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Status Updates posted by MnG KY

  1. No power when not plugged in. 

    1. SeaDawg


      Hi, @MnG KY, you'll probably get more responses if you do an a post instead of a status update. Sorry for your problem.

      First, have you checked to see if the gfci is tripped? I'm assuming you mean you are getting no 12 volt power?

    2. MnG KY

      MnG KY

      Thank you. Shore power EVERY THING works. Freedom x display shows full battery charge. Zamp controller shows full charged batteries. 

      Remove from shore power...Freedom x goes black... and have no power.

  2. Looks like we have to take hull 1171 to a Dometic service center. 

    What is the model number on our 2022 ???

  3. Picked up our hull 1171 last Thursday, still getting our kinks out. But today in Dallas with 107 temps ac not working properly. Discovered surge protector reading 104. Site maintenance came, and plug reads 108.8. EMS shows 108, then 107, then 106, then 104 and sometimes 103....

    We plug into our Ford Hybrid On board generator and reads 116.

    What could be wrong??

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