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  1. Yep - definitely good points and sounds like far more trouble than it's worth. Taking the tank out and using the space for storage definitely counts! The reason I started thinking about this was storage space in the first place - trying to conserve some space in the back of the truck if possible.
  2. Hi all, I've been reading and learning all about the fresh, gray and black water tanks. Fresh water and/or filling up the gray tank seem to be the main drivers of having to pack up and leave your dry site (assuming the gray tank cannot be emptied on-site). Our Ollie will have the composting toilet option since we plan on boondocking often. I confirmed with Oliver sales that the black tank is still installed and just not used, so I'm thinking that it would be great to take advantage of that to increase the capacity of both the black and gray tanks. Has anyone with the composting toilet ever done anything innovative with the spare tank? Based on the assumption we will always have filtered and/or bottled water with us and will never drink or cook with the water from our fresh tank, would this be feasible: - Pre-campsite, fill both the clean fresh and black water tanks with fresh water. So 32.5 + 18.5 = 51 gallons of fresh water to start with. - when 18.5+ gallons have been used from the fresh water tank, transfer / pump the fresh water in the black tank into the fresh water tank (essentially, refill it back to 32.5 gallons). - transfer / pump 18.5 gallons from the gray tank into the now empty black tank to make room for the new water in the fresh tank. - leave campsite when there is no more water in the fresh tank and the gray and black tanks are both full of "gray" water - Empty tanks in a legal place, rinse, wash/bleach and repeat. I'm looking into various water storage solutions and before I buy anything I'd like to see if this is a possibility. Any thoughts on this appreciated! Thanks! John
  3. Although we don't have our LEII yet, we have had extensive discussions about this so it's funny DavidS is polling this topic. Based on our discussions, it's not surprising the split is roughly 50-50 so far. My wife was assuming we would sleep with our heads towards the rear due to the configuration of the nightstand. What good is the nightstand with your feet next to it she asked? Well, I'm voting for head towards the front for two reasons already mentioned.... lack of room for side sleeping arms in the back and who would want to set up a mirror just to watch TV when lying in bed? 🙂 I'm definitely adding the beautiful view John D. shared as another compelling reason - both for sleeping head towards the front and for not turning on the TV at all! I also said no one would stop us from sleeping in whichever orientation we like, even if it's in opposite directions! That seemed to be the strangest idea yet - I wonder if anyone has tried that yet? 🙂
  4. Hi DCdude, we pick up on the 18th, so we likely will miss you unless you are stuck at Davey Crockett. 🙂 Thanks for the advanced welcome to TN - never would have guessed you are from there with your call name!
  5. Hi TexasGuy, the maintenance on my Silverado has been normal (I'm the original owner), and I consider that a win. Aside from regular maintenance and replacing things that naturally wear out with use, I've only had to replace two "big ticket" items just recently... the first was the turbo and the second was the transfer case. What I like most about my diesel engine is that I really do feel it has a lot of life left in it after 225K miles. Only time will tell.
  6. Hello to all from Chapel Hill, North Carolina! My wife, Anita and I have just sent in our 2nd payment for an Elite II. If all goes well we will be making a trip to Hohenwald in mid-November to pick her up! We have camped off and on over the years, but always in a tent, so this is really going to be a huge step up for us. We've always had a plan to treat ourselves to a travel trailer one day and enjoy seeing North America from the ground up, so it has been a lot of fun preparing to realize this dream. I definitely owe everyone that participates in this forum a huge thanks for being so open, honest and helpful. This is without a doubt one of the most respectable forums I've ever come across - kudos to the moderators! I think I've read just about everything in this forum since "search" seems to find everything except what I'm actually looking for. 😉 We'll be pulling the Elite II with our trusty 2006 Silverado 2500HD Duramax Diesel, which is barely broken in at 225K miles! Hope to meet some other Oliver owners in person on the road someday soon! Best, John
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