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  1. Met many nice folks showing Ollie. Sometimes we have questions, “What is it” or “It’s like an Airstream”, or “Is it new”. We had a note on Ollie one time in PA from a couple with their campsite number wanting to see inside Ollie. We were the same way when we first saw an Ollie during 2010, after being shown the interior and exterior by a very nice couple from FL, we hoped we would be able to buy one.
  2. What a great adventure! Enjoy seeing your photos and videos!
  3. Thanks for posting the videos! Beautiful scenery, park almost looks empty. October must be a good time to visit.
  4. Took me twice as long on the first shade compared to the second shade. Your estimate probably OK for the second shade. Don’t think our 2015 model had one, but it was 6 years ago. 😐
  5. Checked our Ollie's original yellow tag, RV Trailer Cargo Carrying Capacity in the closet. The original empty weight of our LE2 #75 was 4860 pounds with a cargo capacity of 2140 pounds. Our ready to camp weight is under 5000 pounds with empty fresh/grey/black tanks, with full 6 gallon water heater reducing Ollie's weight by placing the spare wheel/tire in the pickup bed, replaced two group 27 batteries with one Lithium 100AH battery , and replaced original LP tanks with smaller tanks. Our style of camping will not work for all campers here, but works great for us. Our entire rig weighs in at 11,100 pounds with a 2022 Tundra TV during our last camping trip with the trailer tongue weight fitting within the 9% to 11% of trailer weight as required by the Tundra's operators manual. The latest generation Toyota Sequoia has the same engine as our Tundra, but the new Hybrid Sequoia has more torque/HP than our non Hybrid Tundra. Previous comments in this thread are valid when interior space of the Hybrid Sequoia is compared to 4 door Crewcab pickup's available storage space. Our Tundra has plenty of power for our style of camping, but as mentioned above, I understand why some folks here need a HD truck for LE2 towing duty. HD trucks are not required for towing an LE2 Ollie safely if care is taken with overall weight management and complying with TV operators manual. I have not towed through any western US mountain passes yet with our current Tundra, but someone here recently posted in another thread about towing their LE2 with a 2023 Tundra through +10,000' mountain passes without any issues.
  6. Straight & level make me queasy! 🙃
  7. Thanks for looking up those weights. Subtract 340 pounds from the load capacity making a new load capacity of 1060 pounds. Add that weight to the above curb weight. 1060 pounds + 5440 pounds = 6500 pounds that is 490 pounds under vehicle gross weight of 6990 pounds, use that method of finding payload or use the correct method to find actual payload by subtracting curb weight from gross weight, which is 6990 pounds - 5440 pounds = 1550 pounds. I will not exceed the placarded load capacities.
  8. Check out the how to calculate truck payload capacity section in Reading Truck’s following link. https://www.readingtruck.com/calculating-your-trucks-maximum-payload-and-towing-capacity/
  9. There are AC covers available, that could help keep daubers out. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rv+ac+cover&crid=WMFIA4XGFUNA&sprefix=rv+ac+cover%2Caps%2C121&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  10. When we purchased Ollie used, there were mud daubers in the AC that made a lot of noise from time to time. It was hard to find them with the cover off, but finally found them & got rid of them, happy to report no issues since.
  11. Normally after loading for a trip and connecting our LE2 Ollie, our Tundra’s weight normally comes in around 300 pounds or more under gross weight and under both axle maximum weights. Even though our current 2022 Tundra has a lower gross weight than our previous 2016 Tundra, it has a higher load capacity, that I appreciate. We never get close to our current Tundra’s gross weight. Like I say, we never exceed any placarded weights and appreciate Toyota being conservative with their weights. This practice takes care of insurance concerns.
  12. I need to along with everything else! 😂
  13. Silly question, foot pump is for motorcycle and small utility trailer, not for spare tire in photo. 🤣
  14. We keep Ollie in a 36'X36' hangar with three sides. It does not have power, occasionally take the solar panels or gen-set to the hangar to charge the battery in the winter. It has an asphalt floor. We have had mud daubers to get into Ollie's window drains stopping them up. Now we put tape on the drains to keep the daubers out.
  15. Agree, I like Toyota’s practice of being conservative with their weights. We never exceed original placarded weights, too.
  16. A year ago weighed the Tundra with all contents removed, current accessories installed, full 32 gallon fuel tank, and no occupants. Found Toyota was conservative with payload weight on our Tundra. Original payload of 1400 pounds from Toyota that I comply with. Subtracted current Curb weight from GVW to learn payload. Use CAT scales to be sure we don't exceed GVW, front axle, and rear axle maximum weights. For how we camp, we don't have any problems staying under Toyota's maximum weights. Very surprised by the results: GVW 6990 pounds - Curb weight 5440 pounds = 1550 pounds. Reading Truck on payload and towing capacities: https://www.readingtruck.com/calculating-your-trucks-maximum-payload-and-towing-capacity More details in following thread.
  17. Agree, hard to believe how fast these pickup trucks are with the small displacement V-6 twin turbos. When the traffic is heavy and I have a gap in traffic to "blend in", it's more of a thought pulling out from a stop sign blending in with the traffic. Even when towing Ollie, it has plenty of power. Fuel economy is good with these engines, too.
  18. That’s lots of weight. Our Ollie empty weight was lighter than yours when new. Our Ollie does not have factory solar, it only has one 100AH lithium battery, the Ollie spare tire is transported in the truck bed, and we have much smaller LP tanks installed than all Ollies come with. With different CAT scales weighing our rig over the years, weights posted are accurate. Saw the tool chest you keep in the TV, I keep a small 5 pound tool bag for repairs along with another 5 pound kit for PEX repairs.
  19. Wow! We have not had our Tundra/Ollie rig that high before. How does the performance of your rig at higher elevations compare to lower elevations? Always assumed the twin turbos would perform well at high elevations..
  20. Yep, agree. Our 1/2 ton 2022 SR5 Crew Cab 3.4L twin turbo non- hybrid Tundra towing our LE2 does a fine job for our needs. The Crew Cab Tundra does a good job when Grandchildren visit, too. On a camping trip last week on the way to the campground decided to weigh the rig. We always weigh with close to a full fuel tank, two souls on board, and empty black/grey/fresh tanks except for full 6 gallon hot water heater. This trip we took our normal camping gear in the pickup bed with golf clubs, gear, and cooler in the back seat area. We played a neat mountain course on this trip, too. CAT scales weights Tundra and Ollie connected last week. TV steer axle 3080 pounds TV Drive axle 3560 pounds Trailer axles 4460 pounds Rig Weight 11,100 pounds Normally tongue weight is around 480 pounds how we normally load, did not disconnect TV this time to see tongue weight on this trip. The ready to camp weight of our LE2 is under 5,000 pounds. 2022 SR5 Crew Cab Tundra Maximum Weights GVW 6990 pounds GAWR Max front axle 4,080 pounds GAWR Max rear axle 3,860 pounds TWR Trailer Max weight 11,400 pounds GCWR Combined TV/Trailer 17,250 lbs Edit added document:
  21. Art and David, Great photos!!!!! Love Flag photos!!!!!!!!
  22. We camped at New River State Park NC this week. Very nice campground and great area to visit: View from Mount Jefferson:
  23. Great photos, food, and trip. We have not visited RMNP yet, but it’s on our list. Please post photos!
  24. Sounds like a Great plan! Have fun!!!!
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