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  1. We don't have factory mounted solar panels or inverter on our Ollie. Use a 100W solar suitcase with one 100AH BattleBorn Lithium battery with 20A solar charge control, shunt, and battery monitor in the battery tray.
  2. We sleep with our heads next to the pantry & stove. It's fine for me at 6' tall. Some folks sleep with their heads at the rear of Ollie, which would be tighter for someone over 6'. At 6' tall, I don't have headroom problems in the shower, but we do not have a wooden shower matt on the floor/drain area, I'm sure that affects headroom. Bill, I was thinking about Patriot, too. Checked the invoice today and it is AB Lifestyles 11" RV memory foam mattresses. Here's the pattern AB Lifestyles used for our mattresses in our 2015 LE2:
  3. Dave and Kimberly, Believe our AB Lifestyles are 11", but will double check and verify later today in this thread. The invoice is in Ollie at the airport. Will take an interior shot with these mattresses in Ollie and post later today in this thread, too. We are very pleased with look, fit, and especially comfort. Ollie is very pleasant to camp in and even better with comfortable mattresses. Patriot just purchased new Ollie mattresses, but not sure of the manufacturer. Hopefully he will chime in on his new mattresses and sheet experience, too!
  4. Welcome to the group and hope this helps! "Our retirement RV goals": Best possible resale value, for when we're ready to settle down and buy a brick and mortar retirement house. We purchased our 2015 LE2 Ollie used in 2016 and conservatively it has gained 15% in value over our purchase price. Less time on the roof caulking 100' of seams. Every other year I may spend a day caulking, but when not camping we keep Ollie in an aircraft hangar. Comfortable for my wife to tow. (She did OK with our travel trailer, but wasn't comfortable with either 5th wheel.) Ollie has Great towing manners, very easy to tow and not too wide Better fit and finish than we've seen in our 5th wheels. Great quality fit/finish and easy to maintain Good boondocking performance for 2-3 nights. We don't have factory solar, but we used a 100W suitcase solar panel with 2000W gen-set and single Battle Born Lithium battery. Does great on 1 week dry camping trips so far. Good cold weather performance to extend our camping season. Have not camped in Ollie when temps below 30F, do not have as much experience as others here in cold temps Appropriately sturdy for long haul trips. Our longest tow day so far is 720 miles, but most of the time tow 200 to 300 miles per day. Ollie's structure/frame is very tough and durable Better fuel economy/potentiality smaller future tow vehicle. (Current truck is a gas dually pickup.) Have towed Ollie with a midsized pickup with V6, but personally prefer towing with a 1/2 ton pickup. Currently looking at the new V6 twin turbo Tundra as an economic tow vehicle. Ollie is very aerodynamic and economic to tow for a trailer it's size and weight. We keep our LE2 ready to camp weigh at 4950 pounds as per CAT scales At least 10 year service life. If properly maintained, believe one of our children will inherit Ollie if they are interested in camping We do anticipate some challenges: Far, far less storage space than we're used to, inside and out. Moving from a fifth wheel will open up the truck bed, but we'll be back to storing stuff in bins and loading them into the truck before each trip. For two people (guilty of being minimalist), we have more than enough space and storage in Ollie also using the covered pickup bed and crew cab back seat for storage Our current rig has 2 big recliners we really enjoy. I'm 6' tall. Are the dinettes comfortable? Believe the dinette cushions could be more comfortable with a better grade of memory foam The wet bath seems like a pain. We use a automotive Chamois to wipe down the shower interior after use to keep it looking good, not an issue for us Will miss the roof ladder. Although I don't enjoy being up there, the built in ladder does make repairs on the road easier. Only needed to access the roof once during a camping trip, keep a telescoping ladder in the pickup bed for that Finally, a few specifics: Rear dinette vs twin beds: does the rear dinette convert into a comfortable bed, or is it lumpy with all the separate cushions? What kind of sheets fit that? Purchased twin custom memory foam mattresses from AB Lifestyles, they also supply some Ollie owners with sheet sets. Our twin beds are just as comfortable as our mattress at home, I'm 6' 195 pounds and Debbie is 5'2" and 110lbs Lithium batteries worth it, or AGM adequate? Just installed a single Battle Born Lithium battery this year and really like how fast it charges and performs Street side awning worth it? How do you use a ladder with awnings on both sides? Only used ladder on street side without awning so can't answer that question Does the winterizing inlet simply fill the fresh water tank with pink stuff, or does it feed antifreeze directly to the pump? We use the rear inlet with onboard 12V pump to winterize the plumbing system except for using a hand pump to winterize the fresh water & city water inlets, and black tank flush inlet.
  5. David, Beautiful photos and nice looking bike rack installation!
  6. Wanted to find out if the 2022 Tundra will fit in my garage, it will : https://www.tundras.com/threads/2022-tundra-dimensions.95799/#post-2428472
  7. Non-hybrid 2022 Tundra MPG released today, pricing will be released at end of October and non-hybrid Tundra will be available December. Hybrid Tundra will be available during the spring, but don't know when MPG/pricing will be available for the hybrid: 2022 Tundra 3.5L Twin Turbo 10 speed automatic non-hybrid 389HP @ 5200RPM & 479 lb ft torque @ 2400RPM 348HP @ 2400RPM & 405 lb ft torque @ 2000RPM (SR base model) MPG 18 city 23 highway 20 combined 2WD MPG 17 city 22 highway 19 combined 4WD 2022 Tundra Hybrid 3.5L twin turbo 10 speed automatic: 437HP @ 5200RPM & 583 lb ft torque @ 2400RPM https://www.tundras.com/threads/2022-tundra.76839/page-586#post-2449457 https://www.tundras.com/threads/2022-tundra.76839/page-585#post-2449297 Current 2021 5.7L Tundra fuel economy: MPG 13 city 18 highway 15 combined 381HP/401 lb ft torque https://www.toyota.com/tundra/features/mpg/8261/8252/8275 Used to get 12MPG with our 2016 5.7L Tundra not using cruise and going very easy on the throttle when towing our LE2 Ollie
  8. Just winterized Ollie today. When I pumped RV antifreeze in the fresh water tank inlet, lifted Ollie's nose high to drain the fresh water tank. Also found the fresh water tank drain pipe on the bottom of the trailer floor in my Ollie will not drain well unless I pull the pipe down lightly when below Ollie and clamp with a hose clamp where the pipe come out of the hull to let the drain on the inside of Ollie sit flat on the floor. Before there was about a 1/2" gap between the pipe & floor not letting some of the contents drain out.
  9. Looking forward to learning more about the Tundra!
  10. The 2022 Tundra hybrid will not be available until spring in higher trim models.
  11. Mike, Looks nice! We will put Riverside campground/area on our list to visit! Thanks,
  12. Our 2016 Tundra was the SR5 trim, Debbie likes the power passenger seat in the 2022 SR5 that our 2016 SR5 did not have. Here's a video on the 2022 SR5 trim:
  13. We are impatiently waiting on the 2022 Tundra, too. Our 2016 Tundra looked fine with Ollie, too:
  14. We go to Walmarte' when on the road camping, large parking lots to park the camping rig, camping section, automotive section, groceries, and RV section. When home we go to Publix, Harris Teeter, and Walmarte'
  15. John, Replaced Ollie's battery tray with Oliver's latest tray about 6 months ago, took a few measurements of the old (2015) and new tray. New tray on right: Old 2015 tray: I only use one Battle Born 100AH lithium battery with a 100W solar suitcase with plenty of room for other stuff in the tray:
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