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  1. Just got home with a new E2. I wanted to keep the batteries topped off so I attempted to plug into a 20 amp with a dogbone adapter but it trips the GFCI. Any suggestions? I purchased some parts to set up a 30 amp outlet but in the meantime, I would like to keep the batteries charged.
  2. Good looking rig! Congradulations and safe travels...
  3. Oliver did try to set us up with a showing of a unit near us. The owner did not respond. I actuly spotted the E2 in our negborhood but knowing the owner did not want to be part of the program I did not want to pester... Thanks!!! to all of you who have offered to show your Oliver. I think I have watched every video and factory tour avalible online. Heading to Hohenwald in September to pick-up our E2.
  4. Lol, 😭 I saw that photo online and used it as an example. I would not want to advertise lithium batteries inside. We are in the queue for a September delivery. To bad about the RV battery code (4 lithium). We are still on the fence about getting lithium batteries. John, Moscow Idaho.
  5. Don’t really want them. Still haven’t seen an Oliver in person. The see an Oliver program didn’t work for us. Guess there aren’t any in our area. “Yet”
  6. On a new E2, If you go lithium do they add air vents in the compartment door?
  7. The Grumman Goose of the RV trailer world. I was almost expecting station codes for all your destinations. Standing by in PUW, waiting for our September delivery date.
  8. Thats cool, we are in Moscow and always stay in TF's when we head south on road trips.
  9. Hello, John here, first time posting. 44 years married to my wife, Betty. Retiring in a couple years. I'm New to forums, new to camping, new to Oliver. Spent about 30 years in Alaska some off grid and now live in Idaho. We have a September delivery for a Legacy Elite II, twin bed. We are quite aways from delivery but still have a few questions. I have a 2017 5.7 Tundra TRD double cab. Do any of you tow with a Tundra? Do you know if the Anderson hitch package comes with the receiver hitch and ball? Thanks!
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