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  1. Yep, They even washed the bag! 👍
  2. Last time we camped close to Cody WY, found a laundromat that washed & folded our clothes by the pound. We went out for lunch wile they took care of our laundry. 👍
  3. NCeagle, We have used Meguiar's #67 one step compound achieving good results for water spots and light scratches: https://www.meguiars.com/marine/products/meguiars-marinerv-one-step-compound-m6732-32-oz-liquid After using #67 then we applied Meguiar's Flagship premium marine wax/cleaner with good results: https://www.meguiarsdirect.com/meguiars-flagship-premium-cleaner-wax-32oz.html
  4. Mike, Appreciate info on the park and annual pass.
  5. SherMica, Hope you don't mind me asking questions about camping in some TX State Parks, too. We're planning to camp in SW Texas during the next month. Does anyone have additional information on the following Texas State Parks? Monahans SP TX & Lake Colorado SP TX Thanks,
  6. John, For a place to stay, just off of I40, here's some campgrounds: Santa Rosa SP NM & Homolovi SP AZ. While camping at Homolovi SP AZ, we got to "Stand on the Corner at Winslow Arizona" and attend a car show:
  7. John, My battery tray from Oliver does not have a Morryde part number marked or stamped on it. Before buying the tray from Oliver, checked out the Morryde website and found a 14"X21" battery tray assembly. From what I can see on their site it has a single latch and 250 pound capacity with part #SP60-43 and available for less $ from different sources. The battery tray from Oliver has 300 pound capacity with dual latch system. Sliding Utility Tray | MORryde
  8. John, The 14"X21" Morryde 300 pound capacity LE2 battery tray from Oliver cost $195.48 plus $35 for packaging & shipping. Use various size Pelican cases for storage of various items, but they are pricey.
  9. Maverick, The new battery tray is 6.8 pounds heavier than Ollie's original tray installed 2015. It has more rivets, heavier slide/bearings, taller overall tray, and dual latches. Even the latches are secured by additional rivets. It's very robust design compared to Ollie's LE2 original tray. Honestly believe everyone with a tray of the same vintage as our old unit should closely inspect their tray at least every 5 years for corrosion and loose rivets. Temped to go with Lithium batteries, but have not made a decision, yet. Probably have a couple years life left on the 12V AGM bat
  10. I did not want to use RCA cables either. Only have one HDMI output on our TV, too. Good luck! 🙂
  11. Plan to sandwich 1/8" X 4" neoprene rubber between battery tray rails and fiberglass. Only using two 12V AGM type 27 batteries, so have plenty of room to place 1/8" X 4" UHMW plastic between batteries and tray to protect battery from metal hooks on straps. Secured 1/8 UHMW plastic on each side with one machine screw and tinnerman type nut that will not contact batteries.
  12. Received a new battery tray from Oliver. New tray is over 6 pounds heavier than original unit. The battery straps connect in the same fashion on both trays. New unit on right: Old unit: New unit: Same footprint and bolt pattern on both units: New unit top has larger/stronger bearing/slide assemblies:
  13. nrvale0, Few years ago our Jensen TV did the same thing. Believe it was the HDMI outlet on our TV in our 2015 LE2. Ran RCA cables from TV to Furrion stereo/DVD player to fix the problem. Now have to choose AV (if I remember correctly) with TV remote instead of HDMI: TV: Furrion unit:
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