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Hi I am the factory rep at Andersen Hitches for Oliver Travel Trailers. First off congratulations on your purchase of the best built RV I have ever seen.  I had the opportunity to go tour the Oliver factory and get to know some of the staff, you are in great hands.  We sincerely appreciate the endorsement of our weight distribution hitches and the opportunity to help give you the best towing experience possible. As a factory rep for Andersen Hitches I have joined the forum to help inform, educate, and assist in any way possible with our products.

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Does one need to loosen the tensioning nuts each time one unhitches and Oliver Trailer from the TV?


I would encourage you to loosen the nuts a few turns and re-tighten them each time you hook up, it will make it much easier to get the pin in and out especially if you are not quite strait. I know several people that do it the way this video shows and are happy with the results, I prefer a tighter chain for more weight distribution.



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