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  1. Here's a thread about composting toilets from the fiberglass rv site: http://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f55/ ... 55968.html
  2. Solar is definitely on the list! They can install more than 200W, now, so maybe I won't need a generator, but I'm still going to have the basket and the quick connect. When I was planning to buy a Lil Snoozy, I had to design most of it, myself, so I learned quite a bit about solar. Right now, I'm torn between four "golf" batteries or three 12v ones. But since my build is dependent on my selling a house, it might be a while. Meanwhile, I'm planning and dreaming.
  3. Hi Sherry, Yes, the Wynns were the ones who originally started my thinking about the composting toilet. I'm sure glad it won't be a retrofit! Since I'm planning to have the plumbing rough-in, I'll leave the black tank as is. If the shower drains into the black tank, there'd still be a need for it. With a single person using it, I don't think emptying it will be a frequent chore - the Wynns muck it out (as I remember) about once every six weeks with full-time use. The extra fluid tank is a good idea, especially if I'm away from a convenient disposal site - thought there was a funny picture (in my head) of a running dispersal described by the Wynns. Deborah
  4. I was looking at a Nissan XTerra - 5000 pounds capacity with the tow package. I've since decided a truck would be more practical for carrying "stuff". Dodge is coming out with a new Dakota next year. Since I used to have a Dakota, and really liked it, that might be the way I roll.
  5. Hi Pam! I have a Mealy Amazon who's 20 years old. He traveled with me from El Salvador, and loves riding in the car. The cats, on the other hand, are not seasoned travelers, but they will have to adapt. I've been thinking that one wall of the cage will have to be Lexan or plexiglass to keep the cats from getting too close. Unfortunately, I won't be posting pictures of the mods until I can sell my house and order my Oliver. But I'm getting a jump on making it just right
  6. When I visited the factory on Tuesday, I talked to Robert about having a double bed, instead of the king. I'm planning to halve the table, substituting a wooden one, in place of the molded one, and to put it on a single centered pedistal. That would allow a couple of seats facing each other toward the front, or, in my case, a place for the bird cage on one side and a seat on the other.
  7. I had a wonderful visit with the Oliver team in Hohenwald, and have decided to go with the standard water heater. My original reason for the change was to save space, but the tank is located in an inaccessible space, so there's no reason to change. As far as the composting toilet, Robert said that could be done. I want the toilet to save water for boondocking. Since it doesn't use any water, all the water would be available for better uses. I may go ahead and have the plumbing roughed in - for resale and as a practical matter, because this isn't extensively proven technology - especially not in the Oliver. The Nature's Head toilet is a little bigger than the standard Oliver toilet, but will fit the space nicely. I'm also looking at composite propane cylinders. They weigh up to 50% less than the standard steel cylinder. I like the lighter weight, because I'll have to lever them out for refilling, and that seems a good option. I believe the 31# vapor will fit under the hood. According to the website "it holds 210 percent more propane than you will get from many propane exchange companies and still weights less than the standard 20-pound steel tank." http://www.vikingcylinders.com/shop/lif ... -lb-vapor/ This reminds me of scuba tanks - some people just wouldn't think of diving with an aluminum tank - but the advantages over steel are so great that aluminum tanks are now standard.
  8. BTW - This is the water heater I've recently found, and it has better ratings than the Atwood or the Girard I mentioned. Simple installation, a constant temperature, less weight, less space and less propane are all good reasons for it. I've seen some negative comments on the noise on another forum, but this one SAYS it's quiet. I'll be researching further. http://www.precisiontemp.com/rv-and-tra ... d-trailer/
  9. Hi Steve and Tali, I thought that was you, but couldn't be sure. Even with the short tour of your trailer, I fell in love with the Ollie, so thanks! I think you might have had lots of converts that day The Tahoe is the truck I've been researching, and it seems to be fine, though only rated for 6500#. I'm going to visit the factory next week and pick their brains - need to see how my bird and two cats would fit, but I don't have any real worries, since your dogs seem to fit just fine. Deborah
  10. I've had electric on-demand heaters (Titan) in my houses for 20 years, and love them. They're small and efficient. I'm on my way to the factory in a little over a week, and those are the two mods I was going to ask about. The Titan I have in the house wouldn't be good for a camper, but I would recommend it highly for home use. There are two propane rv heaters that have marginal ratings, Atwood and Girard. "Instant" does depend on the length of the lines, since water in the lines has to be displaced before hot water reaches the outlet, so there is no difference between on-demand and conventional in this sense. Nature's Head composting toilet is the brand I was looking at. No black tank is needed, and water use is kept to a minimum, because you don't flush it away. Boondocking extended!
  11. Good Evening, Forum, My name is Deborah, and I live in Norfolk, Virginia. I saw an Oliver at a rally last weekend in Tennessee, and am really interested in the trailer. It's a bit larger than the ones I've been looking at (Escape 17B and Lil Snoozy), so what type of tow vehicle should I be looking for? I'm not sure I want a truck, but is there an SUV that would be up to the task? Thanks for any help! "MODERATOR's NOTE" (This post was moved from its original location, retitled, and placed in the towing section in order to add clarity and harmony to the topics of discussion.)
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