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  1. 2015 Toyota Tundra...worked great up the hills...no issues. 58-62lbs in the tires... Started out with 55...speed and temp brought us up to 62 ish...no problems...
  2. OMG... Don't know how many of you have had extended trips on our highways lately...but it looks like a "war zone" in some places... Cannot believe the bumps, holes, patches, dipsey-doos and just downright poor condition... If we didn't have an Oliver I think I would have left several hundred parts and pieces on the roads ! Hohenwald to Bellingham WA...I don't think we will ever take a trip that long again- maybe on the "back roads"... Just be careful out there !
  3. How did you run your A/C without a generator...?
  4. Thanks John, Yes- 2 e-bikes... Guess they won't be making the trip...disappointing... Will certainly give you a "heads up" when we are near. Take care, Lee and Jane...
  5. We are taking delivery of our Ollie in a couple weeks... We are bringing our bikes down on the rack attached to our trucks 2" receiver. Did I see in a delivery video that the Oliver 1-1/4" receiver will not accept the 2" adapter...?
  6. Hello All... Don't have it yet...but it,s coming (June 15th) ! Love to hook up with all the great people who have Olivers! We are from the Pacific Northwest (Bellingham) Just us and "Emma"...(sweetest Black Lab you will ever meet!) Look forward to the adventure.
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