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  1. Nan, Understand how you feel and we were initially frustrated, too. We purchased Ollie used 2016 and first camping trip had leaks from top dinette window. The dinette window leak was coming in at the porch light (old style light fixture) over the dinette window. Resealed the porch light and leak stopped. Another leak was coming in at the Oliver sign over the rear window and travelling between hulls and dripping out of the rear window onto curbside bed. Removed rear Oliver sign, resealed and no more leaks in that area. Once these leaks were fixed, have not had other issues with these areas. Since our leaks were repaired we towed through the heaviest rains we have ever seen and one night a tornado passed not too far away with heavy rains without any leaks. I believe campers will eventually leak, but when you get the leaks fixed on your Ollie, you will find Ollie to be a wonderful camper.
  2. Andrew, We purchased our 2015 LE2 used and it did not have factory solar. Started using a portable 100W panel and wired a system on Ollie earlier this year, really like it. Now interested in a roof solar installation just like yours. Really like your Battle Born Batteries, too. Appreciate the information!
  3. Steve and Andrew, Appreciate information shared. Andrew nice installation! Did Oliver install aluminum roof plates in the 2015 LE2s that did not come with factory solar?
  4. I'm going to order a "Lube Shuttle Hobby Greasing package" today and start testing. We have Ollie, 2 utility trailers, motorcycle trailer, and Ollie's TV with U joints to grease & maintain. Going with the standard narrow coupler and not a locking coupler to start with. Have one tough to get to universal joint grease fitting that's hard to get to with a locking coupler. https://advancedenginetech.com/product/lube-shuttle-hobby_greasing_package/ Just got off the telephone with AET Systems that sells "Lube Shuttle" grease guns and grease in the US. They have worked out an agreement with ACE hardware so Lube Shuttle products can be purchased starting 1st quarter of 2020 or no later than 2nd quarter of 2020. They're also talking with Tractor Supply and Home Depot, but cannot say if an agreement has been reached yet. Something different from what we're accustomed to in the US, their grease coupling is metric M10X1 thread. Grease couplings in the US are 1/8NPT thread. If you replace the coupling, M10X1 threaded coupling will be needed. Their G 200 EP grease (two tubes included with package) in the "Hobby Greasing Package" meets NLGI 2 spec. Dexter uses Lithoplex Red MP #2, also meets NLGI 2 spec. Grease Dexter uses: https://www.docs.citgo.com/msds_pi/C10198.pdf Lube Shuttle G 200 EP grease: https://advancedenginetech.com/product/airtec-g200-grease/ Here's an informative AET video:
  5. Started searching for a "no leak" manual grease gun during this discussion. Found one manufacturer so far, but there are probably more. This manufacturer has special loaded grease cartridges or empty cartridges available for use with your selection of grease. https://advancedenginetech.com/product/lube-shuttle-hobby_greasing_package/ https://tractortimewithtim.com/2018/08/17/lube-shuttle/ Will continue looking for different manufacturers, time to replace my old grease gun anyway!
  6. Sounds like you should have an easy time lubing the EZ Flex system. Going to order a new standard Alemite narrow hose coupler for the grease gun today. Mine is worn out after many years of use. My Tundra tow vehicle has 5 drive line grease fittings, older Tundras have more and new Tundras have none from what I've been reading. One of the Tundra's universals has limited space and prefer to use the small hose coupler for lubing. May need to buy a locking hose coupler for the equalizer grease fittings, will see how the new coupler works first. When on the road with Ollie, sometimes pass the recommended lube interval. Keep a grease gun in a small plastic tool box and lube on the road without getting under Ollie. When it gets hot grease will sometimes drip out of the grease gun, the box with paper towels in the bottom keeps it from making a mess. Heading to Virginia next week to pick up a used utility trailer, packing the grease gun box along with other tools just in case problems are found.
  7. We attended Land Between the Lakes (LBL) KY fiberglass rally, Overland Expo East, and Hungry Mother VA fiberglass rallies during the last two months. We met many nice folks. There were three Olivers at the LBL Rally. Met Rodney Lomax, Oliver Sales Manager and fine gentleman. Really liked the beautiful Ollie he had at the rally, too. LBL Rally:
  8. Here's a photo with the pin grease fittings pointing outward: Made this grease gun stand out of 2X4s for another member with grease fittings pointing outward on his Ollie:
  9. nrvale0, When I installed my EZ Flex system on a 2015 Ollie ( EZ Flex was not standard equipment at that time), pointed the pin/grease fittings outward with the idea of not crawling under Ollie to grease. The two grease fittings on both equalizers are not always easy for "me" to get the grease gun hose fitting squarely seated resulting in a few extra pumps of wasted grease during each EZ Flex lube. Pins can be reversed and pointed outward during repair/inspection. Hope this helps.
  10. Choied, Have some Dexter pins, Dexter bushings and 45 degree fittings on the shelf to look at. The Dexter pin takes 1/4"-28 thread grease fitting. Ours came with straight fittings, but 45s could be used, too. Hope this helps.
  11. PM Sent We will be passing through your area towing Ollie during October. Thanks,
  12. Here's how to find the Dexter axle lot serial number in the following link, if you don't have the owner's manual that BHNCB mentioned. Give Dexter's service department this number and they will email a PDF copy of the axle build sheet. This sheet has dimensions and Dexter part numbers that can be crossed over to your preference of seals/bearings. We buy our axle supplies from Redneck Trailer, there's a local store. There are large industrial supply chains like Motion Industries that have an assortment of bearings and seals, too. https://www.dexteraxle.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/light-duty-axle-identificationb27a839d2ba463c18d7aff64007a4014.pdf?sfvrsn=0
  13. Here's a master switch (knife switch) like we use on Ollie's batteries to keep the batteries from discharging between camping trips, need to learn how to share a link with a few words like David: https://www.amazon.com/Wadoy-Battery-Disconnect-Terminal-Automotive/dp/B074GPSZS7/ref=sr_1_8?crid=17AONQCQ12DNV&keywords=battery+blade+switch&qid=1567651507&s=gateway&sprefix=blade+switch%2Caps%2C205&sr=8-8
  14. Bill, here's some additional photos. Connected # 4 pin to controller's + connection and # 1 pin to controller's - connection on the bottom right side of the controller, from receptacle shown in Bill's 7 pin diagram. Purchased 7 pin receptacle from Walmart. Used a worn out camera tripod. I should have installed a 5A inline fuse between controller's + pin to #4 pin in the 7 pin receptacle, too.
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