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Should the refrigerator in our Ollie be "on" all of the time ?


If refrigerators in a home are not kept running, per many owners manuals, the seals in the refrigeration unit (not door seals) will dry out and deteriorate.  Does this rule apply to our trailers?

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I sure hope the rule doesn't apply. I store my Oliver in a storage unit without electricity. Except when travelling, the fridge is off and the door is kept wide open. I also clean the fridge after each trip so it's clean when the camper is in storage. Many owners store their Ollies outside and have the ability to run the fridge on DC if they have solar. I don't know if any do this, but I doubt it.



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The "keep them running" rule does not apply to absorption type refrigerators.  The kind in an Ollie that run on propane and not on a compressor.


I don't know why that would even apply to a modern compressor type because they have no mechanical seal and are hermetically sealed with no protruding shafts.   Old fashioned fridges and deep freezes had an electric motor that turned a compressor with a belt, similar to automotive air conditioners.  That is the type that needs to run once in a while.

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