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  1. That's funny. My father paid $16,000 for our first family home when i was a kid in the mid-60's. Clearly the Ferrari proved to be the better investment in 1964. For towing it comes down to payload for your gear and trailer. the new fore f150's have a nice payload range from 1,800 - 3500 lbs but largely depends on the engine choice https://www.ford.com/cmslibs/content/dam/brand_ford/en_us/brand/resources/general/pdf/guides/21Towing_Ford_F150_Dec3.pdf if you get the cool turbo diesel with lots of torque at low rpm's the engine weight kills you payload.. (1,850 lbs). It's kind of crazy to have all that power and such a small payload. My last 1/2 ton would pull the the LE II fine but we were fighting the payload on every trip... What a pain. We went to an F250 6.7 diesel and don't need to worry about payload. Lot's of 1/2 will do a good job pulling the LE II but few will give you much payload. this said, the f250 is not a good daily driver.
  2. Thanks for all the input. As always, your help is appreciated. Ended up as user error. I did not understand the function of the fan in auto mode. The fan set in auto mode changed the entire equation, Lots more heat fast. all ducting is secure.
  3. Thanks for all the input. As always, your help is appreciated. Ended up as user error. I did not understand the function of the fan in auto mode. The fan set in auto mode changed the entire equation, Lots more heat fast.
  4. all vents open.. the warm air flow is modest coming out of the vents. On the thermostat is set on the furnace mode. the heater kicks on (hot at the outside exhaust) and the ceiling unit comes as long as the furnace is on. Don't know what the heat strip is and have never use this mode.
  5. Is it normal for it to take an hour to change the inside temperature by 12-15 degrees? its not the cold yet. the cabin temperature starts at around 50 degrees and takes 45 minutes +/- to reach 60-64 degrees. I'm assuming the heat only runs on propane and does not have an ac mode... we will be headed out to some higher elevation of the grid camping next month with the temps at night dropping into the twenties. Please share your experience as to what is normal. is there anything we can to to improve the furnace's performance?
  6. also was some Honda 2200i's at the camping world in Oregon
  7. you might try Tractor supply for a 2200i Honda. I saw some in one of the Oregon stores a week ago.
  8. Hello Andrew, Carianne and Buffy. I thought this could be you when i saw the BMW... Small world, we first met when you were one camp site down from us in Yosemite. Sounds like a nice trip. Happy to know your travels stayed on the coast and mostly out of the smoke. We live about an hour south of our crossing on 101 near a small place called Fieldbrook, Ca. We will be near you (El Cajon) in couple of weeks, then to Joshua Tree. Yep, few Oliver's sightings up and down the west coast.
  9. I'm the Oliver that passed you headed south on 101 at the construction light. I hope you stay on the 101 coastal route through Oregon. All the inland routes north (I-5 and 97 ) are very smokey unpleasant air. have a great trip and travel safe
  10. micro wave plate rides in a bubble wrap shipping envelop in the micro wave. had done some serious 4x4 travel with no issues. trash container under the kitchen table
  11. the max size of carpet can be 28x47.. our carpet is 25x 38. it work fin but i can see the benefit of going all way to the dinette seating congrats on you trailer.. wow 300 days to get a trailer. Not so long ago the wait time was something like 90 days.
  12. You can go with two standard Honda 2200's and not purchase the companion unit with the 30 amp 3 prong plug if you purchase the Hutch Mt power grip parallel cable. I had them build a custom extra long version with a marine end that threads into my trailer power input. Very clean and simple. You have the option to run one or two 2200's with this cable. One cable gets it done if you have them build you one with the marine end that matches your trailer's input. Many ways to get the job done. This system works very well. My generators live on the end of my bedside. I drop my tailgate, open the back hatch of the A.R.E. truck canopy, pull out the bedside about two feet, plug in the cables, tap into the front external LP quick release and we have power from one or two 2200's as needed. https://www.hutchmountain.com/collections/amazing-generator-accessories/products/power-grip-parallel-cable-w-handle-30amp-breaker https://www.hutchmountain.com/products/power-grip-parallel-cable-w-handle-30amp-breaker
  13. I had a first generation Toyota Tundra. the truck was rated at 1350 lbs for payload. After trailer tough weight (600 lbs), I had 750 lbs pay load left. Then filling the gas tank (160lbs), the A.R. E. cap (200 Lbs) my wife, large dog and me (500LBs), Anderson Hitch 60lbs , pickup bed slide (180 lbs). The truck was tapped tapped out before we put any gear in the truck. Our absolute minimum basics listed above total 1,700 lbs. I don't know about you but we are all about easy access and that adds to the need for more payload. We barley use the basement of the trailer because I hate getting on my knees. We got over worrying if my wife can bring an extra bikini and bought a short box F250. Everything goes in the back of the truck under a canopy,, Including an extra 35 gallon tank of water for boondocking. More power than you will ever need and tows like a dream. The down side: a big truck is not as nimble and not as easy on the fuel. We get an average of 14.5 mpg towing. A big truck is no for everyone but it works well for us.
  14. When I purchased my Ollie, the owner delivered the trailer to my town. We went to my bank together and the bank issued a check to him.
  15. good suggestion for the wd40... Was able to save one of the pins but the other is toast. I'll end up with two new pins and a backup
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