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Atmos 4.4 - Quieter 15k Btu Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. Installation PDF

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For anyone interested in the Atmos 4.4. This is a installation PDF with nice pics of first installation at SDG factory. 


Dreiha Atmos 4-4 AC Installation.pdf

$1350 shipped, good support through SDG

$1150 local pickup


Another label, same unit as far as I can tell. 



15% off coupon: SMERMM15

$1,212.74 shipped, unsure about support


Not sure if the units use same APP for WIFI but is available for both. 

From what I understand, you will need to wire a thermostat where the old Dometic thermostat is for furnace control. @jd1923 got a quote for this through SDG for about $50. T-stat for controlling furnace. 

Still waiting to hear about compatibility or need for Micro-Air Easy Touch wifi thermostat (what I am currently using and love). But if the App works great, who cares. 

If you do use the WIFI thermostat that SDG/Atmos offers it is IR connected and needs direct line of site to unit for it to work. 


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