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  1. Sorry, just saw this. That sounds great. When I replaced the suspension/greased the bearings (level in driveway), I'd forgotten the inner seal (1st time doing) and it was up on its jacks for more than 24 hours, without wheels, no problems, as a precaution I lowered it to it's lowest level and placed lumber cornerways under the rear frame (just in case). In my opinion, placing any kind of jack under an Ollie would be more of an emergency situation, than what I did above.
  2. 1. I've used ours a lot, it's nice to be able to sit outside on either side, sometimes curb side is the parking lot, driveway, other people etc and street side is wilderness. On a side note, I'm near Winnipesaukee if you'd like to stop by and sit around it and decide on things with no pressure. PM me 2. We have it and have never used it. I use my phone and YouTube TV for TV and local news. 3. We have it and have used it a few times, it works really well for what it does, been in a no bars coverage area and turned it on and had 3 out of 4 bars 4G
  3. I've had the Helinox for a few years, various sizes, they are great for portability and comfort [attachment file=Lake Powell.jpg]
  4. I've had a few of these for quite a while, they have worked flawlessly. Originally I got them to keep an eye on the fridge/freezer temps, then played with them moving around to different locations. The tracking is the best part, I can leave them somewhere for a month or so and then just check too see what the conditions do over that time period, without having to check them all the time to see and track live data. My Oliver sits on the edge of my driveway and sitting in my kitchen or living room I can open the app and it updates just fine. If you aren't looking to compare multiple locations at the same time you wouldn't need more than one, as you can track a location for a week and then just move it. Having one is with the cost, just to satisfy whatever curiosity you may have about any given location for whatever period of time you'd like.
  5. Full disclosure: I have the Telesteps and have never hesitated to recommend it. I would also recommend the Xtend and climb This video is entertaining and informative. As to that Yesker ladder, one of the things I do when shopping on Amazon is to search by manufacturer name, products by Yesker include USB charging cables, iPhone cases, glass bottles with eye droppers, fingernail scrub brushes, pineapple corers, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, waterproof fitness trackers... While I don't hesitate to purchase Dexter authorized bearings that may be made in China, there are some products I would stay away from.
  6. Viair 450P-RV I also use it to winterize and inflate our paddle boards
  7. Someone just shared this on airforums and I thought I'd pass it along here too. "Victron has just released a new book called "Wiring Unlimited". I hate to use the term "ultimate", but this is the ultimate reference book for anyone wanting to do electrical work on their RV. You can download a copy at:" https://www.dropbox.com/s/pdkngditufe0zfb/Wiring%20Unlimited.pdf?dl=1
  8. If you check the airstream forums, there is usually discussion every year of caravans going down, Baja area I think.
  9. There are numerous reviews to be found. http://rvlife.com/rv-trip-planning-apps/ I'm a wanderer, so Google Maps, Allstays and Harvest Hosts just to see what's up ahead whenever I get to somewhere I'm ready to stop.
  10. Having one of the new trailers with the water feed from the top, my guess would be that debris from the hole cut found its way into the drain line and possibly clogged the valve assembly. The beauty to pex, cut the line somewhere before the valve, take it in the house and clean it make sure it flows good and then Sharkbite it back together, it's just a drain line. Make sure the tanks empty before you cut that line though...
  11. And these fit perfectly https://www.amazon.com/Ottomanson-Ottohome-Collection-Non-Skid-Non-Slip/dp/B00U82HKLM You need to select the 1'10"x12'
  12. If placed low on the wall in the corner near the toilet, it would become a part of the cold air return, when the heat is on, and would draw the air from between the hulls when the exhaust fan is. Once the door is open to leave little to any moist air would enter the vent. Use one of these covers and that would eliminate most chance of any water going in. I believe the wall is a single layer between the head and under dinette seat. https://www.amazon.com/SeaLux-Stainless-Marine-Engine-Louvered/dp/B01LW71I0Z
  13. That was my thought too. But I got pooh-poohed... http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/heating-system/#post-40919
  14. If you remove the access over the water pump you can pull the heater ducting off the rear blower vent and just lay it out in the hull pointing towards the front. The duct is only held on with a clamp requiring a straight slot screwdriver. Put the cover back in place to contain as much heat as possible. Going to both locations means that the freeze would be at/behind the wheel well. I'm not sure how they've changed the routing but there used to be a tee below the sink behind the cabinets along the outer wall.
  15. Steph, your truck should be fine for towing an Elite II, make sure it has an integrated brake controller and go with the Andersen hitch (Oliver will set it up) and you can have many years of enjoyable towing. Before I had a clue, I towed mine with '13 Sierra 5.3L without any hitch setup and it did fine. Don't plan on racing people up the passes on the way home and dial up the brake controller for going back down and everything should be great. Any extra weight over what the truck payload can handle can be placed in the trailer as that would be where your extra numbers will be found. As to performance TFL Truck has a new video comparing the 5.0L F150 vs Ecoboost (turbo) when dealing with the pass, while not the Dodge it can give you an idea
  16. I started with a '13 Sierra 1500, went from Boston to Vegas and back it had no issues and no problems, southern route smaller inclines. Did a few other trips that had steeper inclines, just not for miles long, and it did struggle, more than I liked. Crunching the numbers it was always a close thing, I would pack some things in the trailer, instead of the truck, as it had more carrying capacity. Looking at long term thinking, I decided to part ways with it after 1 year (looked at it as a long term rental) and get rid of it while it still had most value. I started looking at the F250s and when it came down to crunching all the numbers I found that getting an 11,500lb GVWR F350 vs a 10,000lb GVWR F250 cost approx $500 more and got me 1500lbs of payload capacity, which matters greatly when getting 900-1000lbs of extra engine under the hood. Now when I check all the numbers, it's only out of curiosity not because I need to make sure I'm not going over any. You mention exploring new areas, one of the additional benefits of the extra payload is we now carry a 2up quad in the bed (1,000 lbs) park the trailer and really explore new areas, and still don't come close to worrying about any numbers.
  17. I agree and that was my first thought, being that it is limited to the city water. They used to and I believe they still do, as discussed in other threads. Mine is located in front of the street side taillight, once the line goes horizontal. I know this because it was the first thing to freeze and be replaced when I got the trailer...
  18. Just saw this posted on airforums, looks very interesting, maybe installed under curb side bed. Has anyone seen anything on them? https://proteng.com/rv_home/
  19. Massachusetts used to have signs on all highways entering the state, mandatory automatic 1 year in jail, first offense, any firearm anywhere in the vehicle. If not in possession of Massachusetts license for it.
  20. Just keep in mind that any off-road tuned suspension usually equals soft and squishy, to absorb the bumps, which is counter productive to heavy weight towing. You may need to stiffen it back up slightly.
  21. Here's the newest one http://www.atlismotorvehicles.com
  22. This link may work better Amazon
  23. I've had the dri-dek for a while and will be purchasing some hypervent at some point soon. Just this week I had to pull both mattresses out and remove and wash the covers, the rear half of the mattress all around the curve, was completely soaked (I thought the window leaked, it hadn't) I will get enough of the hypervent to also go up the outside wall. When first getting the dri-dek know that it SMELLS and really needs to air for quite a while.
  24. I would imagine it's all about longevity, under cover or in the sun? With cut sheet vinyl fading shouldn't be quite the same issue as printed on vinyl. There's a reason for the price difference...
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