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  1. We usually stop in Monson too. Usually both coming and going, at Spring Creek BBQ. Think we might go back to Seboomock Wilderness CG at some point. Would like the NP to open up again, might be nice without the crowds.
  2. Hi we left there on the 19th. We looked for every back road there was to get home. May have gone through at least three towns that I am not even sure I knew existed. Was you in a "convoy"? Somebody told me the saw a EII and an DO traveling through Gardner about that time. Nice to meet you Michelle. Bob hull#211
  3. No. There are bins in the floor on each side, plus areas under the table that cover the hump. There is also quite a bit of storage back under where the seats were. Might depend on the model and how equiped?
  4. We like the fold UP rear seats in the Ram and that we can do it as a split.. But we love the storage under the seat base and the tool/storage boxes on either side. Raincoats, jumper cables, tow straps for those trucks with built in hooks on front, and some tools. Somethings just can't be left in the camper...
  5. A friend, who has a GMC, said that it was a good thing that Ford was coming out with a fold down seat. It would give the driver a place to take a nap, while waiting for the tow truck?
  6. Thank! Need something to go get ice cream in...
  7. 53 Mercury Monterey (?) maybe?
  8. How often does anyone drain the tank? I drain it when flushing, sanitizing, or winterizing. Have to get in there to move other valves anyway to accomplish those tasks
  9. It is indeed a 54. Three on the tree, no radio, but it does have a heater. Armstrong steering.
  10. No, not at all. Just pump up those Sears, Roebuck and Co. Dynaglass belted tires and hit the road. What could happen?
  11. Thanks! 34,000 original miles. Ended up not hooking up, only 6 volts.
  12. Think we might be almost ready to hook up? Put up the stairs and go?
  13. Summer has been interesting this year. Between mask, rain, and other pestilence we have managed to get out a few times. Got to stop at Dunton's Hot Dog stand. In town that day you could park almost anywhere. Stopped in the middle of the street to talk to a friend and nobody came up behind us and honked. Strangely quiet in town. Boat is ready to launch once the thunder stops. I know there is a big Stripper with my name on it. How's it going for you folks? At least the on shore breezes will keep you cool.
  14. Was pleasantly surprised, hardly any mosquitoes. There were a few "no-seeums" in the evening, so we set up our a screenhouse for the first-time ever while camping. Strange year as there was plenty of open sites. We will go back.
  15. We don't have it, and have never needed it yet. That said we do carry a 25' 30 amp extension cord, and have used it. We just boondocked for 4 days in amongst some really tall trees, ran the cpap, lights, pump, and dvd/tv, inverter and microwave. By 9:30 in the morning the sun had recharged our batteries. We have been in camping areas where some really annoying people have run generators all night. We had early on decided not to be one of those people. However, now some of these generators have become very quiet and lightweight. Here in the northern corner of the northeast ac is seldom needed. But there are a few days we would have used it lately. If we lived in a more southern clime we would be onboard and a port side awning too. Guess it all depends on where and when you will be using your unit. Bet it is more expensive to add after the build...
  16. No hook ups, but wasn't a problem. They have a central bathhouse if needed. Had to add water to the tank and only found one faucet with a threaded hose connection, and that was at the dump station (it was marked potable water). Thankfully we had a little device called a "Bandit", which slides over a non threaded faucet and converts to hose thread. Next we need a 5 gallon collapsing bladder or jug. The one gallon took too many trips. Usually the place is full, but there were plenty of open sites during the week. Sandi marked the map for suitable sites...
  17. The water (in the shallows) was almost 60. Not bad considering that a month ago it was just melted snow. North of us yesterday they set an all time record of 96 and our humidity is around 60. Funny that where the boat is, the Gulf of Maine is also almost 60 degrees. With all that is going on in the world, you never know what might happen next. Next there might even be women in space, ...oh wait... Never mind...!
  18. We did our own graphic install on the front. No maintenance issues. I like the factory graphics on the sides because it helps with the question, " when did Casita start making a big trailer? ".
  19. We spent 4_days here. So so quiet amongst the trees and mountains. 1000 foot elevation and New England's largest lake. The moose and deer seemed friendly too. Even with the tall trees the solar charged everything before 9:30...
  20. I can think of several spots where something of that size could be mounted, depending on method of mounting. Oh never mind, forget I " mentioned" it.
  21. We have the standard unit, 2017 hull #211. In a previous life we had owned a Scamp, and found that we seldom took it out of the bed configuration, being there is just the two of us. That being said, we were camping at a central spot and two other couples joined us with their SOBs (some other brand). As was typical we shared a 'potluck/buffet' evening meal, but as was also typical it started to rain. Guess which was the only unit that could seat six? True that those seated at the back couldn't get out quickly, but evidently they were comfortable. Two bottles of wine and 2 1/2 hours passed without complaints. And to reset to a bed was a 5 minute task. Normally we use a double opened sleeping bag as a base, and individual afghans as tops. That way we do not disturb the other if we have to slide out. Having the dinette convert for a grandchild guest is a bonus too.
  22. The heat in the bathroom circulates a whole lot better with the door open. It is so tight for air flow in there that with the bathroom door closed the exhaust vent struggles for air unless the door or window are open. That is why we put an additional vent from the main cabin when using the dinette so we could close the door.
  23. Personally we have never had a problem with the toilet/tank/disposal setup. Simple, easy, and relatively quick. If that portable tank is too heavy only fill it half full, or maybe get a smaller tank? You do know the handle is designed to slide over the trailer hitch, and be pulled by the tow vehicle? The law, at least in Maine, is those portable tanks are only to be used by those that have been instructed by the CG staff. Maybe the simple task, and the power of gravity, are not as obvious to all as one would think...
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