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  1. the likely culprit..thanks for the video. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/MAXXAIR/MA10-20281K-1AF.html
  2. it's a Titan XD, so payload is 2.5K pounds..and tow capacity is around 12K, it tows the Oliver pretty easily. it has the 6 speed Aisin Tranny that's used on the Dodge 3500, I believe. Of course, I'm a grandpa-like driver and don't blare through the gears too quickly. Open Tray, but if I make one, i'll probably come up with some divider system..mainly for camping or golf clubs, but something i can pull out easily when i haul brush or garden stuff. The XD has been pretty a good truck, knock on wood, but they have discontinued them. One thing, is I prefer to stick w/ diesel, but we'll have to see how these EGRs develop as well as the hybrids (such from Toyota).
  3. I know this isn't Oliver specific, but it is related. I really value the intelligent and thought-out solutions of Oliver owners. I am going to either build a plywood slide with some variant of rollers, for the bed of my TV. Homemade? Commerical? Anyway, appreciate your thoughts. It will help carry my LEII's logistical necessities. Thank you in advance, Sirs/Ma'ams.
  4. My arms on my MaxxFan have broken, noticed this on the last camping trip in the summer. If I don't replace the arms, what is the preferred fan to replace it with? Same model? Mine was built in late 2015/early 2016, #129. Any assessments are appreciated. Thank you.
  5. The discreet compartment near the pantry in the Legacy II...is anyone aware of a convenient box that fills it up w/ separators or something like that off the shelf from a Home Depot or other such store? Thanks. Lanham
  6. Rog, was going to do that..but thanks for the reminder. i'll have to write that down.
  7. just blowing out the lines to catch any little plastic shards that have been clogging my filter on my old Shurflo water pump, and probably stressing it a bit. That's all. I've never used the black tank flush port..is that on the outside of the tank? i'll have to look. I always flush my black tank out w/ a ton of water everytime i camp, but i'll have to check that out. Thank you rich.dev.
  8. So, my pump went bad, had some plastic stuff in the filter on my last trip, i'd cleaned it out, but it had been in there for about 7 years, so no big deal. The new SeaFlo came with a wiring harness, that you can see below. I stripped the clipped the ground and power to the Shureflo pump, giving me some raw wire. I bought a full wiring harness w/ nice wire from a local farm store, Rural King. Then I used a butt splice to bring them together. This gave me motivation to refresh some of my electric tools (i'm quite the novice) and enjoyed learning a little bit. Also, i bought a butane torch (little thing from Walmart) to seal the butt splice. Is the butts splice better than some others? I crimped it and then melted the ends..it was fun. Also, I pressed the wiring harness from the SeaFlo into the one i bought from Rural King, i had a little gap, so i taped that up..with new electric tape 🙂. My son is a high schooler aspiring future engineer and loves painter's tape and electrical tape and all things mechanical...they are hard to find 🙂. I'm hoping that blowing out the lines my get rid of some more plastic in the lines. Also, i read that on plastic threads (and I'm here referring to the filter basket that threads onto the pump, it is better to use pipe dope SEALANT instead of Teflon tape. So, i put the stuff i'll use on mine tomorrow. I will say that the Shurflo may have been glued on, as i couldn't unthread it w/ my hand strength. Or i'm just old and weak :). I am zip-tying the loose wires to keep them neat and off the pump housing. Vector aka Lanham
  9. My simple question is what does this valve do. It was closed, and i opened it tonight as i'm draining all the water from the system. Tomorrow i'm going to blow out the lines w/ gentle pressure (10 to 15 PSI) and then put in the pink stuff. Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, i've been off the forum for a couple years. All info is appreciated.
  10. 1 Question: This may seem stupid, but when the furnace is on, is it normal for the A/C to be blowing? Just wondering, making sure that this is normal. 2 Comment: When we re-do our duct-work, should we try to use stiff, irrigation type hose, due to the lower co-efficient of friction over a foil/wire duct? I believe that a smaller diameter tube could be used, with less internal air-to-surface friction and have greater air-push velocity, all things being equal. I've seen that on some higher end air-conditioner systems in some modern houses. Does that make sense? Possibly substitute some 1.5 inch irrigation tubing that is heat resistant? Just a thought... thanks, Vector
  11. Hey Fellow Ollies: It's been a while, since I got on here: A few bullets: RIP Mr. Oliver, and thank you or bringing the Oliver Travel Trailers to the world. I picked up my trailer from the axle place in September, then took it to Oliver in Hohenwald for the fiberglass repair work around September 15 2019 (crazy huh), the Oliver had it done by Oct or so, I can't quite recall at this time. But, work, ice and family obligations prohibited me from picking it up and I had it on my schedule in March, but COVID. Longstory short, I picked #129 up earlier this week. Jason, Anita and the crew couldn't have been nicer about the whole ordeal. in fact, i camped at the soon to be former sales office on the main drag, just down from the Walmart. On the way home, I used my DeWalt lug wrench and 3/4 inch socket w/ extensions to check the lug nuts...snug as a bug. Due to the location of the event, my new axles and hub were installed by Midwest Truck Inc. of Scott City, MO...they were terrific. They're in SE MO, just south of Cape Girardeu off of I-55. Just FYI, I ordered heavier axles from the 3500 Dexters to the 5200 Dexters. Due to availability, they put in 5200 Lippert axles, which seem fine. I thought this might raise the height of the rig, but it has lowered the rig slightly, such that I will now use a dropped hitch ball (that i have) and i'll shelf the straight hitch ball, that plugs into my hitch receiver. The braking was probably improved, i did notice it seemed very responsive as the 5200 axles have 12 inch brakes, instead of the 10 inch brakes, which come on the OTTs these days. There was some discoloration from the heat on the mounts, but i'm going to take take it over to a buddies shop and lightly sand and coat that with some good anti-corrosion. **Addendum 14 Oct 2014, When I got under there i noticed the pan was lifted up still, that the sewer host sits in on the port side, so I'll have to clean out some gravel that's yet up in there and get it over to a buddy's to see if we can weld that aluminum back. Hope the sewer fitting isn't compromised, as it is on that side of the sewer hose compartment. Oliver did an excellent job on the fiberglass from what i can tell. the fender thing was gotne, adn the box that is open, was all sort of messed up, as was other material beneath. We'll see how she holds up. Nice to have her back. You an see the new axles, which are the 5200# Lippert Component variants. I preferred Dexters at the time, though i confess to knowing shinola about axles, generally speaking. I appreciate the good advice from my Oliver brothers on the forum, giving me some wisdom and pespective on everything. it is a nice feeling knowing y'all are ready with experience, perspective, know-how and a good / friendly attitude. Thank y'all. The Rig tracked perfectly well. I forgot how much i like that back-up camera when you're driving it. It's time to clean out some seals and input some new caulking. I'm all ears if you have some variant of 3M for that. The fiberglass looks good, though i'm going to give it a fuller inspection later this week. Jason said they packed it on nice, and took their time and I'm sure they did. I was surprised how happy it made me to have the Oliver back in tow. I kinda expected some mold inside, but NOPE, not a bit, which made me quite happy, as my cushions and 1/2 my southern mattress were in there when i'd dropped it off a YEAR AGO. My kids slept in it in the driveway for the first two nights home. Btw, I'll need to get some #129 letters for the front. That'd be cool to have on there. Any particular Font or Size for those letters? Okay, there is my brief update. i'm looking for some Ozark camping spots tonight, get the kiddos and us in for some nature. With Respect, Vector/Lanham
  12. Could be a lethal combination for someone following that dude up a steep gradient. Ouch. Nice pick.
  13. I think the graphics should be kept, maybe selectively deleted based upon a 5 star rating system.in general, delete the lower stars after a set amount of time, but keep the blue chip ones, which would be generally viewed as more valuable, and therefore, protected from automated deletion.
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