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Clean awnings


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Cleaning an awning? Any secrets? At a CG we were at in the western mountains of Maine a lot of the seasonals would leave their awning out all season. They would just lower when they were away. Usually at the end of the season they would wash with a product called Reliable. They would do about 3 square feet at a time. When all done, they would put about a cup of Murphy's Oil Soap in a pail of warm water, and redo the awning with a brush and rinse. They would look like new. Next season the oak dropping, pine pitch and needles, and fine dust would rinse right off. Hardly any effort. Also that Reliable to those stubbon black streaks off those stick built trailers...

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they seemed to use whatever pail they had. I'd guess about a cup to a gallon or so. They usually scrubbed with a stiffer brush the Reliable, if it hadn't been done in a while or before. Amazing how dirty the fabric can get, and how labor intensive it can be to clean. Hence 3 square feet at a time. The oil soap was usually done with a semi soft brush on a long handle to work it into the embossing of the fabric. And then lightly rinsed. The light soap residue seemed to be what released the soil the next time...


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