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  1. We use the Camco stabilizer jack supports. They work fine for us, too. How about cutting a round piece of plywood like Hardrock mentioned to further distribute load concentration. Wood we use for Ollie storage is painted for durability, too. To help reduce rear jack stabilizer load we also use Camco banana wedge leveling system for rear wheels similar to what like KWRJRPE mentioned. In the reviews for the Camco leveling wedges, some users reported slippage, so we cut out rubber matts for use under wedges to prevent slipping on hard surfaces, working fine so far. It's easy to rep
  2. This avatar is flying before sunset, going for a negative G loop!
  3. Jordanelle SP UT is on our list of State Parks to camp at during future western trips! Would be nice to visit during a rally in the fall.
  4. Susan, Our Diamondback on a 2016 Tundra is the SE model. Hope these photos help. https://diamondbackcovers.com/products/diamondbackse?variant=32626020089955 Edit: If you are asking about bed rails that locking rods insert into, bed rails were standard on our SR5 Tundra and probably many pickups. They are almost flush with the top inside of the pickup bed: Measuring from bottom of cover: Measuring from top of truck bed: Exterior lock lever: Interior lock:
  5. Sherry, Our Diamondback cover is the lowest cost unit they make with 400 pound maximum carrying capacity on the cover. The more expensive models like Mac's has much higher load carrying capacities. With both top cover doors closed, the tailgate opens easily. Don't need slide out drawers with both top doors that open, but need a folding stool to reach over each side of the pickup bed to reach gear. Have not hauled anything on top of our Diamondback cover, yet. Have to admit, after seeing Overland's thread about a Tonneau cover with built in solar panels, been "thinking for now" abou
  6. Susan, Yes, Happy with the aluminum diamond plate material, no corrosion. Had the option to go with black powder coated finish from Diamondback, but wanted the bed cover to blend with chrome parts on the Tundra and aluminum wheels on Ollie. Thinking about installing aluminum wheels on the Tundra, too.
  7. Susan, Here's the Diamondback before installation on our Tundra: Ready to camp:
  8. Susan, We have a Diamondback cover on the Tundra and like using it for camping.
  9. David, Looks great on Ollie and the "Beast"! Will be talking to the installer in Concord NC, soon!
  10. David, Congrats on the new Tremor! Can't wait to see the "Beast" with Ollie!
  11. The peach and cherry cobblers were fantastic and they had ice cream, too.
  12. Susan, We enjoy meeting Ollie owners everywhere we travel! 🙂 Met Ollie and Casita owners, they shared fine cobblers with us: 😋
  13. Dennis, We use the Camco system. One of the complaints in Amazon reviews was slipping on pavement. Cut out a $1 rubber Welcome mat from Walmart placing under the yellow wedge, have not experience slipping on pavement so far. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Curved-Leveler-Chock-Drive/dp/B0751TG8MH/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=camco+rv+leveling+blocks&qid=1599005547&sr=8-9
  14. Susan, We have plenty of exploring left to do in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and eastern California during 2021. We enjoy our trips out west!!!! Thanks for the link,
  15. Like the BRP shots!!!! Looks like a nice adventure including the trip home!
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