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  1. On my TV I tried about 10 times and then I did a factory reset. It was after doing a few updates. Then it has been fine since.
  2. I wanted a diagram for the Oliver manual using the solid state relay with neg. trigger. Disclaimer: The wire colors in your hull may differ use a DVM to figure it out, Thanks to bhncb for the info, The diagram took longer to make than this mod.
  3. Add me to the list of new Rec-Pro conversions. Yes it is a game changer, Working on heater now, Can you share the model of SSR you used? The ones I am looking are are probably overkill and has heatsinks. The wire coming out of my thermostat are Red, White and greenish probably doesnt matter. Thanks in advance. Shane
  4. I'm with you Albert. I had a Ford 150 on order since November. its still not built or delivered but we all know why. I was very hesitant in the F150 for the reasons you picked out. Choosing between bringing the wife or the dogs with the spare capacity was somewhat laying heavily on my mind. when I told the Admiral that she could go and the extra 6 suitcases that comes with it, she was all in for the the +$25,000 for the F250. So when one came in at the dealership (F250) I got a call from sales rep and i went home with it a day later. She drove from our property in Ft Lauderdale to Punta Gorda like a champ. Looking forward to her dragging the trailer for awhile.
  5. Picking up my trailer in about 5 weeks. I have searched high and low. Would someone please measure the distance from the tip of the Bulldog hitch to the front of the jack on the tongue. I'm thinking of putting a bike rack on my Bulletproof hitch and wanted to know the clearance. Thanks in advance.
  6. I just had my new TV ceramic coated (Star White Ford 250 Tremor 7.3) and the installer made a deal I could not refuse to coat the Oliver. I showed him the OTT website and he was immediately interested. I might get my first Ambassador stipend before I even take delivery of mine! I'll keep everyone posted. From what I have observed this is not something you should buy from Amazon and brush it on in your driveway. My installer has environmental controls like hepa filters, UV light curing and he goes though about 30 microfiber applicators. This is after he strips and de-waxes, clay bar out the impurities and then buff out swirl marks for prep. Around 20 hours of work.
  7. I know ceramic coating works well for boats once the surface is prepped properly. Has anyone added a coating to their Oliver? I'm thinking about this one. http://www.modesta.co/product-bc-04-nano-titanium-glass-coating.html I have done a few cars through my local installer in this product, and he seems to think it will make a huge difference in keeping it look as delivered. I have had it on one of my cars for 3 years and it literally looks brand new, sitting outside all day, all year long, in Florida sun. Its not cheep, about $3000 for the Oliver II. It's not like money is no object but time is.
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