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  1. The Native American Chief who wasn’t Native American? But I get the idea. We were at the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago and a car full of young men pulled up along side my car and one jumped out with a couple half full disposable plastic drink cups and since he didn’t immediately find the opening to the dumpster he just threw them on the ground. I got out to say something but they just looked at me and laughed and drove off. 😡
  2. I’ve used an O2 Cool fan for quite a few years. Works on batteries or electric. https://o2cool.com/product/10-battery-and-electric-powered-fin-fan/ You can get them just about anywhere.
  3. We installed it just prior to putting it away for the winter. I’ll post an update once we get a chance to use it.
  4. We leave everything in during the Michigan winter, including the mattress. Prior to getting the Froli system for the bed, we did put the mattresses on their side, and a couple buckets of Damp Rid helps.
  5. We live in the country and park our Oliver on our property under a CalMark cover. The only mouse intrusion we’ve had is in the spare tire cover or the bumper. No damage. You should be fine parking it at the farm.
  6. That’s the one that came on our Oliver. My only complaint is the caps broke off the control knobs, otherwise it does the job.
  7. Picked up in June 2015 and no fading whatsoever.
  8. Three Olivers in Bakers Hole National Forest campground the other day, all within sight of each other. Our neighbor thought we were all traveling together. It was great sharing a meal, conversation and a hail storm with Theresa and Greg from Wisconsin and Bill (Topgun2).
  9. You won’t need reservations, but as you approach late September into October you will definitely need warm clothing. It snowed last year on October 16. We just returned a couple days ago from the UP and the nights were in the low 40’s. But it’s a great place to camp. Lots of State and National Forests, some of which close in September/October. Enjoy our great State.
  10. I like the size of the current LEII, but would really like a larger fridge. We rarely use the microwave, so I would be willing to have that space put to use for the fridge. Marsha
  11. Congratulations and welcome to the Oliver family. We got back from a monthlong trip a couple weeks ago and had someone follow us through town to our home, excited to see an Oliver. Happy camping.
  12. The sidebar is at the bottom of the page on my iPad, but in the correct place on my android device and Windows PC. Marsha
  13. Welcome. We took the factory tour a couple years ago, and the rest is history. We're currently in Montana in a 10 site forest service campground only partially full and had someone stop by our site to ask about our Oliver. Everyone we've ever shown it to was impressed, but more importantly, we love it and can't say enough good things about the Oliver brand and company.
  14. We went to Alaska last year and although we did buy the Milestone, we forgot it at home. We did, however, have an older and newer copy of Mike and Terri Church's book, Travelers Guide to Alaskan Camping. We found this book very helpful, and not as confusing as the Milepost looked. We also took thousands of pictures and trying to find one or two that were the best is difficult. We did make it to the Arctic Circle on the Dempster, but we only took the truck and stayed at the hotel in Eagle Plains. We want to head back when the road to the Arctic Ocean is complete and feel taking our Oliver will be no problem.
  15. We're headed that way in a couple weeks. Hope it's not too smoky. http://inciweb.nwcg.gov is a good resource for current wildfire information.
  16. We have a mid-2015 Oliver LE II. The refrigerator fan compartment is lined with some type of silver insulation material that keeps falling down and hitting the fan. We've tried taping it back up, but as soon as warm weather hits and we have to run the fan, we find out it has fallen down again. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, what have you done to stop it from falling down? I should mention the factory used some type of silver tape, we used duct tape on the fly and now we have gorilla tape trying to hold it up. Nothing seems to work. Marsha
  17. Thanks for fixing the link - new iPad user. Still figuring things out.
  18. Welcome from fellow Michiganders. We fell in love with Olivers two years ago and put over 31,000 miles on ours since pickup. We've had other fiberglass trailers in the past - now we have the best.
  19. The Ed half of our team found these stick on brackets and used 1/4 inch wood for the dividers. Customizable and pretty easy. The can be purshased here http://www.leevalley.com/us/hardware/page.aspx?p=74182&cat=3,43722,43743
  20. We were in Michigan the past couple weeks. We did have someone excitedly wave and flash their lights earlier in the week in Michigan's U.P. Makes you wonder who and why.
  21. Today is our two year anniversary with Hull #85 and over 31K miles and countless memories. We couldn't be happier.
  22. Got a few black fly bites. Too cold and early for mosquitoes. We're in northern Michigan.
  23. On the road. Heading home after a great week camping in the north woods.
  24. From reading the original post, I believe the intent of the curtain and rod is to provide privacy in the bathroom with the small window in the open position. This is especially important if you're showering and the bathroom window is open. My solution was to take a microfiber cloth that's slightly larger than a washcloth and place it diagonally over the window and tuck a small corner into the space where the two parts of the window come together. The result is privacy, air flow and something handy to wipe down the walls after a shower. Marsha
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