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  1. I don't think it's much larger and we should have adequate clearance from the fan. Of course, the opening is the 14 x 14 RV standard. I know the Air Command did not use an internal drain, but if there is a way to connect it on the Houghton- I certainly will. It's great news that there will be some higher quality, quieter options available. I'm sure Oliver is looking at these, as well - at least I hope they are.
  2. Just ordered the RecPro (Houghton) 13.5k low profile heat pump ductless unit to replace the turbojet engine sounding Dometic Penguin. Unfortunately, the Atwood Air Command units are in very limited supply and most models are ducted. Fortunately, RecPro is now importing U.S. spec (120 volt) Houghton RV air conditioners into the U.S. Houghton is (was) Australian, as was Atwood before being bought by Dometic a few years ago. Specs show 56 dB on high and 47 dB on low. If this pans out, it's a huge improvement over the Dometic. Plus it is a heat pump, so we can avoid using the furnace unde
  3. We have not owned our LEII for very long, but I'll give you a single data point. Hopefully others will weigh in as well. 2011 Tundra Crew Max Platinum with tow package, Andersen WDH, Firestone Ride-Rite airbags. 105,000 miles. We recently set out on our first "long" trip - drove about 4500 miles over two weeks. Atlanta to Memphis, then Hot Springs, AR, Dallas and on out to White Sands, NM. Guadalupe Mountains and then on to Big Bend NP. Highest elevation seen was about 7000', steepest grade was up to Guadalupe Mountains. Worst mileage was 8.5 mpg, best 11.5 mpg. I drove as fast as 75 M
  4. And just like Tex's barrel roll, it's a positive 1G maneuver and you didn't spill your drinks. Cool coffee mug.
  5. Our 2020 LEII has the factory installed rear camera option. Yes, there is a switch on the main panel inside the entry door that turns on the power to the camera mounted on the rear of the trailer. Once it's powered and paired to the receiver/monitor in your tow vehicle, the video provided by the camera remains on at all times. There are no connections to the tow vehicle (like a reverse switch), other than the 12 volt power needed by the monitor.
  6. There is nothing quiet about the 11K BTU Dometic a/c. I did sound level comparisons with John Davies who was fortunate enough to have Oliver install a 13.5K BTU Atwood Air Command unit in his Oliver. The Atwood was half as noisy as the Dometic. I’m ordering an Atwood for retrofit as soon possible. The Dometic is horribly noisy. I did the same retrofit in our previous motor home.
  7. I recently bought a similar model, but it uses dies. I was planning to use it to redo the battery cables on our Forest River motorhome that were poorly made (FR used a hammer style crimper) - but we sold the FR and bought the Ollie. We are now using it for the high current cables on the new airplane we are building. It does a really nice job crimping the large terminals. I did ask to see how Oliver made battery cables when we toured the plant. I was happy to see they use a proper crimper.
  8. We just spent our first two nights in the Oliver. The a/c noise is awful. The Atwood installation is now top of my modification list.
  9. Not sure how the switch from U.S. made Trojan batteries to the basically no-name Chinese produced batteries jive with your statement. I agree that some of the changes have been positive, but this is one that (in my view) is not.
  10. Like Susan, we had a MB Sprinter based RV. Never had any issues with it, but the wheel sensor issue was quite well known and carrying a spare set of rear sensors was good insurance. They aren't hard to change on the side of the road if needed. I don't think having an RV coach on the chassis had any bearing on wheel sensor longevity - it's just a weak spot in the design. But so is the emissions system on the 3.0 diesel - many of which have now been recalled due to some "cheating" by Bosch and the various German chassis manufacturers. Also like Susan, we sold our MBS RV recently when we
  11. The Dometic installed in my Oliver is an 11K BTU Dometic Penguin, so smaller capacity and twice as loud as John's Air Command. If someone has an earlier model that was built with the 13.5K units, I would be interested to see the sound measurements.
  12. Great information John. Assuming our phones are reasonably close in measurements (and the baseline numbers would confirm that they are) - the Atwood is approximately half as loud as the Dometic. This corresponds very nicely to our experience in our MBS motorhome where we replaced a Dometic with an Atwood. In that case, it was a ducted system and the unit sat directly over the dinette area. We had to turn the fan off when we ate because the sound level was so high. The Atwood cured that and we could easily converse over meals with the system even on high. However, the ducted system did
  13. Thanks for the information and video. The other systems show some promise. I’m really hoping that John provides sound level data that supports my desire to install the Air Command heat pump. Better cooling, quieter, lower amp draw plus it’s a heat pump as well.
  14. Turns out the failure was due to the lack of a $0.05 screw that was never installed by Dometic. I found that it was missing today when I removed the flush ball valve. Fortunately, Cindy at Oliver service was able to source the screw and is sending it to me. Domestic doesn’t provide any parts breakdown or replacement parts except for the ball valve seal and the water valve.
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