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  1. Has anyone installed a larger tv as they are getting thinner and lighter so fast? If so to factory mount?
  2. Thanks, I’m looking and I like the Andersen’s but pricey. I’ll be Boondocking a lot alone mostly, so whatever’s easier will work.
  3. Picking up October 2. Phill just emailed me delivery inf. My question is what’s best leveling system, chocks to use on Elite II
  4. Great data don’t see the 2.8 duramax. I pickup my LEII in a month. Got 30 driving new when I picked it up in Indiana and drove to Houston. Tows 7700 so I’ll see what it gets.
  5. Thanks youre right on safety stuff but I got a great deal and love it. Without a trailer get 30 mpg at 70, will it tow a Ollie II ok
  6. Heard of all these HD trucks towing can anyone tell me what they think of towing an Ollie I or II with a 2019 Gmc Denali Canyon 2d 4 cylinder duromax max towing is 7700 lbs
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