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  1. Another favorite gizmo: a magnetic whiteboard calendar (CVS $7.99). Mounted on the closet door with Command strips. All pertaining info is written there. Also local reservation paperwork is held there. That gives local emergency numbers, as well as CG info (usually).
  2. This screen door handle is the current favorite gizmo. The more I use it the more I appreciate it.
  3. Hard to pick a favorite? Which of those hammers always seems to be the one in your hand?
  4. Richard.. I looked at mine a while ago. I was concerned about salt air, and minimal use on salted roads. As far as I could see there was no, repeat no, visual degradation of any of the quotes.
  5. Isn't the EI 6" narrower than an EII , side to side? Also isn't the sleeping area narrower, front to back? If height is a concern, would think a bunk layout must fit also be a concern?
  6. Have you arranged a tour of local Olivers? That may be the deciding factor on which size bests fits you and your lifestyle. My bet is this will be your "forever" trailer, and should be what fits you the best. The tv might just be a secondary factor based on what you choose. Seems almost like you realize the tv you have may be undersized for where you might want to go. Bigger solar, dual axles, larger kitchen, and a pantry also figure into the decision making process. They do add weight and cost, but also add to resale value. Good luck on the decision process, it is solely a personal decision...
  7. Take a factory tour. Then go to a local rv dealer and look inside the compartments of new units. My desk stapler has heavier staples than used to hold trim on. I saw 3/4" X 1" pine as wall studs ( and a knot had already fallen out as it twisted). Look at what the tires really are. Look at the underside and see if there is a thin frame prone to rusting out. While under there look to see if floor is particle board. Then go look at Oliver. Arrange a local visit..
  8. Had a friend show a picture of the damage a turkey will do to an Airstream panel at 60 mph. ( sorry no picture to show). You thought hail damage was bad? It severely dented the top curved panel on the front. Opened the seam of the next panel. Hopefully not totalled.
  9. I had a dealership replace a circuit board, and they did a great job. Actually they did the job ahead of schedule. They called me and asked if I could come get it soon. It seems their customers were interested in buying it, and of course they don't sell Olivers. A great small dealership...
  10. Welcome to the "family". As you have already gathered, there are really no strangers here. You can ask questions, and you can expect many different answers, some may actually be correct. Welcome from Maine, and hull #211...
  11. We ordered ours in 2016, a 2017 model. Guess we could consider ours to be an "older" model, as we heard #1022 is in the production pipeline. We camped with some 10 Olivers the first week of June. A couple of them were in the 100 range, and one was less than 2 weeks old. Hard to tell them apart. Still shined in the sun.
  12. And just like that I became a posting machine... ( maybe these badges belong in the background for staff use?)
  13. Joined in 2016 and just got a badge for one year in. Something does not compute...
  14. Great. This seems to have eliminated a lot of grief. Good job!
  15. Richard.. After we talked, got curious. When your awning is all the way out, have you measured the fabric? Was thinking it might be longer (stretched) on the left, as it rolls in the upper tube and is pulled to the right?
  16. It was a fun time. We all learned at least one thing. Most of all we learned that Maine Oliver owners are a Great group of people. Oh ya, and we have to practice our game of Corn hole!
  17. A great time was had by all. What a wealth of knowledge in that group...
  18. No 6 volt? No problem! Nothing to plug into anyway. Go for it.
  19. We run a cpap machine. We used to, while boondooking, run the inverter and plug the machine into the kitchen outlet. When she needed (they said) a new machine I requested the 12 V plug with it as well. We have run the lights, tv during the evening, the furnace and the cpap all night and had no appreciative drop in voltage available. The solar had a full charge by 10am. The machine sits on a stool as we were told the machine should be below the head. We have the standard king layout...
  20. While doing your research, check out ; "Ladies on the Fly"...
  21. We like Moosehead Lake as a great place. It is away from the tourist areas. Though the pink granite of Acadia, the pounding surf, and fresh lobster are hard to beat. Lily Bay SP is great, but probably all ready booked. We go to Seboomaook Wilderness Campground. 24 miles to the stop sign, turn right at the stop sign and it is only another 12 miles, all on well maintained dirt roads. It is the site of a POW camp for German Africa Corp,during WWII. "Who knew the Army ran on paper and needed pulp?" It is the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States, large Brook and Lake Trout. It is recommended that you stop for the Moose, and wait for them to get off the road. They tend to be quite large. The area doesn't have a large population, and it is a little travel to Greenville, but the have some nice restaurants and ice cream stands. PEI is a nice once in a life time run, and Nova Scotia has some truly quaint spots. Rumor is the border may open to vaccinated folks come July 1rst. We do have a free field with plenty of sun, 20 amp plug and cold well water near Brunswick ( 3 miles from the Interstate) if needed ...
  22. We had to travel from Maine to New Hampshire to see ours, back in 2016. We knew there might be a couple in the state in the years since. We started to gather a list and it turned out to be in the neighborhood of 18. Used ones are hard to find, and if you find one the word is to move quick. One of our folks bought one in Pennsylvania, the other traveled to Minnesota. We started gathering the list to see if there was any interest in a Meet & Greet. A time and place was chosen and 10 signed up in the first week, I am sure more since. The point is, there is some pent up demand, especially for a quality product. The nice thing about a smaller unit, it will usually fit in the last camping spot, that the 45' SOB (some other brand) didn't have a chance in filling. Welcome aboard...
  23. You didn't mention you had seen an Oliver Elite? Have you been "invited" to visit one? That really is the one item that might "seal the deal". Anita should be able to set you up a visit to one somewhere reasonably close. You want to be sure you will be comfortable in the unit you choose. Do you have the 2022 brochure? They are out. We just had some delivered.
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