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  1. see Updates below Update: some have reported back that the holder now shipping doesn’t fit the new 7pin plugs Oliver now uses. The plugs a MM bigger than the holder. An alternative is to tuck your 7 pin up under the fiberglass cowling on the tongue. The 7 pin fits snugly there out of the rain for storage. This afternoon my wife said.... "I noticed the tail lights of the trailer on this morning. It's not hooked to the truck. Are they supposed to be on?" When I went out to look and sure enough the rear tail lights were on. I went immediately to look first at the "emergency brake" switch and then at the front 7 pin connector...which has a "rubber cover" on it to keep water out. We had 2" of rain in the past day and that rubber 7pin cover did a much better job of keeping the water in. I drained the connector, blew it out and dried it with air. Then cleaned it and lubricated it with electrical silicone grease. The lights are no longer on. I'm assuming this was a draw from the house batteries through that connector. Passing along if of any use to folks in the future. If there's a similar post somewhere I didn't find it in a quick search. Craig Short
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