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  1. Foy I love your work. Have you ever built a cooking prep workspace that extends from the stove counter edge to the counter opposite on the galley - that can of course be removed and stored.
  2. Went to CVNP for Memorial Day weekend. What a great park ! Great hikes/ stayed at Silver Springs campground in Stow -$18 per night. Great location - electric no water. And today is our Ollie’s First birthday ! happy days with our Hull 818
  3. John - haven’t figured out how to add hull # etc to signature. But it is Hull # 818. June 2021 lifeblue lithionics battery
  4. Thx ScubaRx we are New to the whole RV lifestyle- just picked up at the beginning of June so learning as we go in part tbh ! Yes we have the 630aH … charging will be through ahore power going forward. Didn’t have a connection to power where we had the Ollie over the 4 weeks. So as I understand it the best practice is to charge fully and then do a full “ disconnect “ of the batteries to avoid phantom drains ? Máiréad
  5. Thanks Mike. Appreciate the very quick response and sage advice Máiréad
  6. Hi all learning the hard way I guess. We were readying for a trip after having the Ollie sit for 4 weeks and discovered the batteries were not powering anything including the jacks ! we have the Lithium batteries in the E2. We don’t have solar. What is the standard power down sequence you all use ? The batteries went from 35% to “<10-%” in under 4 weeks and we believe everything was “ off “ Máiréad and Paul
  7. I am very happy we did put the name on the back. The Oliver team was super careful ensuring the accents etc were all correct ! Enjoy your trailer .. September is just around the corner
  8. I believe Megan said they are up to 10 a week now vs 12 for the entire month of January pre Covid - math doesn’t work though if 995 is January. Seems likes it really is averaging between 5 and 10 - do the hull numbers differ between the 1& 2 ?
  9. View from the camper at Searsport Shores
  10. We camped in our pop up pre Ollie last August in mid coast Maine and lived every minute of it. Searsport Shores campground is a wonderful campground - right on the ocean- their gardens, art / pottery facilities are fabulous. Wel worth the higher $ for the experience. Rented kayaks from them and sea kayaked 3 Mikes down the coast for a lobster lunch at a lobster shack - so good ! This site was a great base for Belfast Maine and we actually daytripows 2x to Acadia but would stay closer next time. We also moved further south as stayed out by Pemaquid. The lighthouse out there is one of my all time favorites. Pemaquid Point campground - very simple, very clean facilities and great price point. Sites are level , great shade and adequate size.
  11. Thanks for sharing that John. Indeed this is our white horse 😉. We had printed that for our camper binder / log book also. We are towing through the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky with a 2021 Ford F 150 5.0L V8 coyote engine and doing well so far. Our biggest challenge has been getting the Anderson hitch hooked up - it’s more sensitive to lining up than we anticipated.
  12. Great overnight at David Crockett. Love our new “ get away “ ! will have lots of questions I am sure so thank you in advance !
  13. Thank you for the very practical advice - the referenced blog was quite helpful.
  14. Hello - looking forward to taking delivery of Eii Twin on June 4. Interested in knowing what were the day 1 / week 1 necessities you found you needed. We will be camping our way back to NJ and anticipate boondocking at Harvest Host locations. Additionally would like to know what mattress pads, sheets etc you used.
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