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  1. Good news - I just opened the drain valve in the closet and the shower pan drained right away! I also opened the grey water tank outside, but nothing came out. Interesting to know about "burping" and using the angle of the jacks to help empty the tanks. Love knowing the members of this forum are always available to help!!!
  2. I'm almost positive that the fan is closed. We haven't had much rain since we parked it but I will also check this. Thanks!
  3. Bill, Thanks so much for the response! I don't think there is a drain valve in the bathroom itself. I'm pretty sure that on our rig it's located in the closet and there is a red toggle switch. We had full hook-ups at our last camp site so the tanks should be empty and we didn't use any water once we parked in storage. I'll go over tomorrow and open the the valve inside and outside the rig and see if that empties the shower pan.
  4. We just picked up Hull #776 a few weeks ago. I went to the storage lot to clean and restock and there was about an inch of water sitting in the shower pan. Based on this thread, should I open the bathroom gray water valve? That's in the storage closet on the LE II right? Normally my husband would figure this out but he's traveling for work and we are heading out to camp again as soon as he gets back. Thanks!
  5. Foybles' Catalog V1.6f.pdf Hope this helps!
  6. Quick question: How thick are the KTT Mattresses for the Elite II Twin? Picking ours up in April and I can't seem to find this measurement anywhere. TIA!
  7. We are preparing to pick up our LE II on April 9th. Have any of you used a daybed bedspread/coverlet for their twin mattresses? The measurements are almost the same. I've searched the forum and haven't seen anyone comment on this. I'm planning on buying the sheets from AB Lifestyles. Looking forward to your feedback!
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