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2022 LEII 390AH Lithium Pro Package

My Lithionics App is only showing one battery out of the three. Wasn’t there some discussion on this somewhere? Nothing in the manual about troubleshooting the app. I’ve uninstalled the app 3 times with the same results. Not wanting to reboot batteries, everything works but the app. I’ve found nothing on the forum.



2021 Ford F350 6.7 Diesel, SRW, 4WD.  2022 Oliver LEII, Hull #1014.


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3 hours ago, Kraig said:

Answering my own question. Found this on the www. 

Lithionics-Bluetooth-App-FAQ-RevA.pdf 438.89 kB · 3 downloads

I had a similar issue with 1 of 3 lithionics batteries on my 2021 LE2.

I went through the checklist...installing new app, etc...nothing worked until I simply turned off the battery (all three actually), waited a few minutes and turned them back on.....issue immediately solved with no reoccurrence.


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Thank you SteveCr. Your solution wound up working for me! I just went the long way about it only because I hadn't been on line since. Everything was working except the app so I started attempting to solve the issue using emails. 

First, I followed the Lithionics instructions, Nothing. Then I submitted a ticket to Oliver. Oliver Service had nothing to add other than contact Lithionics. I contacted them first by emails using the emails in our service manuals. After not receiving a reply, I called them. They said they had never received my emails but were happy to help. The Lithionics man had never heard of the BLE Scanner they have listed in their troubleshooting guide. His solution was to turn off the batteries that were not working, so I did. Then push and hold the on button for 30 seconds which I did. The app immediately found the batteries and all is good!

Thank you for your help!




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2021 Ford F350 6.7 Diesel, SRW, 4WD.  2022 Oliver LEII, Hull #1014.


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