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  1. simplistically, a proper antenna is one-half wavelength of the radio frequency. CB has an 11 meter wavelength-the radio wave from peak-to-peak is 11 meters. The frequency is how many entire wave cycles are completed per second (a cycle is called a Hertz). Therefore, the antenna should be about 5.5 meters, cut in half. The center of the coax would be connected to one half with the outer braid connected to the other half, each side one-quarter of a wavelength. That is too long and unreasonable for a car, or handheld, so the two halves are electrically shortened. Wherein comes the magmount. The v
  2. Where in central CA? I am in Ventura county, on the Oxnard Plain.
  3. I have been a licensed ham radio since the 7th grade, 54 years ago. The repeater system works well, but I also have a CB mounted in the truck for 2 reasons. Ch 19, the trucker's channel, gives me road information. Ch 9 is the emergency channel used by various volunteer groups to monitor, well, emergencies. REACT monitors ch 9. Range is limited, frequently, depending upon atmospheric conditions. GMRS and FCS are also systems that are available, but every trucker has a cb. Language aside, there is much to be learned about extended road conditions. Other channels have specific purposes. So,
  4. The disappointment so far is that Andersen has not responded to emails or voicemails. No one has answered the phone. I took the link to a friend who is among other things a forensic metallurgist. His lab has an sem. He put the link under the microscope. There did not appear to be a failure of the threads which tells me that it was not properly connected. Someone forgot to screw it together. Basically, no harm, no foul. Nothing significant happened. The threads had not failed I am trying to verify with Andersen a source for the proper chain, tensile strength of the 3/8" chain. I've
  5. For those with the XC 2000, like me, I confirmed that they come with the standard remote, not the Bluetooth remote. So, for those who have the remote, is it worth the few hundred dollars to buy a Bluetooth remote? There is nothing wrong with the standard remote, so it is not eligible for an exchange. John
  6. In my Elite I, XC 2000, I have teh remote with the red X, which I think is the older one. Should I have that upgraded/will it be upgraded? Following the instructions at the Xantrex website, I can't connect the app/phone to the remote - no bluetooth in this remote. Trailer delivered 4 weeks ago.
  7. Pat, simlar experience following pickup, first few miles, E1. After a few miles, the Tacoma was wandering a bit. Front end was " light". I was saying bad things about my decision to tow with my Tacoma. Decided to adjust the hitch, assumed to do one turn at a time would be a start, but found that 3/4 turn was all that was needed. Chains usually had about 1/2" deflection. Had other issues with hitch on way back, but as you said, could feel the distributed weight Still trying to get used to the Andersen nuances, and the Tacoma as a tow vehicle for 4,000 lbs. even with headwind, was co
  8. JRK


    When registering my Oliver (I need to move. $4,800 sales/use tax) the VIN had to be identified, and located in 2 different places. I found the stick-on labels that have the VIN, but there is no number stamped into the frame. My personal thing - I prefer to have the number stamped into the frame, which I am going to do. My question: I have never stamped numbers into aluminum. I'll practice in a hidden area, but any suggestions? I have made several trailers, so have stamped VINs into steel. I know how to use the stamps, just looking for precautions for aluminum. Thanks John
  9. I decided that I need a different way to move my Elite I through my 8' wide side yard gate that is accessed by a curved, slightly inclined driveway. Looking at 2 powered trailer dollies: Safer Products 7,500 lb capacity Or the Park It 360 powered dolly Does anyone have experience with either? Is there another suggestion? The cost would be about 6 months storage fees at one of the several local storage yards, when there is a space open. They are all full right now. My insurance cost also increases when stored remotely. And I would lack the convenience of being a
  10. I use a Tacoma 4x4 with full tow package/heavy suspension for the elite I. I think that is the max for this truck. I had a head wind from Little Rock to Los Angeles along The entire I40 return trip. Including getting rocked about while sleeping. It did fine. Kept it out of “D”, used 4th gear. Stayed a little more than 2000 rpm most of the way cruising about 65-70. It was ok, had ok acceleration. But I was not in Rockies or sierras. I would not try it with the additional weight of the II. when I replace the Tacoma in about 50,000 miles, it will probably be with a tundra or sequoia, or a dece
  11. Glad it wasn't mice or rats. I had mice in the engine compartment of my older Ford F-250 that chewed the ignition wires and radio wiring. And rats in my Toyota Tacoma cabin air filter, for years. I'd clean them out, they would return. Even killed one with the fan. Had them around my circuit breaker panel in the house, too. When I stopped feeding the birds, the rodents went to my neighbor's. I did find out that a lot of electrical wiring insulation is soy based, so the wiring manufacturers use rodent food. John
  12. That was my thought, too. The HDPE is securely affixed, or when I tried to pull it off, it would not budge. I asked service about doing this, but have not had a reply. John
  13. Yes, I did. We can discuss the response if you like.


  14. Thanks, Neuman's. I had already looked at everything you mentioned, except the threaded rod. John, the problem with mounting into the hull is that there is no inner/outer hull where the mounting plate is glued. It is affixed to the single wall inside, along the center of the trailer, small dinette seat, the seat against the rear dinette. I can't drill or screw into the fiberglas, through the HDPE, without drilling through the wall, into the aisle., exposing the screw. I did open a ticket, with photos. Minimal response so far. The other problem is that I cannot remove the invert
  15. I agree that the mount should have been plywood. Any suggestions at this point? The plastic (resin?) mount is glued to the inner seat wall. John
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