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  1. In the old days of tailgate chains we sometimes used bicycle inner tubes to quieten rattle and prevent paint damage. I'm unsure if one or two short layers of tubing would fit this without a detrimental effect....or if it would eliminate the noise in this situation.
  2. You might try this Honda dealer....a bit pricey but will ship to a home. Cycle Country Honda 4764 Portland Rd NE Salem, OR 97305-1760 https://cyclecountryhonda.powerdealer.honda.com
  3. Here is the winterization link....water heater bypass valve at about 1:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyVUNInNtUA&feature=emb_title
  4. https://norcold.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/norcold-n1350-owners-manual.pdf N3000 owner manual link above....Code 10 indicates AC is not available....try DC/Propane or auto.
  5. https://norcold.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/626800B_SM_N41N500N51.pdf Here is a link to the Norcold N41x service manual...if that is your model. I did not see a "10" error code...unless it is flashing a temp.
  6. It you attempt this, insure you touch the soldering iron to the component lead to allow the heat to transfer through the lead to melt the solder. This will result in a good bond. If you just touch the solder and not the lead you'll recreate a cold solder joint. There should be some good youtube soldering videos for reference.
  7. If you still have your old PCB you can reflow the solder joints to determine if the problem is a cracked or cold solder joint. I have repaired a number of boards over the years doing this. Poor quality cold solder joints eventually crack resulting in intermittent or no continuity. Use a solder iron (with magnification if necessary) to touch each joint. You'll see the solder melt and flow. Don't dwell but a second or two...just enough for the solder to reflow. It's worth a try on hard to get or expensive boards.
  8. For grins and giggles here is a Ford dealers explanation of their different trailer tow packages. The regular tow package is what I have and is "ok" for the LEII. Post sale, I installed the max pkg FORD OEM trailer brake controller myself....an easy mod....just had learn how to mod the software. I do not have and I think I will miss having the larger gas capacity. *********************************************************************************************** What is the Ford Max Tow Package? June 12th, 2020 by Evan Riley Many of our customers at Kings Ford
  9. Google the 2018 Ford RV & Trailer Tow Guide. The tow capacity varies with each truck's spec detail. For my truck's specs.... 5.0 V8....3.31 rear axle ratio...4x4...145 WB... = 9,000 lbs loaded trailer.
  10. I'll take delivery of LEII in Sep 2021. My TV is a 2018 F150 XL STX, SCREW SB, 4x4, 5.0 V8,10 spd auto, tow pkg ...1959 payload on the door sticker. So, it's not "loaded" but it has good payload for F150.
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