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  1. I'm in the middle of my conversion. I have removed the Kitchen/Bathroom T and attached the duct to the front of the furnace. I'm going to have a problem putting the T at the bedroom location due to waterlines in the way. (I'll include a photo) I didn't want a plumbing job. thinking of just going to the Kitchen and eliminating the sleeping area. Was your duct restricted like this?



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  2. This is not expert advice so take it for what it's worth, (just what worked for me) I had to remove my GFCI receptacle on the exterior house outlet and replace it with a regular outlet. I used a single 20 amp outlet instead of the 15 amp GFCI duplex breaker. The inverter charger would not work with a GFCI connection. Yes, my breaker in the panel is 20 amp. I use a 25' extension cord, 15 amp rated,  dog boned to the 30 amp cord. I also had to change my Xantrex app "Breaker Rating" setting to 15 amps. I am careful to protect the cords and connections from the elements and when I move my E2 away for the traveling season I put the GFCI back in place for safety. Also noticed I can't use an external surge protector at the power pedestal with the integrated EMS that came with the Oliver. I plan to add a 120V, 30-amp outlet in the coming days to resolve my power issues.

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  3. We stayed in 100°+ temperatures last summer and did fine. We had to travel into the heat for a family memorial service in New Mexico and then to Southern Missouri. It did great in dry and humid conditions. We had to use a generator or be hooked up to shore power. We also learned to set the fan to low speed and let it run. This way only the compressor cycles intermittently which is muted by the constant white noise of the fan. For us, this is way less disruptive for sleeping. 

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  4. I would recommend the Milepost Travel Planner for starters, here is an Amazon link https://a.co/d/0TgInYp The 2023 copy is the 75th-year addition. We may go next year since we are new Oliver owners. We did live in Alaska for 30 years so it would be a trip back home. We will be following your thread. 🙂






  5. Our tank gauge also differs quite a bit depending on the level, which makes sense knowing the shape of the tank - long and flat. It takes forever to drain if not at the right angle. The pump running continuously would be a concern. My understanding about pumps is don't run them dry. This typically destroys the impeller.  Be interesting to hear what you find out.

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  6.  2017 TRD Double Cab, used Sumo Springs, which are easy to install. Loaded everything down and headed off on a 5000-mile trip with the Elite II in tow. Went from North Idaho to Middle Tennessee and back, including side trips. The Tundra did a great job at all posted speeds. I was selective of what I took along and did not officially weigh the rig but I felt I was nearing capacity. Moving forward, I will be looking into an HD pick-up, something like GMC 3500. I would like to take along more things I consider essential for long trips. Would like to add a canopy with a bed slide and not worry about being overloaded. But if I was just going to vacation once or twice a year and do some local camping the Tundra is more than adequate.

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  7. Has anyone repaired a loose flex reading light above the dinette? You cannot access it from above. Looks like the rivets need to be drilled out, the backing nut tightened then riveted back in place. If that’s the case, guess I get to buy a rivet gun 🙂  (see attached video)

  8. Spend the night on site and try out everything. If anything doesn’t look right just let them know and they will take care of you. Are you getting a solar/lithium package? There are a lot of systems to checkout.  We were very happy with Oliver quality and service. Other than that just enjoy your quality purchase, Congratulations!

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  9. Does anyone know the Oliver factory breaker setting Xantrex freedom 3000. I set it to 20 while on a household 20 amp circuit but will be going back to a 30 amp service. Can I leave it on 20 amp? If I remember corectly it was set to 30 amp. But it would trip the inverter off when using a 20 amp houshold service. I see some people online set it to 25 or 28 amp. I did find this topic/thread but it did not answer the Oliver recomended/factory setting 🙂 Thank you!



  10. On 5/28/2023 at 9:27 AM, MAX Burner said:

    Rear Air Bags:


    1. Anyone with experience using rear air bags on their Tundra or other TV - how helpful?  

    2. How would installing air bags affect the ride while towing/not towing?

    3. Any change in cargo capacity after installing bags?

    Inquiring minds are wondering....  


    I went with black Sumo springs. I like them, altho it stiffened my unloaded ride. Inexpensive and easy to install. Stable towing my E2, - 2017 TRD Tundra.

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