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  1. @HDRider coolers are very heavy when full, a tank tote is light when stored empty. Pull your 1 1/4" hitch bar off completely, buy some 2x2" Aluminum stock and build something like what @rich.dev showed above (an excellent example). You really need the two receivers, so it doesn't wobble up-n-down and left-to-right. The beauty is OTT already installed two perfect receivers for any kind of well-supported shelf or basket. They say 150 LBS MAX for the bike rack. I would think Rich's design could easily hold 250+ LBS, if you want that much weight, that far rear. You want to over-engineer such a cargo carrier so that it is safe and sits nicely for years.
  2. Blacked-out is for kids, but when I had all this disassembled, we detailed the taillights, license plate surround and bumper covers and then all black trim on the TV! I degreased all parts, getting off all the sloppy car wax and rubbed them down with rubbing alcohol several times until the final paper towel was clean. Used Mothers Back-to-Black in the past, but it never really did the job. Recently, I purchased "Forever Black" and it works great, covering in deep black without brush marks: Amazon.com: Forever Black Bumper & Trim 6 Oz. (New Improved Formula & Larger Size) : Automotive Looks amazing for 23-year-old trim! Right?
  3. No idea, but "westbound I-40 near Santa Rosa" you must be back home now!
  4. This is the way to do it. You need dual receivers for a viable carrier. Not a 1 1/4" receiver, but TWO 2" receivers! @rich.dev has a great example, see picture above. The 1 1/4" single receiver with something like the cheap Kurt carrier (Amazon link above) will bounce and wobble all over the place. Just for a "tank tote" as @Rolind suggested OK, but not much more! Even though our hull is older, ours has the 2" receiver but I removed the whole crossbar and it's sitting in the attic of our shed. I much rather have the weight in the TV. Even the rear basement storage of the Oliver should not contain much weight. We keep only about 30 LBS of stuff back there; the shore power cable, 25' hose, a small tool bag for hooking up accessories and tools, our camping mat, an empty gas can and 2 empty antifreeze gallon bottles for emergencies (they weigh next to nothing). I do understand many of you have SUVs as TVs, so are always looking for more room. Think 3/4-ton truck for your future and these needs go away! @HDRider not sure why you would need one, towing with a 2500 Duramax.
  5. Not getting much love on this thread! Though I do realize it's not an Oliver! It only took an hour today, to hoist up the bed, pull the side-by-side out and back the truck in (Adam holding up the rear and Chris guiding the front). Got two corner bolts on the bed and drove her out!
  6. I believe once you have torqued the nuts 2-3 times and get to "no more stretch" you should trust the installation that they're good and you're done. The U-bolts need to be well seated, but they are not a maintenance item and once set will stay put for years, decades even.
  7. We almost always leave home with a full fresh tank and will continue to do so, unless we are heading straight to a full hookup campsite. It's not that heavy. Full at about 250 LBS across that wide area is not a concern.
  8. I had the double C-channel and the one closer to the wheels break (see pic). If you were to take the time to remove the doubled piece, I would weld it in place halfway between the two that broke on mine. It's great that you found the crack prior to the weld failing, as mine had pulled and bent the LP line. Reasons that I had thought of was NOT the fresh tank, which is flat and long, its weight distributed across many support beams and over the wheels. Instead, running at 80 PSI was one reason I had thought of. Also, given the location, perhaps prior owners had used RR leveler jack wheels up in the air. Now I'm thinking it's the double channel at fault and after this weld failed it put more tension on the one in front that also failed on our hull. I found our broken welds upon purchase. The prior owner had never noticed it, even though he claimed to have just lubed the suspension.
  9. I would install a switch at the fuse box.
  10. @rideandfly wrote this first and I have to side with this argument: "Question, would doubling the crossmember material create more stress on the welds due to less flexibility?" Yes. You must consider vibration. When materials are flexible, they absorb vibration and put less stress on the connection, in this case the weld. The stiffer the material, it will move less and the vibration is passed it on to the connection. I've never seen Aluminum C-channels or even angle iron welded together in the manner. I believe the hulls with this design will always fail at this weld point.
  11. Today was the day to prime the pump and filter. I have the tank so low that first thing was to buy a couple gallons to add to the tank. Bumped the starter a couple times which causes the fuel pump to run for about 20 seconds. The new Fleece pump groaned a bit to fill at first and then it's much quieter than the ringing sound of the OEM pump. I just loosened the nut on the return line of the VP44 (injection pump), a little fuel came out and that's all she needed. Started right up and sounded good. No leaks anywhere. Nice! First pic tells the final story. I had lift pump PSI from 8 PSI idling to 2 PSI with a heavy foot. Now I have a solid 14 PSI (top right corner of the display). I've only idled so far, hit the pedal while standing and still 14 PSI. Friday I will replace the bed and take her out for a drive!
  12. @routlaw hull #70 and our hull #113 have the same doubled support. @Patriot with hull #634 does not appear to have the same doubled support. Perhaps the newer hulls will not have this same issue in the same location.
  13. Looks like the broken welds are in the same location behind the curbside leveler.
  14. Yes indeed, it is certainly GREAT to hear from you! I believe I can speak for many here, that we all miss you! Hope and pray nothing but good health and happiness to you and your family. It's a bit sad seeing you tent camping, after the 100s or 1000s of hours of the great improvements you put into "Mouse" through the years! But you are better than me! It's been 30 years since I slept on the ground and our Oliver has new Brooklyn Bedding. Hoping the new Mouse owner shows up on the forum, or at a meet, as I would love to see your build in person. I'd have to crawl under her and check under the beds and everything I'm sure the new owner would dread. We all still read your many posts every time we consider an Oliver Mod, that's for sure! I sure wish I could have been there to meet you, long way from eastern WA for you. We could have talked through the night, hope our paths will cross. Best wishes and God bless @John E Davies 😂
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