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  1. Im curious about this addition? Is that something you made, or does the Elite II come with this?
  2. Does it have a 30amp plug ? Or do you use a converter?
  3. Don't feel too bad! My wife and I were in the same boat, we pick up our Elite II in March. This venture has been an education to say the least, especially in F150 towing packages / capabilities. Thanks to so many helpful members here we are now set and ready to pick up the trailer, just gotta grab up a couple items like locks and such. Good luck on the pickup!
  4. Ok thanks! Just wondering as this discussion seems to be about panic systems and alarms.
  5. Just wondering as this discussion seems to be about panic systems and alarms.
  6. Has anyone here had any encounter with criminals while camping or boondocking?
  7. Those WITH the composting toilet... Have any of you tried linking the grey + black tank together? It seems kind of useless to have a black water tank not being used. I saw on youtube one couple set their black water tank to be an overflow for the grey water and it worked well for them.
  8. Thanks for the help with this ya'll 😃 I think I'll go ahead and add this in, as we do have a generator, and may want to use that to power the AC when in warmer climates + boondocking.
  9. Does anyone in this thread have the 'Micro Air Easy Start' option added with the 4 AGM batteries + Solar Panel? Is the micro air easy start something we should get if we do the solar option?
  10. Ah that would be great! Thanks so much 😁 When staying at Cracker Barrel’s, where do you park? Do you research the interstate rest stops before hand? Or do you just chose one as the pop up in your driving?
  11. From the image in your signature, it looks like you’ve been all over the US. Would you mind sharing where you park and camp at when not at a FHU site? and what that usually looks like with pulling a camper? My wife has expressed some concern with knowing the right places for boon docking in such a nice camper. I think her line of thinking is we would stand out like a sore thumb and encounter the possibility of being messed with or something along those lines. She felt safe boon docking in a camper van, but it was because of the freedom of being able to drive away easil
  12. This is very valuable info to me. Thanks. If I go door and AGM route, would it be hard to switch out the inverter/batteries to lithium in the future? Watching reviews of AGM with solar versus Lithium seems to lean that lithium is a long term better option. But maybe going AGM first then upgrading later would be wiser.
  13. In anticipation of installing my own solar panels down the road. I guess I am hesitant to go all in with the solar thinking, what if we dont end up doing much boon docking?
  14. Thanks for the advice. We plan on getting the twin bed option. Would this mean we install the port on the outside, and under the twin bed, we hook the controller, wiring to the battery bank? I don't know about how the wiring works with campers as this will actually be our first camper.
  15. So the last thing my wife and I are trying to decide on is if we want solar options installed on our new Oliver ELite II build. I think we will be getting the Lithium Batteries with the 3000w inverter At first, we were totally on board with getting the solar panels, but then, we started to think more of our daily use. We will always be needing power for our electronics, and won’t always be camping in cooler climates, so we will need the AC on I’m sure at the very least 50% of the time. Which seems to me we would want to be either on shore power or a generator while boondocking
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