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Have you Owned OTHER kinds of Campers? Why change to OLIVER?


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I was trying to figure where this would fit best, I guess it's here.


I like when I come across reviews on other forums, from owners of other brands, that take the time to learn what we know, for themselves.




It reinforces the knowledge of having made a good first choice.

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I've been camping all my life.  My parents had an old tent, then an Apache tent trailer.  I used to go with just my truck and sleep on the ground next to my dirt bike.  Colder weather got me over doing that.  Besides, I don't feel the need to rough-it these days.  It's nice to be warm and it's fun to cook great meals while out camping.


My favorite places are in the high desert.  My daughter and I were in Death Valley in a big wind storm and had the chance to stay in a nice little trailer for the night.  It was so nice that I really started looking at them more seriously.


I've had a pop-up camper and several trailers now and none of them were very good quality or even practical.  My Toy Hauler made one trip to Death Valley and had a lot of damage from the vibration, etc.  Plus drafty and hard to heat.  It was disappointing to sort of give up on trailers.


I saw an Oliver here locally.  An older Elite and really liked it, but it didn't have enough headroom.  Then I started searching and discovered the new Elite ll.  I was hooked.  Expensive, but it would probably last the rest of my life and be so efficient in a number of ways.  I had pretty much decided to order one when I found a like new one that was close by.  It looked like it had never been used.  That did it!  There was the opportunity staring me right n the face, so I went for it.


Earlier, I finished out a 42' fiberglass Ketch.  I designed and put up the rig, did all the systems and learned how to sail on it.  I put thousands of miles on that boat in the San Francisco Bay and sailed it to Mexico and back.  Meanwhile, I lived on-board for about 17 years.


I recently finished building our home in Northern Nevada and will be retiring at the end of this year.  Ollie is in the garage, waiting for Spring and for me to have a bit more time to start making some short trips.  Bullards Beach, Oregon this July, for instance, and lots of trips around the Eastern Sierras and hot springs in the next few months.   Next year we'll be off wandering with no schedule.


No buyers remorse here.  Just the promise of a some really fun times in our beautiful little home on wheels.


With the Oliver, I really appreciate the quality, ease of towing and general usefulness.  The stickies I've had were all about building the cheapest thing they could get away with, and pretty much, were disposable.   I've always admired Airstreams too, but the cost is higher, they are not really designed to be practical so much as designed to look good and the 8' width makes them a lot harder to tow.



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