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  1. I have been reading comments that the 2015 Ford explorer even with eco tow package cannot tow beyond a certain tow length so I am trying to figure out if a 19ft can be pulled safely Anyone towing w Ford explorer, if so you thoughts on the best size on trailer I should order Thanks
  2. Bill, thanks that's good hear Look forward to purchasing an Oliver next year
  3. That area is really neat and the parkway is worth putting on the bucket list for those who never drove it. On a side note, which is unrelated to this topic, but I am curious as to the issues you having. I had the casita before and half the equipment never worked right. I just sucked it up, but that only cost 18k i am about to invest 50k on this trailer which is a huge leap of faith as now I facing retirement and cannot waste money like I use to. Anyway, enjoyed your photos and i am excited to get back to camping.
  4. Tiger campers offer cassette toilets as well as another toilet I believe but I cannot think of the name and half the cost of an earth roamer
  5. I live in the poor section of chesterfield mo and will be ordering an oliver next year Enjoy your trailer Kevin Go Blues
  6. I saw a post the other day about the pin connection option I do not see that listed in their information Is this something I need to consider? The other area of concern is the sway bar. I had a casita before which the sway bar worked well. My question is the Anderson hitch there seems to be a love hate relationship with this system. Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Lastly, what are your thoughts on repacking bearings? I never did this with the Casita Is this necessary? Thank you for your time
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