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Noodling Video


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:D I never had fried catfish but Geri forced some on me.....MMMMMGOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Now the noodling is for the avid catfisherperson ( being ex Californian must be politically correct and Butcherknife still worries me a bit... :? ) I think I'll stay with the ole rod n reel method or maybe the jug method if quantity becomes important. FYI, as a teenager on Long Island Sound, I used to supplement my clamming income by 'sharking' with 40-55 gallon oil drums vs plastic jugs and rancid bacon. Ifn I'da only known how good shark was then... :o

Chuck 8-)

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Hey, Chuck,

Loved the video.... just cannot handle the thought of sticking my arm up a submerged tree stump... nor the mouth of an unseen catfish..... Owww.... These guys are obviously braver than I....


See you next week in Dade City.... I, too, think I'll stay with the hook & line kind of fishing :)



2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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