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If a tree falls in the woods...


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So if the outer shell were to develop a leak, but the water drained to the bottom and out the weeps rather than finding its way into the cabin, is it still a leak? Or rather, is that something to worry about?


Sorry, but I'm having such a hard time finding cases of actual problems with Olivers that I'm having to invent my own. They must have an achilles heel .


In all seriousness, I do wonder if over the years, moisture between the shells could be an issue, whether from leaks or condensation. Thoughts?

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If a meteorite punches a hole :o in the outer shell on my rig, the rain the water will simply drip down an inner wall between the shells to a low point and exit one of the numerous protected weep holes underneath the trailer. I guess I'd simply call it a fresh water spring until I patch the meteor damage. ;)


The most likely way you'll have moisture between the shells is with two people closed inside for a long time, moist air close to the dew point, and rain causing you to close all windows. That's a good recipe for condensation. You can easily avoid this by opening your roof vent (with its protective cover) and turning vent fan on low exhaust. The trailer is not perfectly airtight. Outside air will invariably find its way into the bottom weep holes, into the trailer, and out the vent, taking the moisture with it. (If it's only a vertical drizzle, consider opening the bathroom window some)


But all of this worry about holes in the roof can be avoided when Oliver comes up with the optional meteorite shield.



ps During the winter when your heater is in use there's no need to turn the vent fan on because warm air naturally rises and finds its own way out the vent.

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