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  1. Hull 806.....from near Winston Salem! We camped in Wyoming with lows around 15 degrees for a week, not winterized, with no problem. Altitude was about 7,000 feet. I have three SensorPush HT1 Wireless Thermometers to monitor the temps. Sensor # 1 was located in the cabin attached to the rear most driver side reading light. Sensor # 2 was located between hulls under the passenger side bed near the tail lights & water lines. Sensor # 3 was located between hulls under the driver side bed next to the shower outlet. On the outside of Ollie I removed the shower head and pulled the water line inside the hull. I set the furnace to mid/upper 50's and monitored all three temps....adjusting as desired. The driver side had the largest variance to the cabin temperature.....about 15 degrees. I have two 30 lb propane tanks. We were boondocking. After 5 or 6 days with ice/snow cloud cover....the batteries got down to about 50% SOC. At that point, I used the generator to recharge....not risking the furnace fan operation. We consumed one tank of propane and promptly got it refilled. (This was a portion of a five week western trip..we had been running the refrig on propane so we did not consume the whole tank in this one week). I also carried anti-freeze and pump ..... just in case. We operated the water system/hot water heater as normal. (((BTW...I have move one of the sensors to inside of the refrigerator. We adjust the temp setting according to the readings. Early on in our experience we were having veggies and eggs freeze because we did not monitor and adjust....now, not an issue.))) Steve
  2. Recent LE2 .....Yes...and a cover panel on the wall. Fuses under the dinette. Are you trying to run it on DC or AC? Verify your mode setting, battery SOC etc
  3. Hull 806....our Norcold recently worked fine on LP at ~ 7,000 feet.
  4. Hello Brian, My antenna is on the front. We sometimes use the antenna to get local over the air channels...it works fine. However, an alternative we use more frequently is a Roku stick...using an I-phone as a hotspot. My phone service is through Visible so there is no data limit ($35/m)...works good when there is a connection. Of course, with Roku or other similar devices you can pull in whatever services you subscribe to and all the free streaming channels. The variety is much better than the over the air stations. (For example...YoutubeTV has ESPN and other sports channels). There may have been locations where I could not get cell service but could get over the air channels but i can't recall. Traveling through remote areas in New England, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, etc....there were plenty of places where neither were available....but not a big deal. If I had to do it over again I would delete the antenna and probably also the cell phone booster. The cell phone booster is mounted over the dinette and can boost a very very weak signal up to a very weak signal 🙄 ...... if you mount/hold the phone within a foot or so. A more portable booster would make more sense. Steve Hull 806
  5. Hello Hull 812, I have Hull 806 and had the same issue with the tv antenna pulling in zero channels. I found a work around until I took 806 back to Oliver for annual maintenance. Oliver confirmed what I found....the cables behind the switch in the "attic" were reversed. They corrected the connections on the back of that switch and I now am able to pull in over the air channels with no issues. (the work around I used before Oliver corrected it was to run a coax from the front of the"attic" switch to the back of the tv....you just have to experiment with the push button switch to determine which coax position to use) Let me know if you want more info.
  6. 2021 LE2....I've had some difficulty removing hose caps left on at some dump stations.....painful thumb joints contribute ! I bought a set of spanner type wrenches and have successfully used them on one or two occasions when needing to break an overly tight connection. They work fine.
  7. 2021 LE2 , Hull 806 On mine, the top of the ground stud is also covered with the black soft sealant. I take this to indicate to not add any other grounds to this primary ground point. None of the other ground points have it.
  8. 2021 LE2 Solar, 3 Lithonics, front and rear AC input plug ins I had an issue with the Xantrex settings. The "Low Battery Cut Off" setting was too high and would not allow my Lithonics to discharge below 75% SOC. So the 12 volt system was erratic. I lowered this setting (probably too low....12.5 or so) and the issue was gone at a snap of the finger. The attached file has all my Xantrex settings. This display is from the xantrex app for iphones. Below is the inverter settings (also contained in the file). You can compare all your settings and also observe the xantrex actuals when under load. 1025833337_InverterSettings.pdf
  9. 2021 LE2....My tv would never find any over the air channels. I had Oliver look at this during my annual maintenance appointment. They found that the factory wiring behind the input selector outlet was reversed. They corrected it and it works as expected now. (We also have a Roku that we stream youtubetv and other stuff through a Visible hotspot on an Iphone....no data limit.)
  10. Annual Maintenance Cost: Below is the quote I received last December.... 2021 LE2. The maintenance was scheduled and completed in April. I provided them with Timken bearings instead of re-greasing the China bearings. They also completed a number of minor repairs under warranty. You should discuss any work additional to the maintenance package ahead of time so they allocate their schedule accurately. They will not let extra undiscussed work impact another owners schedule. It was a two day appointment. We camped at Oliver the first night and stayed at a local hotel the second night. This was the beginning of a 6 week trip out west. My out the door cost was $1,244.24 No problems were detected that needed extra work/cost. YMMV
  11. 2021 LE 2 ....tried using one of my 6.5" high Harbor Freight ramps. It will indeed lift either tire off the ground. Similar to using a leveler...it's as easy as it looks.
  12. Great western Bison ranch....sometimes referred to as Yellowstone. Guess they wanted a close up look at the Ollie! May 2022.
  13. We just completed a five week trip from NC to Grand Canyon, Grand Teton and Yellowstone....mostly boondocking. Running the fan or furnace at night we would use about 10% SOC which would easily recharge with clear weather. When we got to Yellowstone, I had to use the generator on the forth or fifth day because it was overcast & snowing every day (lost a little SOC every day until SOC got to 50%...and with 19 degree temps we did not want to chance the furnace fan operation). Another setting to consider is the inverter battery low voltage cut off. From the factory, mine would not let me deplete batteries below 70%....then I learned how to change that setting. You can use the battery app and inverter app to help gain an understanding of amps used by each appliance. We try not to use more than one "amp hungry" electric appliance at a time (Kerig, fry pan, microwave, hair dryer...etc). And I monitor where we're at on our daily "amp budget" and make consumption decisions accordingly. It gets easier with experience and practice.
  14. Open the Lithionics App....here is the initial screen showing three batteries in my case. If you don't have all batteries showing....make sure they are on and then tap the discover button shown below. Tap on each battery to see the specifics as you show in your attachment. By the way your screen shot is showing 95 amp load....which seems alot if you have more that one battery. Boondocking....my AC will pull 28 amps each battery.
  15. Hull 806....My batteries have wires coming off both the front and back battery negative terminals. Check that back negative terminal shown below. I have not traced that wire to see where it goes but you may be getting return current through it. On the other hand...try using the on/off buttons. Someone posted the Lithionics storage procedure above.
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