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  1. 2017 TRD Double Cab, used Sumo Springs, which are easy to install. Loaded everything down and headed off on a 5000-mile trip with the Elite II in tow. Went from North Idaho to Middle Tennessee and back, including side trips. The Tundra did a great job at all posted speeds. I was selective of what I took along and did not officially weigh the rig but I felt I was nearing capacity. Moving forward, I will be looking into an HD pick-up, something like GMC 3500. I would like to take along more things I consider essential for long trips. Would like to add a canopy with a bed slide and not worry about being overloaded. But if I was just going to vacation once or twice a year and do some local camping the Tundra is more than adequate.
  2. Thank you!!! I'll get right on it 🙂
  3. Has anyone repaired a loose flex reading light above the dinette? You cannot access it from above. Looks like the rivets need to be drilled out, the backing nut tightened then riveted back in place. If that’s the case, guess I get to buy a rivet gun 🙂 (see attached video) Video.mov
  4. Spend the night on site and try out everything. If anything doesn’t look right just let them know and they will take care of you. Are you getting a solar/lithium package? There are a lot of systems to checkout. We were very happy with Oliver quality and service. Other than that just enjoy your quality purchase, Congratulations!
  5. Thanks everyone! just got back from our 1st shake down trip. I was hooked up to a 30 amp pedestal so I tried putting it back to the original setting of 30 amps in the Xantrex app. That tripped the breaker, so I went to 25 amps and everything worked good. Hope this helps someone else someday.
  6. Does anyone know the Oliver factory breaker setting Xantrex freedom 3000. I set it to 20 while on a household 20 amp circuit but will be going back to a 30 amp service. Can I leave it on 20 amp? If I remember corectly it was set to 30 amp. But it would trip the inverter off when using a 20 amp houshold service. I see some people online set it to 25 or 28 amp. I did find this topic/thread but it did not answer the Oliver recomended/factory setting 🙂 Thank you! https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/7081-dometic-ac-plus-xantrex-charger-on-home-20a-circuit/
  7. I went with black Sumo springs. I like them, altho it stiffened my unloaded ride. Inexpensive and easy to install. Stable towing my E2, - 2017 TRD Tundra.
  8. Update on my batteries, all is good the factory installed heating pad keeps the batteries warm. Been down to -17° and the batteries will stay in the low to mid 40°s . I do monitor them each day on the app. I run the batteries down a couple times a month by unplugging shore power then plug them back in for a recharge. We got our new E2 just in time to winterize, so I wanted to give the system a workout. Works like a charm so far.
  9. Yep, the onboard Xantrex inverter/charger keeps charging with the xantrex inverter off. I’m not seeing the need to buy another charger. Am I missing something here?
  10. Thank you! That is correct ThanPro Package with three Lithionics 130Ah G31 batteries. I have shore power so I might leave a space heater inside the E2. I could also put a 120V heat pad in the battery compartment. I was told when I picked up the Oliver that all power including shore power goes through the batteries and inverter. I haven't tried running on shore power with the batteries turned off yet that's tomorrows test
  11. If the batteries (Lithionics) are turned off during long-term storage can they be left out in the cold (freezing) or should they be kept warm? Obviously the heating pad won’t work with the batteries off. Sounds like they don’t tolerate charging in cold weather. Also what do people do with solar panels? Is it possible to disable/disconnect them? Is that what the Blue Seas switch is for?
  12. Just got home with a new E2. I wanted to keep the batteries topped off so I attempted to plug into a 20 amp with a dogbone adapter but it trips the GFCI. Any suggestions? I purchased some parts to set up a 30 amp outlet but in the meantime, I would like to keep the batteries charged.
  13. Good looking rig! Congradulations and safe travels...
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