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  1. Good point, Mounted our non-Bluetooth shunt/indicator in the battery box. If it's Bluetooth capable, this installation could also work in the battery box if there's room and exterior door vents are plugged/sealed when using lithium batteries:
  2. Wanderers, Really like your flat bed truck TV. Been thinking about installing solar panels on our next TV. Our LE2 does not have factory panels installed and use a 100W solar suitcase for now. Also don't like drilling holes in Ollie if I can work around it.
  3. We purchased Ollie used, I'm going to have to increase insured hull value for the second time due to Ollie's increasing value!!!!!!!!!
  4. We did not have the opportunity to attend an Eagles concert, but we got to see Fleetwood Mac in concert in the 70s.
  5. King, Congrats on your beautiful Ollie!
  6. Listening to music on YouTube tonight, and listened to some Eagles. Reminded me of a camping trip with Ollie a few years ago when we camped close to Winslow Arizona and attended a car show on main street:
  7. Listening to different performers of Nessun Dorma lately. Really Like Paul Potts: Saw Father Ray Kelly on "Britain's Got Talent" and found on YouTube how he likes to sing at weddings, too:
  8. We saw him in concert in the 70s, great show!
  9. Here's trim, standard equipment, and option list for 2022 Tundra: https://toyota-cms-media.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/2022_Toyota_Tundra_Product_Information_FINAL.pdf
  10. Here's a side view of our Suburban Hot water heater valve with curbside & water heater on left and furnace inlet vent upper right:
  11. We had water spots that normal waxing would not remove. Called Meguiar's and they recommended using Meguiar's #67 compound first then using Meguiar's Flagship wax, the combination worked great removing water spots and putting a great finish on Ollie! We used both during a two day "workout".
  12. Agree! The following Victron alternator test video (posted previously by another member here) damaged the first alternator tested at 1500RPM. Victron probably had a shorter & larger diameter charging cable, compared to my Tow Vehicles increased length & reduced diameter charging wire to the 7 pin connector. After seeing the following Victron video, I called BattleBorn for advice for my single 100AH BB battery installation. Have not had charging issues with our TV alternator or discharging TV battery with the ignition switched 7 pin on/off charge wire to Ollie. I would call the battery manufacturer for installation advice for larger battery banks.
  13. BattleBorn told me not to worry about TV alternator damage when connected to TV with 7 pin plug with Ollie's single 100AH BB lithium. They said because of charge cable's small diameter and distance from TV to battery, would not see very high amperage charge with TV connected. So far with BattleBorn battery at 75% charge while connected to TV with engine idling have not seen more than 3.5 amps of charge. Our TV has 180 amp alternator and with ignition turned off, the 12V power supply to Ollie is also switched off.
  14. Not into off pavement stuff with our 4 wheel vehicles. The Tundra will fill the bill perfectly as a TV for Ollie and a daily driver for our needs. Still ride motorcycle off pavement a little, but mostly paved twisty riding.
  15. John, Looking forward to Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Bill
  16. Placed a $500 deposit yesterday on a white 2022 SR5 Crewcab 5.5 bed Tundra with 12/24 ETA. After break-in will start towing Ollie and start a thread about the new rig.
  17. Test drove a new 2021 Ram 1500 with 3.0L Diesel last Friday. Best riding pickup I have ever driven. Hard to find one equipped how we want one. Talked to a local Toyota dealer yesterday and he told me they had three 2022 SR5 Tundras allotted & coming in December, He would not let me place a deposit on one because he does not have pricing yet, even though adjacent region Toyota dealers are disclosing pricing. Still looking at other brands, too. Here's one of the 2022 Tundra pricing videos:
  18. Thanks for the report! Will also check out the 1500 3.0L Duramax!
  19. John, Great description! We're looking for a TV right now, too!
  20. David, Nice looking campground and nice shots. We like camping at SC during winter months!
  21. Congrats!!!!!!!!! You will be camping in Ollie before you know it, looking forward to hearing about your camping adventures!
  22. Here's a possible result of early camper storage: Cabin Fever https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cabin fever We winterized Ollie early, because we're between tow vehicles. Waiting to see the new 2022 Tundra and looking at 2022 F-150s, too. We caught up on appointments over the last two months. Enjoy winter camping, so will see how the TV search goes. Took this shot while camping at Hungry Mother SP VA a couple years ago on the Virginia Creeper during a Fiberglass Rally. Camping in the Fall can be beautiful:
  23. That sounds right, the invoice is in Ollie. We were at Hohenwald a couple years ago, purchased new shades, really like them, too!
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