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  1. Thank you everyone, good to know. I will look into the Mopeka Leigh
  2. My Oliver and I are still getting to know each other, I only get to enjoy her 2 maybe 3 times a year. As such i keep learning new things. When i press the LPG button on my SeeLevel II tank monitor it indicates "opn" which i'm assuming means open, yup already knew that. The issue, isn't it supposed to be telling me the level of propane left in a percentage, at least that's what the manual says? All the other levels, water, sewer tanks ect. are working properly. Any ideas? Thanks....Leigh
  3. Had that exact same problem but it seems to have corrected it's self. Good to know where the fuse is just in case it decides to act up again.
  4. Thanks guys, awesome suggestions. I never would have thought to include a sewer outlet in the garage but it makes sense, the ability to really flush and manage your tanks without having to worry about the line at the dump station, i like it. Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day, thanks again.....Leigh
  5. Hey quick question, I'm in the process of building a new garage and i would love to have the room to store Olive Oyl there. Does anyone know what the upper clearance is, the highest point is the AC unit? Thanks...Leigh
  6. Hi all Looking for suggestions on the best TV antenna and how to set it up. When i first picked up Olive Oyl i didn't think I would miss TV but honestly i do miss the news, as depressing as that may be. Not sure if i want to go the whole satellite dish thing but i suppose it's an option. Question: do the satellite companies, Dish etc. have pay as you go pricing?. Anyhow, any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks...Leigh
  7. If anyone is interested, the Breville Mini smart oven fits perfectly on the bottom of the pantry...if you get the urge to roast a chicken, just saying
  8. Randy and John, That was it, the check Valve. Got in there with a flash light, turned it the right way and vola...water! Thanks for the help. I like the idea of half filling the tank on the last trip home, have to remember that one for next year. I winterized her on Tuesday, she's getting washed and waxed in a week and then it's to bed for the winter, to dream about next summer...Leigh
  9. Hi every one, quick question and the answer may be obvious but its alluding me. The other day after dumping my black tank i attempted to rinse the tank using the appropriate hose connection. I hooked up my hose, turned on the water and no forward flow (yes the water was turned on and other wise working), i couldn't rinse the tank. Is there a valve of some sort that needs to be opened or closed to get flow into the black tank for rinsing? I really want to get the tank good and cleaned out for winter as she is going to be warehoused for quite a while. Any other suggestions about managing the black tank in general.....thanks....Leigh
  10. Has anyone tried to play a movie in mp4 format from a USB drive? I tried recently and it would not recognize it although the manual says it's an accepted format. It was a 32gig usb...thanks
  11. Anyone have a suggestion for a good product to remove tar and bugs without damaging the finish. Also has anyone ever run their Oliver through a "touchless" truck wash? Thanks...Leigh
  12. Wow, I must say i am impressed with the amount of and depth of discussion on this mishap, thank you every one for your help and possible insights. I had a discussion with Anderson and essentially it boils down to user error. Ever since the first time I unhooked the trailer, i was never able to get the triangle plate back on without loosening the chains and then re-tightening them. I was unaware that raising the trailer would introduce slack in the chains enabling one to reconnect it (thank you Mike and Buzzy for that clarification). I also, unfortunately paid little attention to the number of threads that remained, essentially just eyeballing it and tightening away. After thinking more about it and talking to Anderson it appears that one chain must have been significantly more tight than the other, couple that with the weight of the trailer, road conditions and speed....the pin was literally ripped free of the bracket. This is further supported by the finding that the hole in shaft is no longer perpendicular to the ball, it must have taken a scary amount of force to twist that shaft. I've posted a picture of the shaft, I took the picture straight on trying to demonstrate that the hole has shifted, draw an imaginary line down the middle of the ball and you'll see it. I hate to say, i have struggled with this hitch since the first day i removed and tried to get it back on and prior to this happening, had thought about getting rid of it, but i invested in it and i am the one who screwed it up so I'm going to give it another shot. I'll replace the parts (ouch), take everyone's good advice, read the instructions, watch the video and try again....Oh yes this is a learning experience, thanks....Leigh
  13. Hi all, I picked up my Olive Oly in May, had no problem towing it back to Maine, 2016 GMC Yukon. Last week i took her out of storage to head out on my maiden voyage so to speak and it appears i really screwed up the Anderson Hitch. I tried to hook it back up the way i was shown in Tenn, straighten out the trailer and tighten both sides evenly, well by the time i got the the camp ground (luckily only 40 miles away) the right chain had pulled free of the bracket and was dragging along the ground, the bolt, washer and "red thing" long gone. Aside from contacting the company for replacement parts, any advice, tips or tricks would be appreciated. I towed her back without the hitch and had no problems but then again it wasn't a long distance and not highway driving....Live and learn, i hope.....Leigh
  14. Hi Mike, Yes i believe we were, that was quite the Olie Party, there were four of us if i remember correctly. I wish i could have taken my time getting back to Maine but alas work called. Hope you had a good trip back, happy camping Leigh 2015 GMC Yukon 2016 Elite II - Hull 132
  15. Hi all, I am finally getting around to introducing my self and Olive Oyl. I picked her up on May 11th but unfortunately had to get right back to Maine and back to work. I am very new to RVing, the learning cure has been quite steep and I'm sure i have a ways to go. I work in health care and most days i hit the ground running it's not unusual for me to be up and on call 36 to 48 hours at a time, Olive here is my escape. People keep asking me were i want to go, i honestly have no idea, I'll figure it out when i get there. I'm sure I'll be posting questions, this community seems very helpful and knowledgeable. A quick shout out to Moutainborn, I'm the crazy woman who kept getting you to stop in Bangor ME, thank you, your help was invaluable. It took awhile but it finally happened! Weyzer 2016 Elite II Hull 132
  16. I posted this using your credentials so you are good to go !
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