you end up making the cushions? We are thinking of doing the same thing and wondered how the process went.
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