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  1. Update on my batteries, all is good the factory installed heating pad keeps the batteries warm. Been down to -17° and the batteries will stay in the low to mid 40°s . I do monitor them each day on the app. I run the batteries down a couple times a month by unplugging shore power then plug them back in for a recharge. We got our new E2 just in time to winterize, so I wanted to give the system a workout.  Works like a charm so far.

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  2. Answer to my test (I haven't tried running on shore power with the batteries turned off yet that's tomorrow's test) The 12 Volt lights including the external battery heating pad stay on with the batteries turned off when connected to shore power. On another note, I have been struggling with my inverter tripping out and error code message 20. I finally figured out how to turn off the inverter. I wish the manuals  would have stated, to turn off the inverter the on/off button should be out (not pushed in) on both the inverter and remote panels. To turn it back on you only need to push in on one of the panels. Its a bit confusing because when your hooked to shore power the inverter panels are always iluminating and battreies charging. As of now, I'm planning on leaving the batteries onboard and turned on. I will make sure the battery heater is on during freezing temperatures.  


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  3. Thank you! That is correct ThanPro Package with three Lithionics 130Ah G31 batteries. I have shore power so I might leave a space heater inside the E2. I could also put a 120V heat pad in the battery compartment. I was told when I picked up the Oliver that all power including shore power goes through the batteries and inverter. I haven't tried running on shore power with the batteries turned off yet that's tomorrows test

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  4. If the batteries (Lithionics) are turned off during long-term storage can they be left out in the cold (freezing) or should they be kept warm? Obviously the heating pad won’t work with the batteries off. Sounds like they don’t tolerate charging in cold weather. Also what do people do with solar panels? Is it possible to disable/disconnect them? Is that what the Blue Seas switch is for? 

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  5. Oliver did try to set us up with a showing of a unit near us. The owner did not respond. I actuly spotted the E2 in our negborhood but knowing the owner did not want to be part of the program I did not want to pester... Thanks!!! to all of you who have offered to show your Oliver. I think I have watched every video and factory tour avalible online. Heading to Hohenwald in September to pick-up our E2. 

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  6. Lol, 😭 I saw that photo online and used it as an example. I would not want to advertise lithium batteries inside. We are in the queue for a September delivery. To bad about the RV battery code (4 lithium). We are still on the fence about getting lithium batteries.  John, Moscow Idaho.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jstone said:

    Welcome aboard! We tow with a Sequoia, and recently picked up hull 997. We had an Anderson installed during delivery can confirm it will have a 2” ball, really complete kit, which was set up for our Sequoia as we went through the delivery orientation. The 5.7 engine and tow package works great with our Elite II.


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  8. Hello, John here, first time posting. 44 years married to my wife, Betty. Retiring in a couple years. I'm New to forums, new to camping, new to Oliver. Spent about 30 years in Alaska some off grid and now live in Idaho. We have a September delivery for a Legacy Elite II, twin bed. We are quite aways from delivery but still have a few questions. I have a 2017 5.7 Tundra TRD double cab. Do any of you tow with a Tundra? Do you know if the Anderson hitch package comes with the receiver hitch and ball? Thanks! 

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