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  1. End of story... reprised the pump and have plenty of pressure at all outlets when using fresh water tank. City water still a trickle. OTT suggested getting a winterization hand pump and doing a vinegar flush thru city water inlet. This will have to wait until we get back to civilization (or find a hand pump to borrow). May try pouring vinegar into a hose hooked to city inlet then force it thru with city water pressure. We'll see. Thank all for suggestion!
  2. Checked all points of usage and sorry to say, but no debris
  3. Pump primed as suggested. Now we have water from the fresh water holding tank but still no pressure when city water is connected?? Waiting g to hear from PTT
  4. Yes..we checked and rechecked the water supply valves numerous times yesterday. And Yes we have cold water at the shower. Any ideas about what is happening?
  5. Thanks will try to prime pump as you suggested. Not sure that will help the no flow on city water but the pump/fresh water tank needs to work too!
  6. When we have checked the filter ..no debris. Now no water even getting to the filter. Opened a ticket last night and waiting waterlessky to hear from OTT. It's a mystery! Thanks for the advice!
  7. Thanks for running interference on the merge at I 24 and I 69! What are the chances? Two Ollie's are always better than one !
  8. 1 On city water with plenty of pressure at spigot. A trickle of water at faucets and toilet but plenty of water at outside faucet. 2. Fresh water tank 100% . Water pump can't produce any flow at faucets or toilet. Both city water and fresh water tank worked fine yesterday. Any ideas?? Hull 1171 Ellite II
  9. lots already posted in this forum about this topic. try this link. In my case the alarm function had expired after 7 years.  the date of production is on the back. you may need to use your camera to take pic to see these details inside the dinner seating




  10. Our propane alarm is flashing,  syes low battery. But our lithium batteries are fully charged

  11. Thanks for the helpful message. We have been chatting with Jason and Xantrex. We've run alot of test. Sent alot of data to Jason. Where we stand now is Jason has been in touch with Lithionics and the 2 batteries that won't accept a charge or discharge are going back to Lithionics for some magic cure I don't understand. Jason has so patiently worked with us on this. We are now using one battery , shore power or generator until the "sick" batteries return. All's good and will get better AND we're learning SO much. (Jason and Oliver owners are the best!) Melinda
  12. All 3 batteries are ON. Since they are all tied together, I assumed when the fist one got to 100 the next would charge to 100 and then the third. Guess I need to run the first one all the way down to see what happens. It's not a big deal I guess, but we spent a lot of mo ey for this option, seems it should operate pretty simply. Wish someone would come in that has the same.
  13. Our second and third batteries Never change. Can someone give a simple answer as to what I have to do for the second and third batteries to receive charge?
  14. 3 Lithioncs lithium Seems that only one battery gets all the action. We just started watching them on the app. We ran the one down to 21, then went on generator mode, it came back up to 99 but the other two stayed at 79 and 81. Thought they all would recharge.
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