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Oliver Meets Airstream.... on Airstream Owner's playground!

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While viewing the Airforum website for Airstream Trailer owners, an interesting advertisement was among the mix.  Oliver Trailers!


Airstream owners and Trailer shoppers may find Oliver 23 and 25 foot trailers an excellent all around trailer.  I have yet to physically look at an Oliver II 25 foot trailer over, but some of the interior photographs I have seen give the brand... a BIG plus in my opinion.


The 'price point' is very competitive for an Oliver Trailer.  The interest of Oliver Trailers is breaking out of the Special Group of Owners and into the general trailer market.  The lengths are at the top of the 'bell curve' of most trailer owner's preference.  Not too small.  Not too big.  Just... right.  The width at 7 feet makes the Oliver an optimum Boondocking trailer, ON or OFF the Grid.


The Airstream 23 foot is 8 feet wide and the 25 foot is 8 feet six inches wide.


Fiber glass shell and insulation, just may, beat the aluminum shell with insulation to maintain a comfortable interior during cold, cool, warm and hot weather.


Fewer leaks of the outer shell.  Less expensive to repair fiber glass.  White fiber glass reflects heat.  No rivets in one of the two brands.  Yes.  I own an Airstream.  It is a fine trailer.  It holds its value over time.   Oliver... is RARE... but getting attention of those who know trailers.  Will the 'Big Trailer Manufacturers' focus on the Oliver as a coming... menace to their business?  Be proud of your Oliver Trailer.  I look forward of the day to Boondock Dry Camping with an Oliver for a great conversation and time Off the Grid.


Be well, fellow trailer owners, and expect Oliver Trailers to BEAT the competition as to quality, meeting  the highest standards.  Competition may make produce more inventory, but quality is sacrificed.  Quality is the best advertising a trailer manufacturer needs to be recognized as Number One in the Industry.  It speaks louder to everyone looking for something... new, innovative, practical and affordable.




A seven foot wide Oliver would make any narrow road cut... look, rather easy.










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