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  1. My trailer hitch guys recommended trying the Roadmaster Active Suspension System instead of air shocks or air bags on my GMC pickup. Takes one bolt to install. It made a huge difference towing a heavy boat. I was down at the “Mother Ship” the other day to see our “new baby” being made for delivery June 1st and hooked a ll up to the truck. I was pleased to find the back end sank 1.25 inches and was eyeball level. The hitch guys told me to take an Anderson with me at pick up and if I didn’t need it, just return it. I’ve towed for 45 years, so it will be interesting to see how the Oliver ll tows.
  2. It’s probably the hitch pin in the receiver allowing the hitch to slide forward when braking and backward when accelerating. This will eventually enlarge the hole in the receiver. Amazon sells several devices to limit this.
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