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  1. So today I called my Dad and asked his advice. (He refrained from telling me “told you so” about the Tacoma as when I purchased it he recommended the Nissan Titan.) He told me his 2013 Titan has a towing capacity of 9,400lbs and he would be willing to let me borrow it for any trips not on flat land where we would need more power. My only fee... cleaning the vehicle.
  2. 🤝 Apologies accepted lol! I do appreciate the advice though. If the responses were 50/50 I may have gone a different route. But the consensus from you guys seems to be over and above to NOT pull an Elite II with a Tacoma. At least not where we want to go. The story of how I got my Tacoma is a little interesting, it was also when my wife and I KNEW we wanted a travel trailer, but didnt know which one. We were thinking RPODs, TAGS, etc at the time. Now that I know we are going to getting the Elite II, this definitely threw a wrench in the gears. Fortunately, my 2020 Tacoma has only 5500 miles on it and is in perfect condition. For an F150 that can tow up to 10,000 I may have to spend a little more than my trade in value, but I am going to start actively looking, and no longer putting miles into the Taco.
  3. I live in Louisiana so I see us using the mostly in the southeast, eastern USA. We do have plans to visit the north west however but I’m thinking we’ll take it as it comes.
  4. Hey there! Im new to the forum and purchased a 2020 Tacoma 3.5L V6 earlier in the year in anticipation of purchasing a light camping trailer. My wife and I decided on the Elite II and although the weight is under the Tacoma’s Max (6,700lb) I believe, I was a bit nervous. My max vehicle load is 1,200lbs. I think we will be fine, I was just wanting to connect with other TACO owners who also tow an Elite II here to get advice and things you have encountered. EDIT: I’m now open to suggestions if this is or isn’t a good idea. My trade in value could possibly get me something like an F150 (which can be configured to have a tow weight upwards of 10,000) with little to no extra cash having to be spent on my end.
  5. Hey there 👋 I am Jordan Vidrine, from Cajun Country in Louisiana. (South Central area) My wife and I are looking into purchasing an Oliver Trailer (used or new) and I am joining this forum just to get acquainted with the user's and get more info about them. We have been searching for a trailer to take out for multple weeks/months at a time and work remotely in (we both have remote jobs, she is an illustrator and I am a web designer/developer). We decided on the Oliver after a year or so of searching for small but well designed trailers. They are the best we have seen by far in our search. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
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