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Anyone done an antenna mast?


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I know that I've seen one or two flagpole masts out there, but I'm curious if anyone has ever mounted an extendable antenna mast on the back of their ollie.  Something like this.


It's just a passing thought, but I was thinking maybe it would be better to have the WiFi and cell boost antennas mounted back there out of the way of low hanging branches and maybe also better to have their coax connections down low instead of penetrating the roof.  It would also allow me to get the antennas up higher if needed for better reception.

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I modified the bumper bolt-on spare-tire carrier on a Casita 17 to accept 3  pieces of gal antenna tubinh. I topped this with the home version of their Sensor 3 with their wingman accessories.  I use quick connects from radio shack.  use signal amplifier if connecting antenna.  No amp.


On the oliver, I use a Sat disk  tripod, 3 pieces of gal. tubing. Has not blom tv yet



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I think I might give it a go.  Seems like it would be a minor hassle to raise and lower the mast when needed and I don't think that it would detract from the looks of the trailer.  Of course, I'd have to remember and not take off with the mast raised.

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