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  1. Yes lol 672, I need a beer
  2. 762 762 My bad must be dyslexic
  3. Picked up #762 last Friday. Drove to Memphis then Houston. 2019 gmc Denali canyon 4 cylinder diesel. 900 miles about 60% state roads, multiple towns, lights etc., moderately hilly, on state roads 17,5 interstate 18.5. Crazy towed amazing could pass easily going up hills, no movement in trailer. Overall 18, Better than I thought. Drove 60-70
  4. Picked up last Friday. Two days at Davy Crockett, on to Memphis, now in Houston. All good a little fridge battery issue but Jason is taking care of it. Truck pulled like a champ.2019 canyon Denali diesel.
  5. Been without service in woods lol okay so Monday when it got to 11.5 I did turn the fridge off, even though it was on LP, stayed in motel, in morning it hadn’t gone down anymore. Sw Jason he went through all the possibilities. Best guess he came up with is that fridge must be defaulting to DC. Well Tuesday after driving all day in sun, batteries were back up to 13.5, so Jason is going to find me a place to get it checked. Since then they’re showing a full charge everyday. I’ve been staying at Red River Army depot outside of Texarkana
  6. I’ll let you all know, I tried running the truck and volts didn’t move hardly. In 10 hours of full sun and driving 6 hours it went from 11.5 to 12.3 but quickly dropped
  7. Thanks everybody. Fridge is on LP, everything is currently working lights, etc., but I’ve been on shore power every night no idea how they could drain, I’ll let you know
  8. Just picked up #762 on Friday I’m back in Texas still driving. Camped last 3 nights everything good, but today batteries showed 11.5 volts trailer been in full sun and on shore power every night. I’ve been driving all days stopped for night at 12 volts now. Jason supposed to call me. Question am I missing something stupid? Probably still trying to figure everything out. Nothing in trailer is drawing power. If I’m crazy let me know lol
  9. Has anyone installed a larger tv as they are getting thinner and lighter so fast? If so to factory mount?
  10. Thanks, I’m looking and I like the Andersen’s but pricey. I’ll be Boondocking a lot alone mostly, so whatever’s easier will work.
  11. Picking up October 2. Phill just emailed me delivery inf. My question is what’s best leveling system, chocks to use on Elite II
  12. Great data don’t see the 2.8 duramax. I pickup my LEII in a month. Got 30 driving new when I picked it up in Indiana and drove to Houston. Tows 7700 so I’ll see what it gets.
  13. Thanks youre right on safety stuff but I got a great deal and love it. Without a trailer get 30 mpg at 70, will it tow a Ollie II ok
  14. Heard of all these HD trucks towing can anyone tell me what they think of towing an Ollie I or II with a 2019 Gmc Denali Canyon 2d 4 cylinder duromax max towing is 7700 lbs
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