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  1. There is a serial number on the axle. Dexter will send you a build sheet with Dexter component part numbers used, It’s in the frequently asked question section under “How do I identify my axle” https://www.dexteraxle.com/Contact/FAQ/Axles
  2. We had a cracked bathroom exterior fan cap that that would drip water on the shower floor when raining. Did you drive through rain when the water appeared?
  3. Dennis, First time we saw an Oliver was during 2010 before the LE2 was available. We absolutely loved the Legacy Elite! We wanted to eventually buy one. When the LE2 became available, it checked all the boxes for us being the maximum sized camper we wanted for the two of us. We prefer to tow with 1/2 ton pickup that’s also used as a daily driver. As far as the wet bath goes, we found wiping it down with an auto shami after showering works great. The majority of our camping is at federal and state parks. Some of the federal campgrounds have smaller campsites, but our LE2’s size works in most of those campsites. Ollie’s is very stable towing, and like previously mentioned the 7’ wide trailer is easy to handle compared to 8’ wide trailers. It’s also efficient towing, on round trips from NC to TN plateau area, we’re seeing +15mpg with a late model TV powered with a turbo V6 gas engine. Our Ollie is equipped perfectly for us and we love the interior and exterior finish. Best way to describe camping in an Ollie is very pleasant!!!! 🙂 Best Regards, Bill and Debbie
  4. We purchased the Shurhold 3100 Dual Action buffer from Amazon. Great for weekend warriors! 🙂 Learned about it from another forum member here. Experimented on our vehicles first, before using it on our 2015 LE2 Ollie. Last Fall compounded and waxed the roof and nose of Ollie with great results. Before the next camping trip going to compound/wax the rest Ollie. Still had Meguiars 67 One Step compound and Meguiar's Flagship Marine wax on the shelf, used that with the Shurhold buffer & pads on Ollie. When we run out of Meguiar's Wax will start using Shurhold's wax. They have many videos on their website and on Youtube. Plan to use wax for normal annual care for Ollie's finish. https://shurhold.com/ https://youtu.be/rd9G8r4VQdk https://shurhold.com/collections/buffers/products/worlds-best-dual-action-polisher
  5. Moved to this state for a job and retired here. It's a great place to live and play. Took this shot at Linville Gorge, not too far from Linville Falls Federal campground, on the BRP. We like camping there late spring and early fall.
  6. Yep, We never reserve a campsite at Mount Pisgah. Most of the Federal campgrounds on the NC BRP have about 1/2 of the sites as walk-up sites that cannot be reserved. These campgrounds can fill up during Holidays. When it's +90s and humid in the lower elevations of NC, Mt. Pisgah at 5,000 above sea level has very nice temps in August, see highs of 70s to 80F. No water/electricity at the sites, but not really needed with Ollie. I have been using a portable dump tank at Mt. Pisgah, but thinking about taking an extra length of black/grey dump hose keeping Ollie closer to level because of the descending grade at both ends of the dump station. Don't know if Balsam campground has walk up sites or a dump station, it's above 5,000', it's a Federal campground not too far from the NC BRP. The highest campground in NC, around 6,500', is Mt. Mitchell SP, but it's tent camping only.
  7. After seeing an Oliver Legacy Elite for the first time during 2010 at Mt. Pisgah Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we really liked Oliver Travel Trailers and wanted one! We also enjoy riding a motorcycle two up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Before buying Ollie, compared the pros & cons of buying a toy hauler to buying an Ollie. Oliver easily won for us because we also wanted Ollie for cross county travel and did not want to take a motorcycle on those trips. Plus we really like Ollie's looks, how efficient it is to tow, and how pleasant it is to camp in. When we camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Federal campgrounds and want to take a motorcycle, we tow the motorcycle with another vehicle. It's allowed to stay in two campsites as long as you use two geezer cards for $10 per site per night. When we take a motorcycle, we don't stay during holiday weeks, so there's plenty of extra sites available for everyone. One of our 2022 Trips to Mt. Pisgah Campground on the BRP:
  8. Agree, New Year's Resolution, will focus on learning to relax more during 2023! 😁 Hope you & your Family have a happy & safe New Year!
  9. Wishing everyone and their family a safe and wonderful New Year! Bill and Debbie Ollie LE2 #75 .
  10. We had a Diamond Back covers on a previous Tundra and Frontier. Really like Diamondback covers. Should have purchased one for our 22 Tundra, too.
  11. Ollie is getting a late Christmas gift in January, a Victron MPPT solar controller! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!! Bill and Debbie LE2 Ollie #75
  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! Hope everyone here has a safe and wonderful Christmas!
  13. Congrats on your new to you Ollie #49! Merry Christmas!!!!!
  14. Auto Owners Purchased our LE2 used during 2016. Increased the insured value two times so far, looks like we will need to increase it a third time to keep up with increasing replacement value. 🙂
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