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  1. Would hauling it on the back bumper reduce tailgating? Honestly, We have never needed one either.
  2. We really enjoyed the rail trip across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver via VIA and the Rocky Mountaineer. The food and camaraderie were wonderful not to mention the scenery. Saskatchewan was immense and like another planet . I want to go back with the Oliver. Cheers
  3. On a cost per foot basis, it is the more expensive of the 2 trailers. I do wonder what changes they are contemplating. As Seadawg stated, we love our LE1 just the way it is.
  4. I had to replace the wiring harness on my (no longer owned) 2002 Tacoma due to rodent damage. My comprehensive insurance covered it. I then had to replace the fuel lines on my wife's Corolla also due to rodent damage. I now enlist traps and plastic snakes and it seems to be effective. I have fire extinguishers everywhere. Glad to hear OP was on his toes during that event.
  5. thirddoor, It is indeed suprising! After 4 years, I recently found rain water inside puddled at the rear curbside area. I checked the caulking around the rear emergency window and it seemed to be intact, but I over-coated it with a handy white caulk to see if it had any effect. My question is what the recommended caulk is for this and the overhead "OLIVER" sign area? BTW, I did just order 2 10' rolls of EZE RV gutter that I will apply next summer when it is warm.
  6. Carl, We installed a 3 inch memory foam topper in our LE1 and love it. I remember buying a rectangular shape that provided the width and length, and then just unzipped the cover to trim the foam using the outside cushions to trace the radii on the 2 aft ends. Then we re-zipped it and it fits snug. I can not remember where we purchased it, but it came compressed in a small package and required some time to expand. We leave our bed made and have seldom converted back to the dinning table. Cheers,
  7. Mike, We have a 2017 LE1 and I have been running the OEM Michelins at 60 psig with TPMS temp readings that are very acceptable. The trailer handles very well and evidently smoothly enough where there is no mess inside to greet us when we enter after a long drive. Also, I did install the Dexter shackle kit which is a major improvement and now STD equipment I believe.. John is correct about the TPMS being a critical safety device and I second his recommendation. Terry
  8. That is an interesting rotating, vibrating, fatigue machine for sure. In order to fly, it has to beat the air into submission. Popular Mechanics was standard reading at my local barber shop as a kid. Fun stuff. Thanks John.
  9. I just finished replacing those (2) high pressure hoses using those recommended by etrailer per my previous post. They seem to be much more robust and hopefully more immune to the elements. The OEM hoses were severely cracked as seen in the rather poor photo below. The next photo shows the replacement hoses. One tip should you need to replace these is to use PTFE type thread sealer (like OATEY'S) on the pipe threads.
  10. This should be a close enough topic: Has any Oliver owner had to replace the (2) high pressure propane hoses yet? Whilst camping this week, I opened the propane tank valve and heard a hiss coming out of the 4 year old hose on the primary side (right tank). I promptly closed it and proceeded to shift over to the left tank and did not hear anything and got the green indicator for a full tank. It Seemed OK and went on a recovered the tanks with the fiberglass lid. Later, My wife, who has an acute sense of smell, caught the non mistakable odor of propane. Immediately closed the left tank and examined both hoses and they were severely cracked and obviously leaking. We did then enjoy camping sans propane via campfire. Now I am looking at the etrailer website for appropriate hoses and wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is there a better replacement?
  11. John, I appreciate your concern, but I can assure you that the bungee that I am using is almost slack. We only use it during storage periods when it is unoccupied. Otherwise, we leave the door closed and latched in place.
  12. I am still using a bungee cord from the towel hook to the open doors edge. Works like a charm.
  13. I just noticed this this morning: Canadian Border closure just been extended until June 21st. I do not know how this affects travel to and from Alaska. I will stay tuned.
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