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  1. Another data point for TST. Had it on our SOB motorhome as well. No complaints other than the batteries and orings are hard to change. I think you can send them back to TST for battery swap, but then you are without the system. I also use it when I tow the utility trailer (18' Horton Hauler). The signal booster/repeater is a worthwhile add IMO.
  2. Oliver are you listening? No (good) reason OTT isn’t installing the Houghton units in new trailers. The Dometic Penguin is a poor choice given the noise level and the availability of something dramatically better. To potential customers reading this - insist that OTT gets with the program and installs these much quieter, better built and more energy efficient units in their 2022 trailers.
  3. Thanks John. Pulled the pan and replaced the filter/strainer a couple of weeks ago. Also did a full Amsoil ATF fluid replacement. I had previously done a fluid swap at 50K. Almost nothing other than a little sludge on the pan magnets. Had a full compliment of pan bolts here just in case, but I used PB Blaster ahead of time and all the bolts came out easy peasy. Not much salt used on the roads here in Georgia, thankfully. Yes, remap of the ECU and higher flow injectors. Mine is Flex Fuel so it already has the high flow fuel pump to deal with E85. No longer flex fuel after the swap.
  4. According to Magnuson, 550 hp and 550 ft-lbs of torque. I assume that’s estimated based on a dyno test at the rear wheels. I’m not trying to win a drag race, just improve the towing performance for our trips through the mountains. Downside is premium fuel required and of course, lower than the already poor fuel mileage. To me though, it’s cheaper than a new Tundra and I know my truck’s history. I’ll provide a report after the install and after towing the Ollie a bit.
  5. I hope it’s not too nice 😗 I’m installing a Magnuson supercharger in my 2011 Tundra with 106k miles this week.
  6. And yet the “poorly” rated Tacoma outsold both the higher rated Ranger and Colorado by over two to one in 2020. Personally, reliability carries more “weight” than payload or towing capability. It’s why I drive a Tundrasaurus over a much more feature laden and modern Ford, Ram or GM truck. Sorry for the thread drift.
  7. Why would you replace the Trojan batteries with Bright Way? The Trojans are US made, still available and by all accounts - better batteries. I was disappointed when Oliver switched battery suppliers. Yes, I know the Bright Way batteries are cheaper.
  8. It’s my dream vehicle. When Toyota announced the cancellation of the LC200, prices here went through the roof on new and certified used LC’s. Just can’t justify $80-90k when the Lexus LX is about the same price right now.
  9. And then there is this - https://www.jdpower.com/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/image/2021-02/2021010a.JPG?itok=qZ8I0qRw Compare the Top Gear episodes where they tried to kill a Toyota Hilux versus the Fast Lane having the first two Defenders going back as lemons.
  10. You mean the Land Rover isn’t as reliable as your Land Cruiser? 😉
  11. Do you have a source for this information? My understanding is that they are made in either China, Thailand or Malaysia and Brightway has no relation to Trojan.
  12. Is propane tank theft really an issue at campgrounds? We seem to spend a lot of time worrying about trailer theft, etc. I haven't camped as much as most of you, so maybe I'm just naive or ignorant.
  13. Russian/Ukrainian Chicago cover band. Saw them in concert pre-COVID. https://youtu.be/xwYV4H9rU6o
  14. I'll offer my two cents as to how I modified the relay board and box. I removed the AC power lines from the box and reused the quick connect wire connectors from the Ollie's romex wire to the new Houghton AC lines. I would normally use wire nuts or similar, but I assume OTT has had good results with the quick connectors and if they become problematic - they are easy to change. I opened up the Dometic relay box and removed the board from the box. I removed the large AC relay (that controlled the compressor on the Dometic A/C) as described in a earlier post. I trimmed a couple of corners on t
  15. Sorry about my lack of clarity. Since the freeze sensor is of no use to me now (other than to make the relay box happy that one is connected) - I left it in the old Dometic a/c. Might be more useful to someone who buys the unit. My CT thermostat isn't Bluetooth either, but I understand (maybe incorrectly) that some of the newer Ollies do have the BT version. As to the large relay - I took a pencil grinder (Dremel like tool) and carefully ground off the potting and most of the solder where the relay pins penetrate the board (this is on the back side of the board opposite the rel
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