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  1. I heard the same. Several said they are not going to the rally next year because of it. It’s just a lousy thing to do. I refuse to play that game and people that book the week prior to the rally date then last minute cancel the week prior to get a primo site during the rally, they aren’t the kind of people I want to be camping with anyway, so we probably won’t go to the rally or many state parks. I personally am not that picky about sites but what does bother me is these sites get left empty because they cancel at the last minute, this hurts the parks and people that could of camped in that site. The only way to stop this would be to implement a pay in full upon making reservation and implementing a no refund policy if not cancelled 7 days prior to check-in. There are some parks here (not state parks) that do not allow cancellations but will issue a credit for future use IF the site that is cancelled is booked by someone else for the dates that were canceled. Meaning if that site remains empty that you canceled you don’t get a voucher credit.
  2. Same here! We ended up putting a 30amp in on some property up north my family owns so we will always have a place to camp. The state park reservation game has gotten so bad with exactly what you said, people booking two weeks before the actual weekend date they want then canceling last minute the mid week days. The sad part is there are so many empty sites during the week that sit unused. I only booked two state parks this season, the rest of the time we will be up north on our private land.
  3. We don’t have that law here in Michigan but there has been talk about it. It’s often very difficult to get a campsite at our State Parks, especially for weekends and holidays, so many campers and not enough campsites.
  4. We had something similar that when we were braking the tires were skidding. We had a mobile RV tech come out and check our brakes. Turned out our brake controller was set too high. Once we lowered it the skidding stopped.
  5. Thank you to all our Veterans! My Dad was a proud Veteran, he served in the Korean War in the US Air Force. If you served I would loved to hear where and what branch. We honor you!🇺🇸
  6. Congrats! That is so exciting. It was meant to be!😃
  7. You’re welcome. @Jim and Chris Neuman 😃
  8. For those that were interested in Rocktamers. Rocktamers is having a Memorial Day sale. 20% off everything. https://www.cruiserframes.com/rocktamers.asp?fbclid=PAAaYDipeRvwo34i45wActrEVbegVJ8Elmu4yjkQiIh2Y_2IhiDhRDfWRjCC4
  9. Very nice! I love the drone shots.
  10. This is very interesting! I’ll be anxious to hear more about your install and reviews.
  11. You have to get the right ones for your truck. You need the ones with the opening for the exhaust.
  12. We really don’t camp in cold weather but we have been caught a few times where it got down in the low forties overnight. I have a Vornado heater and it works great keeping the camper and bathroom warm enough to take the chill off. I point the heater towards the bathroom so it gets the heat.
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