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  1. My question, if your black tank is larger than your tote, are you subject to overflow? An overflow would mess up the campsite, and make storage and cleanup of the tote tedious. How do you know when the tote is almost full? Would it gush out a vent? It would be nice if they had some kind of gauge.
  2. My guess is that the local VFW Auxiliary would love to fill orders as a way to raise funds. If Oliver was to just recover costs, it would reap many benefits for them in brand recognition (and a lot cheaper than advertising). Brand recognition and awareness is in valuable, ask any major sports team...
  3. I always blow out all the lines first with air. Then our water heater is put on bypass. I hand pump antifreeze into the city inlet until it comes out the outside shower.Then we hook up the short hose, open the cold bathroom faucet, and turn on the pump..and so forth, and so forth...
  4. Robin at Bannana Banners did our front graphic. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and the side stripe colors on the Oliver. She e-mailed the image to me for approval. I stopped by to pick it up, as she is only a few miles away. It was in a mailing tube, and she would have mailed it. (She has since done a couple of family business trucks). We installed it at a campground after picking up the Oliver. It took longer to clean the front with denatured alchol than it did to install. I was impressed how easy it was to install, and to do business with Robin.
  5. If it uses the small bottles, will you be able to use on the Oliver, because of different pressures??
  6. A word of caution. A jumper wire can turn on the lights. But, as was done at the Rally, the bright LED lights of the Ollie can be offensive to other campers. So maybe should only be done at an Airstream Rally to outshine them?
  7. When you roll it up does it go into the case evenly? If so, you should be golden. Meaning fabric same length on both sides...
  8. Could it just be the gfic under the dinette tripped?
  9. I have to lean against the bumper to get the pin out on #211.. if I was to drill out a hole I would have to lean on the other side because of the weight. I just lean on both sides as we remove the pins.
  10. ACE....One that threw me. I thought it was a brand name. Turns out they were calling Army Corp Engineers this.
  11. If the handle is in line with the pipe, it is open. If it is across the pipe, it is closed..
  12. Think you can get a flex hose atTractor Supply, and a tube of Red grease, to fit you existing gun. No shipping.
  13. Some of the new graphic vinyl have micro channels built into the back. This allows an easy removal of air, so no bubbles and easy application. This took about 10 minutes, at a campsite, to install. Most of the time was cleaning. Bugs and dirt wash right off. The factory supplied hull # took 1/2 hour and might still have a few little bubbles..
  14. If the grill uses the "little green bottles", the regulator maybe have to be changed or eliminated? Something to consider as you gather parts...
  15. Real soft tires can contribute to sway, or a slight sensation of it.
  16. Nice thing with the 2500, you can put a snow plow on it. I know, looks funny in January, heading down 95 with a plow on front and an Ollie on back...heading for someplace warm...
  17. I have an unused pair of the doors (hatches). I was going to install myself and modify the compartment. By the time my unit was finished, the factory had modified how the compartment was laid out and had changed the wiring harness in there. They had added a 2 1/2" deep electrical box for the stabilizer jacks. This did not allow the tanks to move forward easily enough to justify the process. Also they had upgraded from a male/female umbilical plug from the tug. It was replaced by a heavier duty cable that would have to be moved. Maybe I will tackle the project someday, but I see diminished returns for effort at the moment...
  18. Any one like the idea of a Caravan of Oliver's heading to and from the Rally?
  19. Think he might do it??? You just know somebody will, sooner or later...
  20. Maybe yellow wheels with a green pin stripe?
  21. Has anyone thought about putting a graphic of an Oliver Tractor grill on the front of an Oliver trailer? Maybe a real grill shell? Sure would know who was coming at you. Maybe matching green stripes on the side..
  22. We have the Ram 2500 4x4 with the 6.4 power plant. Would we have bought it to just tow the Oliver? Maybe not. But we also use it with a v-plow to keep our road open if we stay home. We have been super happy with it when launching and retrieving the boat. It sits up high, so you can see what is up ahead on the road. It has been a great truck with tons of creature comforts. Our only problem with the Oliver attached? It is those new mega gas stations. It is hard to pull into some of them (it is hard to pull into some of them with a car.). We love ours. We are going to take off the tonneau cover that hides the camping gear, and put on a matching color truck cap. It will give us more room to get "stuff" without unloading everything. It will also allow us to carry kayaks or a canoe...
  23. I was thinking of rotating my tires 270 degrees, counter clockwise, doing this every 90 days on a 30 day cycle. But then February, with only 28 days showed up. Besides I would have to shovel path to get to it. New plan. Guess we will have to continue as we have successfully done before. Hook up, check tire pressure, drive off. After all, Spring and Daylight Savings Time is less than 30 days away here in the northeast, and that means camping season locally...
  24. Welcome. Have you looked at an Oliver? What makes you think an Oliver is right for you? What part of the country are you in? If you have thought about any of these questions, you are about ready. When talking with folks, I don't recall any of them saying I wished I had worked longer, instead of retiring. Again welcome. The forum can give you more info than you need.
  25. Open the temp and pressure valve. The little lever on the brass valve at the top of the heater. If you get water out you have the valve in the right place. Get any air out. This is the first step. Then open hot water faucet to get any air there out of the lines.
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