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So how long have *you* been messing around with RV's?


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I thought that this might be an interesting topic of conversation ...


I've been around RVs all my life starting at about age 4. This photo was taken in 1966 at our house in San Antonio. The fine rig you see in the background is a 13' Mercury that my Dad re-built inside to hold two adults, three kids, and a cat (which you can sort of see in the crook of my Mom's right arm). Those sawhorse stab jacks are state of the art, eh? That's me standing on the step and holding my head, which happens to be my usual reaction whenever anything goes wrong with one of our rigs. My wife cracked up when she saw this picture for the first time and said "Nothing's changed!". :lol:


My parents went on to have two other travel trailers and then a series of eight (yep, *8*) motorhomes. They just sold their final Class A at the ages of 80 and 83 after having made it to all 48 lower states and all of the bordering provinces in Canada. We're sad that they're no longer the nomads they once were but are glad that they're home and safe given their health.


Neither my older brother or older sister got the bug, but I sure did. I'm now on RV #4 (three TT's and one fiver) and scratching my head about #5, thus my activity on this forum.


So how about everyone else?



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Unfortunately, my parents were not the camping type, but my dh and I have had an RV for 6 years now and before that we tent camped for many years. I cannot ever imagine not owning some kinda of RV. I just love it and am ready to go at a moments notice.

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Started tent camping as a kid, Dad was avid hunter, and saw a lot of WI,MN and MI. My 1st was a Contempo converted VW van, 2nd was a Westfalia VW.Saw a LOT of No Cal and Nevada. Long time with out then a 2 Casitas and now my Oliver, The last 3 with a combined 50-60 thousand miles. Have used friends MHs and larger TTs and even a fiver but nothing been better than the little eggs!! No matter the brand, I think they're the only way to GO!

JMHO! Chuck 8-)

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