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  1. Last time we attended Oshkosh was 1982. We're planning on camping & visiting 2022 Fly-in! Would love to hear a report on your Tundra, too!
  2. Welcome Dave and Kimberly! While camping at Mt. Pisgah NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway we saw an Oliver Legacy Elite for the first time. The nice owners gave us a complete tour and we loved their beautiful Ollie. Oliver had temporarily stopped production at that time, so we waited until Ollies were back in production, finding a nice LE2 during 2016. Best Regards, Bill and Debbie 2015 LE2 #75
  3. Used this Oliver video for setting up sound from Furrion stereo speakers when using Jensen TV on our 2015 LE2 #75. Don't know if Furrion TV works the same way.
  4. Talked to NuCamp and they said they were going to build three Barefoot protoypes before starting production of this camper in the US. They are also working on supply chain issues right now. There is only one prototype so far, but not available for interior inspection. My guess it's a hull prototype without finished interior. The dining area converts to a 6'X6' bed. Overall exterior height of the UK model is about 7.7', but that's probably without AC.
  5. This year Mud Daubers decided to crawl through weep holes into the drainage galleys to build their nest where Ollie is stored. Debbie got them cleaned out, but took more time than normal cleaning out Mud Dauber nest. Right now we're storing Ollie with white electrical tape over the bottom weep holes, in an airplane hangar. Ordered 1/4" black rubber sheet to make new plugs for window weep holes to keep insects out during storage. Should be easy to remove before camping.
  6. Nucamp built one US Barefoot prototype so far and will build more prototypes before going into production. Guessing they will be building them sometime in 2022, but they will not say.
  7. Thor owns and controls Airstream with several other RV companies. One of the reasons we purchased Ollie, we were also considering AS and wrote their CEO a letter wanting to know if there were plans to replace wood floors with better materials in the future. No reply. We took the factory tour with Jason May 2016 when a used LE2 in MO happened to be available, too. Jason helped seal the deal for us buying an Ollie, but we could not pass on the used Ollie in MO! https://www.thorindustries.com/thor-companies Another lightweight fiberglass camper that is currently built in the UK and Nucamp has rights to build in the US is the Barefoot travel trailer. It's an interesting fiberglass egg that will have appeal to those wanting a smaller camper that can be towed by smaller tow vehicles. https://www.go-barefoot.co.uk/ https://nucamprv.com/barefoot/
  8. We level Ollie with Camco leveling wedges under wheels first, put TV in neutral and center on Camco Blocks, next disconnect from TV, level with front jack, and last let rear jacks down to stabilize Ollie.
  9. Since we have a local Discount Tire Store, started using their "Tips & Guides" section to learn about tire application for my vehicles. Tip's and Guides: https://www.discounttiredirect.com/learn I'm sure "Tire Rack" has a good guide section, too. There's a good section under Tire Rack's "Tips and Guides" called "Winter Tire Information" with sub-section called "All season vs Summer vs Winter/Snow Tires" that's helpful: https://www.discounttire.com/learn/winter-summer-allseason Another section under "Tips and Guides" called "Tire Basics" with another sub-section called "Load Range vs Load Index" that's helpful: https://www.discounttire.com/learn/load-range-load-index Regards,
  10. Been packing all of our trailer bearings with Redline CV-2 Full Synthetic grease for a few years, we have four trailers including Ollie, no bearing issues.
  11. Going to make some out of rubber and post photos & details here, just in case someone else needs to make some for the upper window slots.
  12. Took a few more photos. Using my Bifocals took a close look, mine are plugs. Looks like around 1 3/16" wide where plug fits into slots.
  13. Will measure & take another photo tomorrow when working on hangar roof. See what you mean about small visors after looking on other sites, but mine are plugs. Been looking at McMaster Carr rubber seals. If something is found that works, probably minimum purchase length is 10'. Need at least 17 plugs for all of the bottom slots while stored in the hangar. Mud daubers can really stop up a window drain, right now we're using white tape on the bottom drains while stored to keep mud daubers out. https://www.mcmaster.com/rubber-seals/
  14. I'm looking for temporary plugs for the bottom drains while in covered storage. Could make some out of rubber gasket material, but interested to see if plugs are still available. Going to buy or make extra plugs. Upper window slot: Plug length: Plug width:
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