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  1. Curious as to the thoughts of the many Oliver experts here on the forum. I live in Louisiana, and our Oliver when not in use will be parked on my parents property, exposed to the sun. We decided against an awning for now because of costs. Anyway, the heat can get into the upper 90s or higher in the summer and we were concerned about warping, detrimental effects of the heat to things we have inside the trailer. Things like the shower curtain track (stuck to the wall), command strips, or custom stick on "tile" in our kitchen. If plugged into 30amp outlet, is there any issue with say le
  2. If anyone is interested in doing this, I bought this but the wife decided against it. I am selling the parts here:
  3. I totally agree. The first time we noticed the shower didn't drain the grey tank showed 70. The next time, it was at 56. After a complete emptying, it sometimes reads 13 or 0. Very unreliable. I think the idea of using the fresh water + pump, and using the two readings in tandem is a good idea.
  4. Just wondering what could be the cause of this: Our grey tank showed 70% on the seelevel indicator, but began to back up in the shower as well as the kitchen sink. We are level from front to back AND side to side. Have any of you experienced this before?
  5. Yes, we did. We are thoroughly enjoying it as well. We are on the borderline of boondocking currently (we have power and water but no sewer hookup) and we are glad we do not have to go into town to dump a black tank. Our host lets us drain the grey water into the ditch 👍
  6. I tried searching to no avail. I only found one topic on this but not much detail so I felt I should ask: Is it possible to self install the front + rear propane quick connects for outdoor cooking? If so, could I be pointed in the right direction in terms of a part / tool I would need to do this? Thanks!
  7. How did you do this, seeing as there is only one outlet for the grey and black tanks.
  8. Funny you mention that... but I purchased a used anderson hitch from someone on this forum. So Oliver installed it for me at the factory (for a fee). The left chain has loosened up after it as tightened two or three times so far. They didnt see anything wrong with the hitch, so they thought it may be that the silicone bushing is settling in. Needless to say, I have tightened them each time I re-connected our trailer to the F150 so far.
  9. Just so I can better understand... When you say "Adjustments" here, were you tightening/loosening each side of the chains once your whale tail was connected? So far, I have had to do this each time I leave once the whale tale is connected + fastened, but it never takes more than 5 minutes. Each chain should be fairly tight, and both should have the same tension. While not super quick, adjusting the height of the trailer over your hitch makes it a lot easier to get the whale tale on + fastened as well. It does look like you are towing the Elite I with a ram 1500 though. So maybe
  10. The landscape here is slightly hilly but nothing compared to the west US. That being said, you can definitely tell you are towing a 5-6K pound trailer behind you. It will take some getting used to, but I wouldn't say it is difficult. Im much more alert and aware while pulling the camper, which I think is a good thing. I have a 2018 3.5L with the max tow package which tops my specific capabilities out at 13K lbs of towing. The F150's towing capacities are slightly confusing to find out due to the specifics of what the packages add onto the ability. If you have any questions, let me know 😃
  11. We picked up our camper on Friday of last week (March 19th 2021), and after a fairly long day of questions, tutorials, etc we set out on the Natchez Trace for our first night at Davey Crockett, followed by heading back north to where we are now, and will stay until Easter. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions over the past year or so. Every one of your answers has helped my wife and I (and our dog valentine) get to this point and we love our camper so far.
  12. I agree, but since this would be attached to a building on my parents property, I went with who my dad has regularly used for the past 5-10 years.
  13. Thanks for the insight you guys, I think we will move forward without a cover for now, then possibly a calmark. If we are not comfortable with this, then maybe install an awning. I was going to install an awning on the side of a metal building on my parent's property to store the Oliver, but the quote was 5K+ and that just didn't sit well with my wife and I.
  14. I have seen people talking about the calmark cover on here, as well as some who store under an awning or carport. I think we are leaning toward leaving it outside, not covered with anything for the first couple months of ownership. Aren’t they meant to be used outside anyway? Am I completely wrong lol? I’d love to know, how do you store you Oliver?
  15. Im curious as to where you store this? I was thinking the same thing while planning this weekend. It seems to keep the good stuff `fridged` it would be best to keep drinks out of it, allowing more room for the important things.
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