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  1. And I guess with today's technology a GPS tracker should be an easy, necessary add on.
  2. Thanks. I sorta new that. I'm putting numbers together as I move back to the States. Just looking for a few random numbers.
  3. I know prices vary, age, driving record, and deductibles etc, plus it's a bit of a personal question but can some give a range of guesstimates on about how much "full" coverage would cost on a fully optioned Ollie 2? (I'm currently in Mexico without yet U.S. coverage.)
  4. I haven't yet read through all the topics, so could anyone answer this question for me: With the batteries and generator going, would the Ollie stay cool sitting in the 120° desert summer sun, sunrise to sunset? 1/2 the day? 1/4 of the day? Sorry if this has already been covered. Thanks, Gabriel
  5. The recommendation above sounds pretty good if you can get there: lifetime warranty. (And at my age that should work pretty well!) https://suncoastdesigners.com/rv-services/defog/
  6. On their website they show how they allow for access to items in storage under the bed. It seems there is some sort of pivot point about 2/3 of the way down that allows for getting under the bed.
  7. The AxleBloom system that SeaDog above mentioned, though pricey, looks like the best option. I'll be looking into that. That's so much, everyone.
  8. Don't ask Advanced RV: their website states that they are too busy to work on any but their own RVs. Thanks for the alternatives though. Have to put the old brain to work...
  9. Old thread but relevant for me: I'm so glad to see that at least some kind of a recliner is possible. Despite the jokes, (which I love!) for me, by myself, it is much more comfortable to sit reading this way. Fold it up and put in the truck during the day. Fine with me!
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