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  1. I have never wished I had the larger LEII. The smaller LE is slightly more expensive (2709 per foot vs. 2446/ft), but full timing would justify the extra space and weight. The smaller trailer is very maneuverable and fits into smaller spaces. It also depends on how much stuff you want to carry. I tow with a medium sized Toyota Tacoma with comfort, so the TV options are many.
  2. I have been towing my Elite 1 since 2017 with my Tacoma (2017 TRD Off road w/ 6 speed manual) and can say it has done a great job thru all conditions. Hauls enough stuff for 2 and a dog including 2 kayaks and supplies for weeks out. It is very well matched in both torque and braking (P3 brake control installs like it belongs). One major advantage is it's maneuverability in and out of tight places. The only weakness I have experienced is that the fuel consumption drops to 15 mpg whilst towing and only gives me 300 miles between fuel stops (but this is quality time anyways and a break is wanted
  3. I use a "Die Bar" that I keep in my tow vehicle to align the pin holes. A 3/8th in. rod (20-24 inches long) would likely work and make sure you take some of the load off of the ball so the cone clutch slips. This will work from any angle the TV has to the Trailer's hitch.
  4. I actually just simply traced the radii with a Sharpie and one of the existing cushions that was radiused. Then cut the mattress topper foam with a sharp pair of scissors. It worked like a charm and the topper cover slipped over the 3 in.foam and assumed the shape.
  5. Overland, very nice pics of a well organized trailer. I did notice that your head "bumper" is missing over the entrance where you have installed a net. I hate to say it but, I make good use of the bumper in ours regularly. Do the contents of the net make up for this? Cheers
  6. We have been using stainless steel drain screens in our sinks from day 1. It has prevented various detritus from entering the grey tank system and have never had a clog. Available everywhere. Glad you fixed it. Cheers.
  7. Speaking of BEST practices, we make it a routine task to shut off the water valve at the source every time we leave the Ollie for a hike or whatever just to be safe. Also, I have used an inline filter (at the source valve) every time I connect to the Oliver water system to prevent rust/crap from getting into our lines. So far - so good. Good topic, Cheers
  8. SeaDawg, I have been towing our LE1 using an Anderson hitch from the factory. My Tacoma tow package requires it. To be honest though, I am not sure it is needed since the Elite follows along so effortlessly. I did re-install it with the correct fasteners and torqued them accordingly. We have 15K + miles and all is well. Cheers
  9. This may be important: "February 12, 2019EB2200i • EU2200i PORTABLE GENERATORSSAFETY AND EMISSION RECALL — STOP SALE/RENTAL NOTICEDear Honda Power Equipment Dealer,American Honda is issuing a Stop Sale Notice for certain EB2200i and EU2200i generators.In some units, the screws used to assemble the fuel valve may loosen during use and can leak fuel. If gasoline or gasoline vapors leak, a fire or explosion could occur.A fuel leak caused by this issue typically is identified as a result of smelling a strong fuel odor before, during, or after operation, or seeing fuel underneath the generator
  10. Hobo, I have mine parked on a concrete surface as well. I extend the trailers jacks (one at a time) to allow me to rotate each wheel 180 degrees. I do this about every 30 days to prevent flat spotting. Seems to work well. Those tires are crucial and I want to baby them. Good topic.
  11. Yes, We had this experience as well. Used a safe household ladder with an old bath rug and removed the nest and debris. All I can add is that it was a Wren. Be safe up there.
  12. francesm, Some very good advice here. One thing I can add is to be very vigilant for "Flood Cars". They are abundant. Have a trusted mechanic physically check as it may not show up in a CF report. Cheers from Nashville,
  13. "I don’t know why they put the board there. Right next to a water system component that needs regular servicing (filter cleaning) is NOT a good location. I would have selected a much drier spot in the aft compartment. There is no reason for it to be in a quick access compartment…" FOUND it - I was able to remove the bad board with out removing the screws (which are unseeable) and have it in my hand. Looks exactly like John's burnt marks and all. Now to replace
  14. John, Our Suburban igniter quit working recently. The electric side works, but obviously while only on city power. I have submitted a service ticket to Jason, but wonder if you were reimbursed for your trouble. Regardless, I will have to repair this one in a similar way. I wish to thank you for your sharing the replacement info - I know exactly were to look. I have thoughts about contacting the Suburban company near Chattanooga to see if they have any suggestions or replacements for a swap. Cheers,
  15. We were there last week on our way from Addison. Made an obligatory stop at the LL Bean outlet. We loved the weather which was 40 degrees in the morning. Used the furnace whilst camping, but back at home it is in the 90's. Cheers,
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