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  1. I know most Olivers sold must be the Legacy II 23.5 feet model, but i personally love the smaller footprint of the 18.5 feet Oliver, making it more maneuverable and towable by a smaller vehicle. Two questions: 1) I would be interested to know what vehicle you use to tow your Oliver 18.5 feet? 2) Is there a place on this forum dedicated only to the 18,5 feet model? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if Oliver travel trailers are available in Canada ? And if so, what are the starting prices in canadian dollars? Thanks!
  3. These pictures come from Oliver's website. It is strange to me that they choosed to hook up a Legacy Elite II on a Nissan Pathfinder, wich it an unappropriate vehicule to tow this... Whatever...
  4. Thank you all for your answers and comments. I guess that, like SeaDawg said, the Pathfinder on the brochure's picture was just "simply an artistic license from the photographer's part"... Manny
  5. I was very surprised to see a picture of a Nissan Pathfinder towing (or just posing in front of...) a Legacy Elite II 23' on page 22 (Warranty page) of the 2016 Legacy Elite II PDF Catalog ! Pathfinder towing capacity is listed at 5000 lbs and tongue weight at 500 lbs. That seems a little too tight in my mind for towing the 4600 lbs dry weight Elite II. I would surely prefer towing with a midsize SUV like a Toyota Highlander or a Pathfinder, for exemple, than a full size truck, but i guess it is just not possible. Too close to the limit, it would be unsafe. What do you think ? Thank you
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