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  1. Thank you Bill, Ray and Susan. I know of a park in Holbrook, but no other campgrounds between New Mexico and Flagstaff. I'll be stopping by Show Low to visit some dirt and pinon pines that I still own, drive through the Santa Fe area, depending upon snow (same with Show Low) and the petrified forest. Didn't know that Homolovi was a dark sky park - went to teh website. Been to Kartchner Caverns for a star party, and Grand Canyon, but didn't knowabout Homolovi. Now I do, and will see about stopping by there. Good info. John
  2. CT short Thanks for the picture. I knew nothing about the Andersen, other than Oliver sales told me that I needed it. I said okay. I now know what I need, and don't need, when I pick up my Elite I in March. And have a better idea how to secure the trailer and hitch. Thank you very much. SherMica, I had a similar question about what I was going to need - I am getting the Andersen for my Tacoma and Elite I. I now know that I don't need anything, other than the square thing that the thingy slides into - the receiver, the part that is mounted to the truck. Everything else will be p
  3. As a retired firefighter, and fire origin and cause investigator for more than 40 years, I am somewhat paranoid as to what can cause fires. Candle fires have paid for my Oliver - they can cause fires. For insurance companies, I have investigated many fires caused by candles, for which I have been paid well. A candle has been recalled, https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2021/ADCO-Recalls-Candles-Due-to-Fire-and-Burn-Hazards-Sold-Exclusively-at-Dollar-Tree that can cause a fire. Remember to be fire safe. This candle, and many like it, can get too hot which can cause the glass container to break. Whe
  4. seadawg, when were you in new brunswick? The area was a favorite of ours in 1994 - and we had a flat tire, replaced all four tires on a Sunday. Looking forward to a return trip.
  5. thanks for the suggestions. we signed up for harvest hosts, but have not yet used it. glad to hear that people like it. I would like to hear about any experiences, so yes, please let us know about where you stayed. John
  6. Take a look at the Bioenno LiFePO, bioennopower.com, 1500 watt power pack for $1,200, plus a 100 watt foldable solar panel and controller for $200, if you need 1500 watt. I use the 500 watt power pack that was on sale for $250, built-in inverter, usb and 12 volt ports. I use it at work sites and for portable ham radio operation. Be careful of titles - it really isn't a solar "generator". It does not really effectively replace a propane or gasoline generator. It would be a fine backup or portable power supply, but very pricey. It will not likley power an a/c, microwave or similar applianc
  7. Thanks, Mike. I was not aware of that app. As it gets closer, I'll sign up for Harvest Hosts. They just almost doubled in price, but at $79, if we use it, it seems okay. I have never talked with anyone who has stayed at Harvest Host places much, so only have advertising info as an evaluation. Yes, weather is the concern. I may end up just getting to I10 as quickly as possible. John
  8. I think I agree with Mike - this is an Oliver issue, either design, or choice of battery (battery size). A battery slide out compartment is standard in tens of thousands of vehicles. Commercial trucks use them. I checked the batteries weekly on my fire apparatus - all had batteries mounted in a slide out, without ever having a chafing problem. The batteries are not mounted on a solid platform. It is foolish to have a protruding bolt that would contact the battery exterior surface. I currently do expert witness/investigations that involve factory and design defect evaluations. Without se
  9. Hello Mike and Yasuko. My wife, Kazue, and I, John, will be picking up our first Oliver, and Elite I, in March, we trust. After Kazue let me know that she would not be joining me in a tent - our honeymoon was a tent camping trip along the California coast when I was 18, she was 19 - I began looking at reasonable trailers. I found teardrops which would have been fine for me, but they were a bit expensive. Looked at other fiberglass trailers; Scamp, Casita and Escape, Bigfoot, then discovered Oliver. Oliver offered the positives of the others, the wait list wasn't as long, and they seemed to be
  10. Hello Adams family I kinda liked the water dripping on my nose, fluttering tent material with the rain plopping. I had begun to return to tents and short hikes (planned long hikes) but my wife decided that she wanted to return to camping, which required a return to a trailer of some sort - her choice rather than a motorhome. Oliver seemed right as a compromise between a 40' 5th wheel and a tent. Pick up ours in March. Near the beach in southern California - what is winter? Maaybe see you out there, somewhere.
  11. Trying to plan the trip to pick up the new Oliver in March. Will probably take 2 weeks to get home from Hohenwald to Los Angeles via Stamps, Arkansas. My dad is buried in the Sardis Cemetery in Stamps. Haven't been there for a while. So will go to southern Arkansas, then home from there. Not in a rush. Trying to figure out I40 or I10 as the main route, with smaller roads okay. Will be going through Show Low in Arizona, and plan to pass through Santa Fe/northern New Mexico, depending upon weather. Otherwise, we are completely open to ideas and suggestions. John
  12. Made a reservation for space E30 - will pick up Elite I March 17. May not make it, but will try. John
  13. Interesting comments - seems as though several companies need to discuss electrical issues with electrical engineers, and users need proper information to make proper, informed decisions. The purpose of a DC to DC converter/inverter/ whatever you decide today to call it is to limit and control current and voltage. The converter will take an assumed to be variable DC source and manage it to keep it at a preset voltage/current. Used to power sensitive electronic equipment, such as a laptop, from a battery that is being depleted. At a predetermined input voltage, the system will shut off. I
  14. Retired again, for last time, for real, I hope. Not going to be full-time trailer traveling, we will be taking long trips. Have stayed in Fort Wilderness twice - with a pop-up Coleman and one daughter, and a 24' 5th wheel and 3 daughters, so have towed before. And living in a 24' 5th wheel with 3 daughters, 18, 10 and 8, makes for an interesting trip. Placed an order for an Elite I that should be ready in March. Decided to splurge, and make it reasonably comfortable. Compromised between a larger trailer and a teardrop that will be towed with my 2014 Tacoma, for now anyway. Will see how the tow
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