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While I know the rest of you folks are doing just the opposite and bringing your Oliver out of hibernation, here in Montana I need to do just the opposite at least for awhile longer. We are still having temps down into the 20's and occasionally it could get worse. So with that in mind I took the afternoon to go through the process. I think it all went well enough but on a few things I am not totally certain and would like to pick the brains of you folks who have gone through this.


First, I could only get my fresh water tank emptied to 13% no matter what I did. The trailer is perfectly level, all necessary valves were opened etc etc. Surely this can't be normal. Black and gray tanks are at 0%, no problem there.


The city inlet and fresh water tank inlet is where I am not really sure about however. Manual says to use "the pump" to get the anti freeze into these inlets. Since I didn't have a pump handy I chose the gravity method and was able to get some pink juice flowing through the outside shower as described by the manual. But somehow I am not 100% comfortable with this method.


Advice appreciated.





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