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  1. I'm sure the 2022 will be nice, but don't know how many $. What kind of power increase do you expect after Supercharger installation on the 5.7L?
  2. We have a 2.4L 5 speed manual 2003 Tacoma with over 180,000 miles and running strong. The 2003 year had frame corrosion problems, but we purchased it new for $12,500 and it's never been on snow or road chemicals, so it does not have any frame issues. Have smaller utility trailers we're always hauling mulch, stone, and helping family members to move. It will be very interesting to see the next generation 2022 Tundra. Reported to have a 400+HP Turbo V-6. Will see....
  3. Early in my career on the railroad, used to operate heavy track equipment. When we were working and traveling, used to see some of the most beautiful scenery from the rail. Have not been through this tunnel, but traveling through mountain tunnels, next to rivers, and over high bridges, were absolutely beautiful! Nice shots!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Enjoy watching and listening to Videos at "Norman's Rare Guitars".
  5. Congrats on the beautiful book! We want to buy one when available to public! 👍
  6. rideandfly


    Made a VIN metal plate for another trailer using an aluminum plate and square punch. If I do it again, will buy one on Ebay. Found a company on Ebay that engraves VIN and number plates. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SILVER-VIN-Plate-with-Engraving-included-Free-Shipping/353075613328?hash=item5234f24e90:g:MfUAAOSwHv1evAbs https://www.ebay.com/itm/SILVER-CAR-Serial-Number-VIN-Plate-with-Engraving-included-Free-Shipping/362993462629?hash=item548418ad65:g:MvEAAOSwQXdevAf9
  7. dewdev, We use Meguiar's Flagship marine wax for cleaning and waxing. It will remove some stains/spots and make new spots & stains where waxed easy to remove. We had some water spots that could not removed by waxing. Called Meguiar's and they recommended using their #67 one step compound, then using their Flagship marine wax. This process took care of the spots. We purchased Ollie used and now looks better than when purchased.
  8. John, Looking forward to being able to monitor the BattleBorn with a tablet in the TV and campsite, that's the only device we use that is Bluetooth capable. Good advice about how to connect shunt to battery, was wondering about that and I do have a battery master switch installed. Thanks,
  9. Took your advice and ordered a Victron shunt this morning. We use a tablet with Bluetooth when camping, so should work well monitoring battery, too. https://www.victronenergy.com/battery-monitors/smart-battery-shunt Thanks,
  10. Experimented with full Sun shot to prepare for the eclipse last time. Used a 6' step ladder as a tripod for the last Eclipse. Made a solar filter out of Solar Sheet: Here's the 42X Zoom Point & Shoot camera with filter installed:
  11. On the day I retired, this song replayed over and over in my mind for several hours. 🙂
  12. Imelda, Used to us a Bowtie TV antenna mounted on an old camera tripod that worked well. If you look closely, tied a weight on the tripod to keep the rig from blowing over during windy conditions. It stored easily with folding tripod legs. Handy for local TV reception. Edit: Use two Bowtie antennas for local TV reception at home receiving about 40 channels 20 miles from Charlotte NC:
  13. Here's my research from last night, I am not an electronic tech or engineer. We camp the majority of time with shore power and occasionally on the Blue Ridge Parkway without shore power using a 100W suitcase solar panel and 2000W gen-set for power. We do not have factory installed solar panel charging system on hull #75 LE2. Asked BattleBorn last night about charging with the new Progressive Dynamics PD4045LICSV (Lithium) charging section I installed yesterday in Ollie's PD 4045 converter and possible damage to the TV charging system while charging the new BattleBorn 100AH LifePO4 lithium
  14. Craig, Your research is very interesting and appreciated! Thanks,
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