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  1. Mississippi has many great campgrounds: Also check out Pat Harrison Waterway District Campgrounds in South Mississippi and Corps of Engineers Parks in North Mississippi
  2. Mississippi- (1) Tishomingo State Park (Northeast corner of the state) (2) Roosevelt State Park (Morton I-20) (3) Clear Springs West of I-55 on Hwy 84 west of Meadville,MS
  3. I will keep my 2019 Tundra limited! That new front end does not do anything for me. Dodge Like frontend
  4. I did not pay attention to the ducted issue................thanks That's why I ask......Get the real skinny from the Pros
  5. Has anyone installed the "RV Airflow System" on your Ollie? I watched a You Tube Video posted by the RV traveling couple "Changing Lanes" This System improves the air flow from the intake and outflow of the AC by using a styrofoam insert. Testing showed 40% more efficiency! Looks like an easy install process. (Grand Design now installs the system on all new TT coming from the factory)
  6. Thanks for all the replies.......I am getting the soft start option!
  7. Has anyone used the new Honda 2200i generator to run the AC on your Ollie?
  8. I saw a couple of you tube videos about Nighthawk M-1 mobile router....looks interesting! Anybody using a Nighthawk?
  9. Thanks for your info Overland....I will take your advice and pass on it....Starlink here I come!
  10. The cradlepoint system was developed for companies that had a need for wide area communications. Police, Ambulance, etc. It is now developed for Boating and RV purposes. This is NOT a cell booster. It is a combination Router and WiFi with a super ability to locate signals. Like a cell phone but with much more powerful antenna that are external. It is not dependent on a park or campground antenna, but uses cell towers with the ability to pull signal at 4k and HD from great distances. Still doing my research...A lot of recent You Tube video on this technology new to RV and Boating............If anyone get this prior to August let me know how it works......THANKS OLIVER FAMILY!
  11. If anyone got the Cradlepoint wireless option, I would like to hear your feedback.... $1950. for this option is expensive if it is not going to give me decent Wi-Fi service. Comments and experiences appreciated!
  12. Any Oliver owners in our area? We have a home in Hammond, La. and a camp in Bay St. Louis, MS......MSU Bulldog Fans!
  13. Congrats Jordan V.....Cannot wait to get our Ollie in December 2021! Happy Trails!
  14. I think I am going with the Anderson hitch as well. I do not think my sway bar configuration will work with the Dog house covering the propane tanks!
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