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  1. We have had a TST 507 system for 5 years for our motorhome and Toad (Honda Fit). We will use it for the Oliver as well. Oliver doesn't use the "china bombs" that many trailer manufacturers use, but I still think it's a great investment. TPMS wasn't required either on cars or trucks for many years, but it is a safety feature that has probably saved a few lives. I've had both the older B&W monitor, but upgraded to the newer color screen. Both work well.
  2. I love the LTV. Wish we had known about them before we bought our Forest River MBS motorhome. If we had, we probably would not have decided get rid of our FR MH and buy an Oliver (not yet delivered). The FR quality control was poor to non-existent, warranty service a cruel joke and build quality was poor - although probably average for mass produced RV's. Hope the Oliver turns out to be a better choice for us. I do trust my Toyota tow vehicle a lot more than either the FR or MBS chassis. As to the spare tire on the LTV, I thought there was a rack under the Sprinter chassis that will hold a spare? It's not easy to access at least on our 2015 model. I know FR has removed the spare tire/wheel on the newer chassis - primarily to save weight since they are building MH's that only have a few hundred pounds of cargo carrying capacity. We tow a Honda Fit behind our MH and the MBS chassis handles it fine. I do all maintenance myself, although admittedly the complex and very expensive emissions system has given some folks fits. Rear wheel sensors, too.
  3. That is great to hear. We also have a Tundra and will pick up our E2 some time in June. I'm buying an Anderson from another Oliver owner who no longer needs it and will probably convert it to the larger ball. As to a new Tundra, I'm waiting to see what late 2021 brings with the next generation. Twin turbo V6 I hear, although I really like the Lexus designed 5.7 V8 we have now.
  4. RV owners need more folks to take the manufacturers/dealers to task as this one Illinois couple did. https://cookcountyrecord.com/stories/514144420-il-supreme-court-buyers-of-defective-rv-not-required-to-allow-dealer-to-fix-it-before-demanding-refund
  5. So John, how did you get an Atwood Air Command (quiet) a/c installed in your Oliver?
  6. With a few suspension updates, you can have that today. A little pricey, though. https://dieseltoys.com/tundra-diesel I have wanted a later model Land Cruiser 6 speed manual diesel for years.
  7. If you want something a little less harsh on the nose than Goof Off, try WD-40. It's a good adhesive remover and then can easily be cleaned up with denatured alcohol or even Simple Green.
  8. Hope this is not a sign of things to come. We are supposed to take delivery on May 5. We are spending as much on our Oliver trailer as we did on our Mercedes chassis motorhome. If quality control is slipping on the line due to COVID-19, then Oliver needs to shut down until this is under control. I will not be at all tolerant of shoddy QC given our previous experience with our motorhome.
  9. The Atwood Air Command a/c is much quieter. We replaced the Dometic (not a Penguin) on our MBS motorhone a few years ago. It is taller than the Penguin by several inches. It cools (and heats) well and has a lower current draw. if the Penguin is too noisy, I’ll install a 13.5K btu (cool only) Atwood on our Oliver when we get it. It is about $700-800 to purchase. Was the unit that John Davies has installed at the factory?
  10. Newer Honda models have a three position shutoff switch that allow you to shutoff the fuel and not the ignition. Probably not a popular opinion, but I’m going on a no China campaign (like the Champion Honda knockoffs). Not achievable in the short term, but what has been unleashed on the world economy by the Chinese is unconscionable. I work for the airlines and we are being very quickly decimated. If you think we brought this on ourselves I will respectfully disagree.
  11. John, did you replace your original a/c with the Atwood or did it come standard from the factory? We replaced our Dometic on our motorhome with the Atwood and I've considered doing it on the Oliver. In our case, the Dometic was so noisy, we couldn't eat at the dinette directly under the unit with it running. The Atwood was much quieter, cooled better, had lower amp draw and the fan speeds were noticeably different (low, med, high) - unlike the Dometic. The only thing I was slightly concerned about was the additional height of the Atwood versus the now standard low profile unit.
  12. We don’t get our Oliver until early May. Are you guys saying the Dexter axles are equipped with Chinese bearings? Have any of you installed bearing buddies or equivalent devices on your trailers? And I agree with John - it’s unlikely a $5 bearing is a genuine made in USA Timken. I would be fine with most of the Japanese bearings too.
  13. Great picture! No, I'm a little too risk averse for that. I have a neighbor that flies the smaller ones (single seat). He does that for fun and is a doctor the rest of the time. As mentioned, my hobby is building airplanes like this one - Sorry for the thread drift...
  14. John, I can only assume you are an engineer or an A&P (or maybe both). Please take this as a compliment. I'm an engineer by degree, airline pilot by trade, airplane builder as a hobby and future A&P when I retire in a couple years. Your attention to detail is impressive. If you haven't built a plane, you should. Krea Ellis
  15. Nope, have one and it's on the way outta here when the Oliver arrives. Spending almost as much on the Oliver trailer as we did on the Mercedes chassis Forest River motorhome. Not happy with the quality at all on the FR. Frankly, not thrilled that some of the same components are being used on the Oliver, but at least it sounds like Oliver will provide real warranty service. FR "warranty service" is a cruel joke.
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