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  1. We purchased a lightweight 6X9 indoor/outdoor carpet to use at home for $19.99 at Costco, it's been on sale for as low as $16. Debbie wanted to try it in Ollie. We purchased another roll for Ollie and cut out three pieces for use over Ollie's Vinyl floor. Had use anti skid rug material under the carpet to keep from slipping. Will see how it works out!
  2. We were camping west of Kansas City one evening next to a lake and made the mistake of leaving the interior lights on with the curb side porch lights on while opening the door. After opening the door, hundreds of Gnats came in Ollie covering part of Ollie's interior wall & ceiling. Took a while to kill the Gnats. Next time we went outside that evening we turned on the street side porch light with the curb side porch lights off to attract the Gnats to the street side of Ollie with all of the interior lights turned off. Did not have Gnat issues when using that strategy opening the door. 🙂
  3. When we purchased Ollie, our bank wired the money from my account to the seller's bank account. It's a secure way to send money and for the seller to receive payment, too. If someone does not like the idea of giving their bank account to a buyer, you can also set up a one time use Bank account, too.
  4. This is not in my 2015 LE2 operators manual, but you're right! 😁
  5. I do too, great products! Wanted to try Shurhold's products with their complete system, will see how it works.
  6. Shurhold said their Wax and Buff Magic (compound) is for Auto and Marine use. Already had plenty of Meguiar's Flagship wax and One Step compound on the shelf, decided to finish using the Meguiar's products before moving to Shurhold products. Last time I visited Oliver a few years ago, one of the guys on the floor said they use Buff Magic after taking Ollies out of the mold. Only used wax on the Tundra, no compound.
  7. It's cloudy here today, but here's the best I can capture with a smartphone:
  8. Waxed the Tundra with the new polisher yesterday, beautiful finish! 👍 Next Ollie jobs, compounding & waxing Ollie and repacking wheel bearings. Next camping trip planned in July!🙂
  9. The Ollie was Hull 82, if I remember correctly
  10. I've been turning wrenches over 50 years, but never learned about vehicle detailing with a powered polisher. Purchased the Shurhold 3100 Dual Action Polisher. Also purchased their pads that work with this polisher. They have videos on Youtube showing how to compound, wax, and how to clean & reuse their pads. https://shurhold.com/products/worlds-best-dual-action-polisher Like Seadawg recommended, the first project was our 2003 Tacoma that we purchased new and has spent most of it's life outside in the Carolina sun. Just finished compounding and waxing the Tacoma. The Shurhold polisher works great for compounding and waxing jobs for the weekend warrior. The Tacoma looks so good, going to put new wheels on it. Going to wax our 2022 Tundra next! Then compound and wax Ollie. Glad Patriot started this thread and appreciate the information from everyone! https://shurhold.com/
  11. Great photos!!! We spend plenty of time in the NC mountains! We have not camped at Lake Powhatan, yet. Will check it out camping with Ollie. Hope y'all have a fine time!
  12. Appreciate you posting the fine fuel economy of your 2021 Silverado 1500 3.0L Diesel towing Ollie in the Colorado mountains. We tow with a gas 2WD 2022 Tundra SR5 1/2 ton pickup getting 14 to 15MPG, it does not get as good of fuel economy towing that your getting, but it's working fine for us towing our LE2, too! Great looking rig, too!
  13. Replaced my tires with all season E (10 ply). LT Cooper Commercial street tires, like the LT BF Goodrich Commercial tires that came originally on our 2015 LE2 Ollie.. Mike installed all terrain type Cooper tires in this post:
  14. Bill, Should be fixed, Thanks, Bill
  15. It would be nice to get a discount at the current price of $190 each for the following Cooper tires. Here's the Cooper tires we installed replacing original LT BF Goodrich Commercial TA load Range E tires at Discount Tire last year. Tried to match as closely as possible original tires hull #75 LE2 was equipped with from Oliver. Unless someone here already knows, will check with Oliver next month while there for service to see what tires will be installed on 2023 Ollies. Cooper Discover HT3 LT 225/75R/16 https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/cooper-discoverer-ht3 edited
  16. Looks like a fine gathering. Great report and photos. Thanks for posting!
  17. Thanks for the report. We look forward to visiting & camping there in July for service work!
  18. Advice appreciated! My first project to learn on will be our 2003 Toyota Tacoma with fiberglass shell, next will be the Tundra, and last will be Ollie. 🙂
  19. Yep, had the same experience with tires on a 87 Toyota pickup. Find myself looking at SOB trailers to see what kind of tires they come with new. When we first saw an Oliver during 2010, we loved how the Ollie looked, but it goes much deeper, tires are just one area that makes our Ollies great campers!
  20. Agree, always though about why Ollies were so stable handling. The better grade of tires has to contribute to trailer stability. I have even had seasoned campers to come up to Ollie while camping admiring the factory installed tires & wheels.
  21. Patriot, thanks for starting this thread! Going to start learning about all of these polishers mentioned. Thanks,
  22. . The OP started the thread about trailer manufacturers installing economy trailer tires, but probably not Oliver. To confirm the OP's original post, tires that came on my LE2 Hull #75 were not economy tires. I did find the off road Cooper tires Mike installed to be nice looking tires. The street tires that came on Hull #75 LE2 from Oliver were BF Goodrich TA Commercial that were E rated street commercial tires. The tires I posted above were Cooper HTS E rated street tires, trying to match the tire quality that originally came from Oliver. As far as off road tires go, I prefer street tires. edited
  23. Here's the Cooper tires we replaced original Commercial BF Goodrich tires with at Discount Tire. My goal was to use a tire close to what Oliver was using last year when they were replaced. Cooper Discover HT3 LT 225/75R/16 https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/cooper-discoverer-ht3 Thinking about installing wheels Oliver has been installing on Ollies lately, but have not done it yet. This is not the newest wheel mentioned earlier. https://www.lionsheadtireandwheel.com/Jaguar-Aluminum-Wheel edited
  24. Very timely! Doing same thing this afternoon, looking for good dual action orbital buffer for the vehicles and Ollie. Looking forward to learning more about these units.
  25. We installed new LT Cooper tires from Discount Tire with over 6 years on our original BF Goodrich Commercial 225/75R/16 tires, but believe the tread looks different compared to Mike's new tires. Need to drop by Ollie today, will take photos and get Cooper tire model. We have a smaller spare tire from Oliver 215/60R/16, maximum 44PSI, too. We could install a standard size spare tire on the wheel since we keep Ollie's spare in the pickup bed to keep Ollie's weight under 5000 pounds ready to camp along with other LE2 weight saving measures. Keep the wheel cover on Ollie for looks.
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