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I just returned from picking up #64 after having the 320 WATT solar system installed, with the 2000WATT inverter. We are so looking forward to the freedom this will afford. The remote control panel is rather daunting, but I found a manual on line which explains much. Basically to use the factory defaults in most cases. I did have to change the starting amps from 250 to 450 because we have the T 105 batteries. Rumor has it that Scuba RX is an expert in using the syatem so maybe I will hear from him with some sage advice.


While at the mother ship we had the crew add two coat hooks giving a total of three, plus we added a towel bar to the pantry door for kitchen towels. As expected the work was very well done. Typical of Oliver they also updated our heating system by installing a return air vent, which they say will make it more efficient. Our lug nuts and center wheel caps had a bit of rust on them so off they came with new ones to replace. I don't know why they would rust after only four months. We are close to the Gulf of Mexico, but not in direct salt water. I will spray some lanolin on them and see if that prevents this from happening again.


I was impressed with the fact that John Oliver was interested in my thoughts regarding features or changes I would make to the trailer. Honestly the only things I would like would be a peep hole to see what is going on outside the front door, and an exterior switch for the porch light. I will probably buy a portable back up camera soon, and use that for a security camera since they can be moved. As far as the light switch goes I'll just need to remember to leave the courtesy lights on when we leave the camp site. The fact that John was interested is important because they care about what owners have to say.


Oliver rocks.

Current 2007 Airstream Classic Limited 31

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II (Sold)

2016 Ram 2500 HD 6.7i Cummins turbo diesel


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I wonder if John would be interested in hearing about all the problems we had in our experience with buying this trailer.


Stan (Not a happy camper)

Hull #63

Stan and Carol

Blacksburg, VA

2014 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi

2014 Legacy Elite II Standard  Hull 63

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Sorry to hear you are not hapy. Give John a call. They are so eager to be helpful. All the issues I had on my punch list were addressed completely at no cost to me. They were minor but still needed to be fixed.


Front door would not close properly

Window shade was poorly fitted

Rust on lug nuts

Scratch on kitchen cabinet

Bad seal on kitchen sink

Rear running lights and Oliver sign not working


All fixed.


We are pleased with Oliver

Current 2007 Airstream Classic Limited 31

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II (Sold)

2016 Ram 2500 HD 6.7i Cummins turbo diesel


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