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  1. John, Was there any resolution to the drawer slide screws tearing out?
  2. Thanks for the info. Agree on getting accurate measurements from Oliver. Other than the garage door opening size, there would be no other clearance issues. I can maybe get an inch or 2 more on the height, but no more as it's a concrete structure. I'll be talking to Josh at Oliver more about this.
  3. @John Welte I hear ya. We're between spending less on a Casita, or going all in on the Oliver. There are only a few others that we have considered given our requirements, the main one being it has to fit thru a 9'x9' garage door. For the Casita as well as the LEi, I'll probably need to let some air out of the tires to get them in. Good luck. With us in the Seattle area, we're practically neighbors.🙂
  4. Yep Bill, we have had a few nice fiberglass boats, so fairly familiar with that. Jim, Thanks for the offer. We appreciate that gesture. Hopefully we can find a LEi to peek at. If not though, we would like to see your LEii. I am talking with Josh at Oliver who should be contacting some owners up here to set up a meeting - we'll see what he comes up with. For the LEi, I'm a bit concerned with a few things like on-board storage, counter top space, and the east west sleeping arrangements. We like the size of the LEi and what that brings to the table, so we're coming up with ways to deal with the issues. Looking at videos and pictures helps, but seeing one IRL would be much better. Tim
  5. Hi all - I've been checking out your forum here for a couple days and just joined. My wife and are looking to get our first RV after many years of boating here in the PNW. OTT's look like they might be the ticket - we've been in contact with the company and hope to look at a local one before we make a decision. If we have any info or questions for the forum, we'll be posting. Tim and Lorri
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